Attention Birders: What The Heck Kind Of Bird Is This

This guy was perched on a piling yesterday morning but I’ve never seen anything with this type of markings.  The beak almost looks like a night heron but that’s a wild guess.

Steve Borichevski?  Jim Barber?  Bueller? Bueller?image

21 thoughts on “Attention Birders: What The Heck Kind Of Bird Is This

  1. Hey is a female Belted Kingfisher. Unlike most species of birds, the female is more brightly colored, with the rufous color on her flanks and belly. Males completely lack rufous feathers. Great capture!


  2. Yep, Kingfisher. There was a post on GMG just the other day about them! They hang out here on the Annisquam off Wheeler Point a lot, too.


  3. it is a belted kingfisher who is either:

    very cold or having a bad hair day or just lost an argument with a Van de Graaff generator


  4. It is indeed a Kingfisher. reat photo but be careful, the NOAA will want him removed from the area without a proper catch share permit…………………


  5. It’s a female belted kingfisher. She is one of the few females to have the extra stripe on the abdomen. A super photo. They are quick of wing and seldom shot at this quality of photo. Thanks for making a great morning!


    1. PAUL, there has been about 15 emails to the GMG email address about the bird. I wonder if those people realize that there is a comment link below the post or if there is some other reason they email me directly instead of leaving a comment.


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