seARTS Announces Partner with an Artist Award Winners


Mark Teiwes and our company Captain Joe and Sons collaborated two years ago for the seARTS Partner with an Artist program.  It was fun and created a lot of positive energy.

The 2011 collaborations were announced recently.  read the press release from seARTS below-

GLOUCESTER, Mass. – The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts’ (seARTS) is pleased to announce the selection of five creative artist/business partnerships. Each artist will receive a $1,500 grant to complete and publicly present new work.
Partner With an Artist (PWA), seARTS signature artist grant program, made possible by grants from the Bruce J. Anderson and the Andrew Bayness Funds of the Boston Foundation, invites artists to submit proposals for innovative collaborations with local businesses. PWA offers a unique opportunity for artists and businesses to explore creative relationships and develop innovative projects. 
In the spring seARTS (date and location to be announced) will hold a public discussion where artists and partners will present the concept, development and execution of their projects. During the week of May 9 – 14 the five projects will be presented for the public to view and experience at several locations. Details will be available in April.
Partner With an Artist 2011 Grantees
Elizabeth Ann Harty and The Rockport Council on Aging

Harty’s mixed media work – using photo transfers, calligraphy, texture and collage – will reflect the history and future of the newly renovated historic Rockport Community House in connection with its key role in the community and its Cape Ann location.

Susan Erony and The Gloucester Writers Center with additional partner(s)
Visual artist Erony’s project, A Few Chosen Words: 100 Fragments of Text by Gloucester Writers, will explore the relationship between word and image through and with the words of Gloucester writers on paper mache bricks. The project will be on exhibit and Erony will present a lecture on visual art that incorporates literature.
Kristin Miller and Cape Ann Community Cinema with Robert Newton

Cellist Kristin Miller and writer/filmmaker Robert Newton will create a 15-minute multi-media presentation using film, original music and narration tracing the history of the WPA Murals and their importance to Gloucester.

John Taguiri and The Gloucester Marine Railways Corporation
Using a large film format camera and 35mm digital imaging public artist Taguiri will photograph the Captains, crew and vessels that haul out of the GMRC this spring. Images will be on display at GMRC and negatives will be housed at the Library of Congress Archives.
Abby Ytzen with community partners

Graphic artist Ytzen’s project Discover Gloucester is an integrated education series – map, interactive website, posters and t-shirts – for residents and visitors that presents different various aspects of Gloucester such as fishing, arts, and history.

Partner With an Artist is managed by Sarah Slifer, who successfully created and managed the Gloucester New Arts Festival as a seARTS partner. According to Slifer, "PWA is an exciting opportunity for artists to think and work in creative partnership with businesses, bringing art out of the studio and into the public forum in new ways."

The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts is a coalition of individual artists, art organizations, cultural and civic groups, and businesses working to improve the economic base for the arts on Cape Ann, and to promote Cape Ann’s thriving arts community and rich arts heritage.  The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts has been a recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Adams Arts Fund for Cultural Economic Development.

Miranda Russell Plays The Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.


Two Nights Only in Rockport’s Gorgeous New Concert Hall!
Don’t miss this intimate evening of music at the world-class Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.
April 7th and 8th at 8:00 PM. Advance tickets recommended. Call today for reservations and information: 978-546-7391. Check out the space online
See you there!!! ~ Miranda

Did You Know (Quarries)

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

For many years Cape Ann — Rockport in particular — sustained a thriving granite industry. As early as 1800, the inhabitants of Cape Ann began cutting the peninsula’s 450 million year old granite into blocks of stone. The granite industry gradually expanded throughout the 19th Century to the point where it actually superseded the fishing industry in Rockport as the town’s primary business. Quarrying reached its zenith about the year 1910.

The Cape Ann granite industry became successful for a number of reasons. The fine quality of the granite quickly attracted the attention of builders all along the eastern seaboard. As word spread, the granite was regularly shipped throughout the world. Cape Ann’s location allowed for quarries to be set-up close to shore so that the granite blocks could be shipped by vessel. This was important in the early days when railway service was non-existent. Despite the above advantages, it was the rugged character, ingenuity, and perseverance of the people of Cape Ann that made quarrying successful. The men worked year-round in the quarries — irrespective of weather. Before steam engines and drills became available in the 1850s, most of the arduous work was done by hand or with teams of oxen.

The Great Depression ushered in the collapse of the local granite industry. By that time, demand shifted to concrete and steel for building construction and asphalt for street paving. For over 100 years, however, the rock cut and shipped from Cape Ann was used in the construction of many famous buildings throughout the U.S. — including parts of the Statue of Liberty and other great monuments. Paving stones from local quarries were used in the construction of thousands of streets worldwide.

Today, most of the quarries in Cape Ann have filled with both rain and spring water to form deep ponds. Many of the quarries are now hidden in forests which nature has reclaimed. Owing to their colorful beauty and intriguing nature, the quarries are popular with visitors and artists alike. Guided quarry tours are offered frequently at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport — site of the Babson Farm Quarry.


E.J. Lefavour

Deb Bretton Robinson The artist of The Month at Alchemy

I’ve featured Deb’s work before on the pages of GMG.  now she has the space at Alchemy-

She writes-

Come in from the cold and enjoy Debra Bretton Robinson’s exhibit of her acrylic paintings at the Alchemy Cafe and Bistro on 3 Duncan St., Gloucester until March 4th aptly titled "Out of the Cold".  She includes many vibrant, warm and colorful scenes of Gloucester and Cape Ann.  Don’t miss it! 


misery island

Huh-Yoooge! The Bandit Kings are back from LA!

Hello lovely Banditos, we meet again…
What’s the good word?
When last we spoke, The Bandit Kings were just about to get a stellar review from Francis DiMenno in The Noise, Boston. Here’s a snippet:

“…These musicians are no ironists, camp followers, or genre clowns; rather than treating country as a bad joke, they take the genre, and their work, quite seriously indeed, enough to make even a jaded connoisseur want to really like them, and the care they have put into their debut collection is proof. I am even willing to stick my neck out onto the chopping block—something I’ve done about half a dozen times in the last twenty-six years-—and venture that these guys have the potential to be huge. Not lower-case “h” huge, but Huh-yooooge.
Note the four O’s! You can see the full amazing review here
More good stuff
This month marks The Bandit’s one-year anniversary as a band (they’ve been friends a lot longer—awww) and to celebrate, the BKs just returned from a STELLAH trip to LA where we were treated to warm breezes and purple mountain majesties…the show at The Mint was amazing and we want to extend special warm thank you’s to Rebecca at Lovestruck Productions (you rock), the awesome staff at The Mint, the fiendish fiddler, Danny Graziani, Nelson Bragg , Mr. Skip Hart for, well a lot of things, our friends and families who flew with us from Boston; everyone who flew from other cities; and of course all our friends from the LA-area who braved the 405 just make it to the show. THANK YOU.
Ann Marie says:  “The trip was such a great experience. We were so proud to bring some fresh Gloucester air to the west coast and show LA what we are made of.”

We’ve got some awesome shows coming up soon:
• like, Dennis Monagle’s Wednesday Night Showcase @ LAT 43°s Minglewood Tavern on Wednesday, February 16 at 9pm (free);
• and The Rhumbline this Saturday, February 19 at 9pm with guest drummer Mr. Dave Mattacks (KBMG, Paul MaCartney, Roseanne Cash), free;
• and then there’s the show at the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth, NH on Friday, March 11 at 9pm (free);

• oh and then we’ve been invited back to TT the Bears in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, March 31 at 8:30pm. This show is $12 but there’s gonna be five bands and us so it’ll be worth it (buy tickets here).


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The Bandit Kings are:
Renee Dupuis on lead vocals and keys, Ann Marie, also on lead vocals, Dennis Monagle on drums, Joe Cardoza on bass, and Dan King on lead guitar. The Bandit Kings’ play original tunes written by the band members and hot b-sides by classic artists for longer shows. They have found bare-bones musical chemistry, including the rich meld of vocalists Ann Marie and Dupuis, who “both have voices that bring us back to the dawn of country rock, whisky soaked and raspy in just the right places while never crossing into the overpowering. The song is a rare treat that could have been tossed aside as a boring anachronism in less capable hands.” -Boston Band Crush
* The Requisite disclaimer
As always please, please pass this on to anyone you want. Our grassroots is your grassroots!
And if you no longer wish to receive these updates just email us back and we’ll take you off this list (we’ll miss you—but we know…if you love someone you have to let them go).


The Bandit Kings | Victory Agents

The Bandit Kings are a little bit country
and a whole lot of rock n’ roll.


U.S. Citizenship Classes Being Held At Action Inc

U.S. Citizenship Classes

Learn the steps you need to take to become a citizen of the United States! From February 16th through June 15th, Action, Inc. is offering U.S. Citizenship Classes on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Participants will receive help with the N-400 application, U.S. history and civics lessons, help preparing for the interview with a USCIS official, and more. To qualify, you must have a Green Card or equivalent, be a permanent resident for at least five years, and be moderately proficient in English. Classes run weekly until June 15th.
Enrollment is open. Classes are held at Action, Inc., on the second floor of 180 Main Street in Gloucester (enter at 5 Pleasant Street). To learn more, call 978-282-1000.

Today- February 16th Gloucester Alcohol Retailers and Servers Coalition: “Serving Up Good Practices to Keep Youth Safe”

Healthy Gloucester Collaborative announces a free workshop for Gloucester Alcohol Retailers and Servers on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 from 9 am until 10:30 am at Cruiseport, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester, MA.

The free workshop features guest speakers Caroline Wilichoski, Senior Investigator of the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) and Joyce Redford, Executive Director of the North Shore Tobacco Control Program. The Gloucester Alcohol Retailer/Server Coalition has extended the invitation to all local Cape Ann purveyors and partnering police departments including Essex, Manchester and Rockport.

Joan Whitney of the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative and Gloucester’s Director of Substance Abuse Prevention, points out, “This is a chance to ask questions, learn what’s available for support and training and get information from the ABCC, Tobacco Control and the Gloucester Police. Department represented by Chief Mike Lane.”

The February 16th gathering is to provide owners, managers and staff of alcohol establishments with the most up to date tools to strengthen staff skills to prevent sales to minors and to increase knowledge of their legal responsibilities to protect their businesses and to protect youth. In addition to ABCC and Tobacco Control license training, issues of “Energy Drinks” and “3rd Party Buying” will be offered for discussion.

Mark McDonough, Owner of Latitude 43 and Alchemy Bistro, looks forward to the event “This is a great opportunity to stay current with the latest information, trends and training methods. Education is an important step in maintaining a strong business and a strong community. We are lucky here on Cape Ann to have the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative bringing so many local groups together to work collectively towards the shared goal of a healthy community ensuring Gloucester is truly a great place to live and work.”

The Gloucester Alcohol Retailer/Server Coalition is sponsored by the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative. The Gloucester Health Department under a MA Department of Public Health underage drinking prevention grant is collaborating with the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative to combat this problem through resource support and targeted funding for training. According to James Burnham of Four Seasons Liquors and Co-Chair of Gloucester Alcohol Retailer/Server Coalition, “As business owners, we need to take charge to protect our businesses. That is why the coalition of alcohol retailers and servers was formed in September 2009, to create a network between businesses and to train our employees, and strengthen our business practices and ultimately help our community.”

The free coalition workshop meeting will take place Wednesday, February 16, 2011 from 9 am until 10:30 am at Cruiseport, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester, MA. For more information, call 866-964-4603 or visit