The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 1

The GloucesterCast Episode 1

Click here To Listen or Download The First Episode of The GloucesterCast


  • Joey Ciaramitaro – creator of Good Morning Gloucester and co-owner of Gloucester MA Captain Joe and Sons lobster company
  • Kenny MacCarthy – creator of The Cut Bridge and Gloucester MA real estate agent guru

Joey and Kenny discuss Gloucester / Cape Ann:

  • recent happenings
  • upcoming events
  • local real estate trends
  • dog and pet talk
  • sports, technology, social media
  • anything else that comes up along the way

Want to reach us?

Episode 1 link mentions:

Theme Music

Give it a listen if you will by clicking on the link above. Knowing that we have a way to go we will appreciate your feedback on what you liked and what we can improve upon. Also feel free to leave suggestions on show topics for next week’s podcast.

5 thoughts on “The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 1

  1. I listened last night and thought you guys did a great job! You came off as a couple of pros – I felt like I was eavesdropping on somebody’s conversation or something.
    For the cross training, you gotta try P90X, the whole program is about muscle confusion. Joe you definitely have to get yourself over to Ravenswood – the place is a gem. I would definitely recommend a hike through the Magnolia Swamp during the early Spring. Everything’s starting to pop, they have this cool boardwalk for observing swamp life and there’s no better place on Cape Ann to find the Spring Peepers.


  2. Download podcast tip: Right Click on the download link and choose the ‘Save As…’ option. This will prompt you for a place to save the entire podcast as an MP3 on your computer to play at a later time.


    1. Back in the days of dial-up it was necessary to add complicated loading scripts to my Flash movies that would determine the bytes loaded of the total bytes with a graphic display. The economy version of that was displaying some text that would say: “Loading 5 Megs, grab a sandwich…”


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