I don’t get it.

My dad taught me to save.

One of his lessons when I was very young was that he would point out a guy that drove a new Mercedes that he knew was in financial trouble and then he pointed out a fisherman that he knew was a saver and drove a beat up old pick up truck.

The point he made was that it didn’t mean anything if you made $125K per year but spent $130K per year.  The guy that made $50K but saved $15K was ahead.

That’s why I feel like all of this stimulus and crazy low interest rates is so counter-intuitive to everything my dad taught me.

The incentive to save is gone because banks can’t offer you a decent rate of return because the government just keeps printing money.

They have tried to do away with the business cycle of boom and bust by rewarding companies that make shitty business decisions by bailing them out instead of letting them fail and letting the responsible company that kept a strong balance sheet to buy them at auction prices, and they do the same thing for people that are irresponsible with home purchases.

They place the blame on the lenders.  At what point is someone that is signing a mortgage responsible?

I feel like both parties have completely sold out our future and the answer is always to print more money to bail us out.

The reason that people are supposed to invest in stocks is because you expect growth and to be able to participate in profits in the form of dividends but these companies hardly even pretend to pay out decent dividends because investors (myself included) have allowed the upper management of these public companies to pay themselves exorbitant  salaries and pass on hardly anything at all back to the small investor.

Can you believe that people were upset that they couldn’t invest in the GM stock offering?

Who the fuck in their right mind wants to invest in a shitty company that makes shitty cars who has already proved that it can’t manage itself and can’t compete worldwide because of the ridiculous amount of money it has to pay it’s union workers and pensions?  and yet people are tripping over themselves to throw money at this company????

So all the talking heads on tv say that they want the American consumer to spend-spend- spend, and I’m scratching my head saying why wouldn’t they want people to save- save-save, and possibly be able to take care of themselves when they get older and retire at a reasonable age?

How the hell is anyone supposed to ever retire if they are teaching every generation that it is Un-American to save money?


Am I a crazy person?  Is there something I’m missing???

was dad wrong???

God help us all.

end rant



Thank you for your interest in the Gingerbread House Contest, presented in conjunction with the
community’s annual Middle Street Walk. This year the Walk will be on December 11th.
1.The contest is open to everyone.
2. Contestants may submit entries either individually, or as a group. More than one entry may
be submitted.
3. All entries must be made entirely of gingerbread and decorated with candy or other edible
embellishments. Anything that appears on the house must be edible. Contestants may
decorate their entry with non-edible figures, material, etc. However, these embellishments
may not be connected to the house in any way. Everything that appears on, or is connected
to, the house must be edible.
4.The gingerbread house submitted may take any shape, form or size. Creativity is encouraged
and contestants should model their houses on places real or imaginary, basic or elaborate.
5. Each entry must be submitted on a cardboard, wooden or plastic base. There is no standard
size or shape for the bases although it must be larger than the house.
6. Entries must be dropped off at Kyrouz Auditorium in Gloucester’s City Hall either Thursday,
December 9th between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM or on Friday, December 10th
between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. There is an elevator in case you need it as the
Auditorium is on the second floor. Judging will occur prior to the start of the Middle
Street Walk which begins at 11:00 AM on Saturday, December 11th and ends at 4:00 PM.
Entries will be on display to the public that day at City Hall until it closes at 3:00 PM.
Contestants can pick up their houses at that time or can pick them the next week during
regular City Hall hours.
7. Prize ribbons will be awarded in numerous categories as stated on the entry form.
8. Please let us know if you are planning to submit a gingerbread house by registering over the
phone to either of the following contacts: Barbara Catalini of Cakes by Barbara at 978-
281-0639 or Jan Bell at 978- 283-1107, or Gloria Parsons at 978-283-9292
Points will be given:
For the degree of difficulty and creativity
Uses of edible confections and decorations
Points will be taken away:
For use of plastics. However, you may use a
limited amount.

Cape Ann Youth Hockey Coats For Kids

Families from Cape Ann Youth Hockey joined together to collect coats for the Coats for Kids Campaign at our 3rd Annual CAYH Family Night.

The mission of Coats for Kids is simple – anyone in need of a coat will have one.

The CAYH organization is proud of our players for recognizing the importance of community service and helping those in need.


Gloucester Engineering Gets Court OK For Disclosure Statement In Reorganization Plan


Gloucester Engineering Co. received bankruptcy court approval for the disclosure statement in its reorganization plan. The statement describes the proposed reorganization plan and contains information regarding the debtor and its business. Ballots have been sent to creditors and a confirmation hearing is scheduled for Dec. 20. The proposed reorganization is sponsored by Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC’s Blue Wolf Capital Fund II. It also has the support of the creditors’ committee. Gloucester Engineering is a Massachusetts-based provider of equipment for the plastics extrusion and converting industry.


Gloucester Engineering Co. (GEC), one of the leading providers of equipment for the plastics extrusion and converting industry, today announced that it has won approval of its Disclosure Statement in support of its Plan of Reorganization from the Bankruptcy Court in the District of Massachusetts. The Disclosure Statement describes the proposed Plan of Reorganization and contains information regarding the debtor and its business. Its approval by the Court is an important milestone in the company’s path toward exiting bankruptcy and allows the creditors to vote upon the Plan. Ballots were sent to the creditors on November 17 and a Confirmation Hearing is scheduled for December 20, 2010.

“We are very pleased with the Court’s decision, which paves the way for the company to emerge from bankruptcy by the end of the year.”
The company’s Plan of Reorganization is being sponsored by an affiliate of Blue Wolf Capital Fund II (”Blue Wolf”) and has the support of the Creditors’ Committee.

For the rest of the story on PR HUB Click the link-

Gloucester Engineering Gets Court OK For Disclosure Statement In Reorganization Plan

Going, Going, Going……………………

It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s Time for the Annual Art Auction at the Sawyer Free Library right here in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

This is your chance to win a beautiful piece of Artwork from Some Great Cape Ann Artists!

The Bidding Starts low and if your Lucky you’ll win your favorite Painting. There’s always great stuff to choose from.

From the Sawyer Free Library;

The Art Advisory Committee of the Sawyer Free Library is sponsoring the  always popular “Annual Art Auction” in the Matz Gallery the entire month of November.

Patrons are invited to come in and view Original Paintings by Local Artists.

Silent bids will be accepted the entire month.

Great interest is generated throughout the month as the Bid Book fills up.

A Final Live Vocal Auction will take place on Dec. 1, 2010 at 7 p.m. A preview party will precede the auction.

The Final Vocal Auction is always an exciting event. There will be a lot of Beautiful Paintings on display.

Go Check it out! and Bid!

Below is my contribution to this years Auction.


“Glass Vase with Flowers” by Paul F. Frontiero Jr.




From the Sun Up~Sun Down Calendar

This is one of my favorite shots  from the Sun Up~Sun Down calendar. People seem to be shopping early this year. A good sign! You can order your calendars online or at Present at 271 Main St.  Credit cards are accepted at either location. Thanks! —Sharon

Things To Do- Middle Street Walk 2010 December 11th

This is one of the best family days of the entire year in Gloucester.  There’s literally something like 20 things to do and all for little to no money.  We had a blast last year.  look for much more information and interviews with the key players putting this year’s Middle Street Walk together in the coming weeks.

click the picture below to see it larger-


Oh Yeah Baby It’s A GMG Christmas

Starring Sharon, Paulie, David Cox, Manny Simoes and your Boy Joey.

click the picture for the video


A Rock n Roll Christmas From Paul Morrison, Alicia Pensarosa, Donna Ardizzoni, Beth Swan and Thom Falzarano-

Click the picture for the video