Last minute shout out for Jalapenos


Once again…
My brother J.B. has asked me to let you all know he’ll be joining Dan King, David Brown and
Wolf Ginandes at Jalapeno’s Restaurant, 7-9pm this Tuesday evening.  That’s…
Tuesday, November 9th
For those wishing to dine in the music room, advance reservations are suggested. 

Thanks ~ Fly

Opus 137 Scale Model at C.B. Fisk Part II with Greg Bover

The detail in the scale models are works of art in their own right

Tomorrow we spend time with the actual organ in part III of our multi part video series leading up to Saturday’s Open House At C.B. Fisk

For more info visit


A Great Night Out

On Friday, we were able to get a night out and check out the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.  To be short and sweet, this place is amazing. I highly recommend checking their schedule and finding one event just to check it out.  The opening act was Rockport High’s own, Polygroove Orchestra. They got a standing O and graciously dedicated songs to their grandparents in the audience. Grace Kelly, an up and coming Jazz artist, then hit the stage. She is definitely one to watch with a stage presence beyond her years, a beautiful Jazz voice and a smooth alto saxophone. She pointed out that she has played many beautiful places across the world, but none with the beauty of the Shalin Liu.

If you are a big Jazz fan and are up for a once in a lifetime event,  Dave Brubeck will play a special fundraiser for Rockport Music on November 21st. He’s over 90 years old and still touring!

In a rush to get out we never did eat before the show, but were glad to find that the Franklin Cafe serves until midnight on the weekends. The bartender served up some great drinks and we had some great hand cut fries.  You can’t spend time at the Franklin without admiring and discussing their 2 Jeff Weaver paintings. The one below is definitely my favorite. A few pics from my camera phone.

Annisquam Light

From : The Lighthouse
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The rocky ledge runs far into the sea,
and on its outer point, some miles away,
the lighthouse lifts its massive masonry,
A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day.

Even at this distance I can see the tides,
Upheaving, break unheard along its base,
A speechless wrath, that rises and subsides
in the white tip and tremor of the face.

Franklin P. Jones Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

November 10, 2010
The trouble with being punctual is there’s nobody there to appreciate it.
Franklin P. Jones 1908-1980

Jones began as a reporter for the Philadelphia Record. He had a long-running column in the Saturday Evening Post and had later success as an ad man. In later life he devoted himself to short form humor and was a prolific producer of quips and quotes.

Greg Bover

Sketchbook Project Update, from deb Clarke

here’s the ‘back’ of the sketchbook with the necessary barcode. i wonder if they will be able to scan the code. better get out the iron and try to clean it up.

and here is the front:

i may/may not share the contents here.  ready to ship at any time.  unless i change my mind.

best, deb

13 Responses to WhereZat? and a WINNER!

Vickie got it first, but she lives in Magnolia!! 🙂 If Ryan isn’t, he is this week’s winner. It is on Shore Rd. near what was Shore Cliff Retirement Home. Congratulations, Ryan! So are you from Magnolia?!!?

Thanks for playing, everybody!

  1. swimdad says:

    Hammond Castle?

  2. Vickie says:

    Shore Road next to what was Shore Cliff. I love that spot

  3. Ryan says:

    shore road in magnolia?

  4. blackswanbeth says:

    It’s the Secret Garden! ;)

  5. Amy Chamberlain says:

    Hammond castle

  6. Micah Dean says:

    I’ve always thought this would make a great “WhereZat?” or at least an entry in the “gloucester doors” series…it’s on shore rd in Magnolia, across from popplestone beach. But since I’ve already won a t-shirt (thanks!), feel free to give the prize to the next person to who gets it.

  7. Kathleen says:

    The Cardinals Villa (now the Moonie place)?

  8. Joe Casey says:

    Is it across from the rocks near Hesperus Ave in Magnolia? The house use to be a retirement home, I think

  9. Kathleen says:

    There is also a garden out on Brier Neck that is sort of similar to that…

  10. Laura A Driscoll says:

    the door in the wall in magnolia.

  11. lobsterlady says:

    Oh for heaven sakes Sharon, that’s the entrance to my place. I felt like living in a cave for awhile. No? Oh I must be getting confused with someone else’s cave. Looks so much like mine though…LOL…

  12. Mary Anne says:

    Shore Cliff, Shore Road in Magnolia.

  13. jarrod says:

    on eastern point near the house right before the pillars

Celebrate Gloucester Release Party Benefit Thursday Night

This is going to be a blast!!!!!!! I’ll be there, will you?

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Hey Joey,

Pete Lindberg, who was originally not able to play at the Celebrate Gloucester Release Party Benefit is going to be there after all.  That means you can see live performances by 6 of the stars who were at the original concert.  Plus Sam Hartson, the director, will be there.  Here’s the new poster including a great screen shot of Pete from the film.

There are still seats left, but it will likely sell out, so tell people to call 978.525.9093 to reserve a seat or go to this link:

See you there!


Grants Awarded For Schematic Designs of I4-C2

Grants Awarded for Schematic Designs of I4-C2
The I4-C2, 1.8 acre waterfront parcel, has been vacant for more than forty years.  In 2010, the city purchased the site with assistance from the Commonwealth’s Seaport Advisory Council, which is currently under idea development.The site is ideally located one block from Main Street and a short walking distance from well-known Gloucester attractions, including the Maritime Heritage Center, the Cape Ann Museum, and the Man at the Wheel on the Boulevard.  The view of Gloucester’s spectacular working harbor from this site is breath-taking.  In addition, the site will be an integral part of the Harbor Walk that has recently been funded with assistance from the Seaport Advisory Council.  The city expects to break ground on the construction of the Harbor Walk in the spring of 2011. 
As part of the city’s harbor economic development strategy, the city encouraged the community to participate in the development of schematic designs for the I4C2 parcel.  The city offered grants of $2,500 for reimbursement for schematic designs and demonstration of initial financial feasibility.  18 grant applications have been approved and will contribute to this idea phase. 
However, with or without grant funding, all those interested are welcome to submit schematic design proposals by December 15, 2010.  An opening reception and unveiling of the schematic designs will be held at City Hall in December 2010.  The schematic designs will available to view on the city’s website and at City Hall through February 2011.
“Our goal is for this parcel to showcase the economic future of Gloucester Harbor.  Future jobs and investment will rely on the fishing industry, the maritime economy which includes the creative economy, and the visitor-based segment,” said Kirk.  “All are compatible with Gloucester’s heritage and strengths.”
A formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for site development will be issued in the spring of 2011.  The requirements in the RFP will draw from the best of the best ideas in the schematic designs.  
Lincoln, David                                                    Gloucester, MA
Beard, Robert                    Highliner LLC                    Gloucester, MA
Van Ness, Vicki/Peter                   Van Ness Group, Inc.    Gloucester, MA
Sachs, Alexander                    Community Preservation Assoc.  Arlington, MA
Goodenow, Dan B.                    Off Peak Arch. Services    Gloucester, MA
Mitnik, Robert                    Robert Mitnik Architect    Gloucester, MA
Altenburger, Susan                                                    Gloucester, MA
Toftey, Craig                                                    Gloucester, MA
Johnson, Paul                    Paul Johnson Contracting    Gloucester, MA
Cook, Douglas                    Landesign                    Gloucester, MA
Gorga, Carmine                    Gloucester Comm. Dev. Corp.    Gloucester, MA
Alves, Bob                                                                    Gloucester, MA
Norris, Charles R.                    Norris & Norris Associates
                                                   w/ Urban Harbors Institute    Cambridge, MA
Vogel, Mary Beth                    Map Lab, Inc.                    Boston, MA
Bergeron, David                                                    Gloucester, MA 
Neumeier, Elizabeth                Gloucester Stage Company    Gloucester, MA
McGeary, Paul                Gloucester Aquarium Committee    Gloucester, MA
For more information, please visit the Community Development Department’s page.

Fulfilling a Legacy – The Essex Shipbuilding Museum Video By Barry O’Brien

Barry Writes-

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum is located on the grounds of the A.D. Story Shipyard. In this small village of Essex, MA, in the basin of the Essex River, more than 4,000 wooden ships were built. The American fishing schooner was invented here. I created this video to help raise money to interpret, educate and preserve the proud New England history of Essex. I hoped to summarize the the story of the Essex shipwrights and mission of the museum.