Sailor Town

I dreamed a dream in sailor town, a foolish dream and vain,

Of ships and men departed, of old days come again—

And an old song in sailor town, an old song to sing

When shipmate meets with shipmate in the evening.


C. Fox Smith

Sailor Town


When the Phone Call Came…

…I nearly passed out from excitement.  Joey C called to ask me to be an Official Contributor to the blog of all blogs: Good Morning Gloucester.


GMG's newest contributor, decked out for the holidays.

So what qualifications do I bring to the virtual table? I can hear you asking.  After all, I’m no expert on lobsters or fishing or boats (neither working boats nor waste-of-money boats) or much of anything at all.  I’m just a regular citizen doing my thing on Cape Ann.  Well, I may not know much but I do know this: we live in an amazing place that deserves to be celebrated every hour on the hour, in the spirit of Good Morning Gloucester. Since coming here, Cape Ann has pretty much become the center of the world for me, and while this may not make me a native of the place, it sure helps me think like one.  My particular obsession is Rockport.  I want to see all the great things about Rockport highlighted: our history with granite, the Scandinavian heritage (let’s hear it for Nisu and backyard saunas!), the working harbor, and Rockport’s arts scene – past, present and future.  I live in Rockport with my family and have a blog and an online store featuring vintage items.  I look forward to being a part of the GMG team, with an emphasis on Gloucester’s little sister to the north, the village of Rockport.

– Sarah Kelly a.k.a. The Roving Home



Separated at Birth Part III

It all started with a photo of our fearless leader

Then Paul F missed an opportunity and did not post this:

But it it only -took a few minutes to find a Paul F match:

Combine the three in your mind … perfect match.

Part IV will include The famous Thom Falzarano Press Pass/mugshot.

Mimi Braverman Guided Tour Sunday December 5th

Clipper Ship "Flying Cloud"

Clipper Ship "Flying Cloud" by H. Boucher 1915
Photo Courtesy MFA

Join in the Excitement of the New MFA

Local resident and noted MFA lecturer Mimi Braverman will lead a guided tour of the decorative arts, furniture and maritime galleries, drawing parallels between the collections at the MFA and those at Beauport, the Sargent House, the Cape Ann Museum and other Gloucester attractions.

Sunday, December 5, 2010 1:00PM -2:30 PM

Meet at West Entrance opposite Garage

Price Per Person $125  Tickets must be purchased in advance

Tickets at

Questions:  Call 978-281-5801

Second Glance Annual Antiques and Collectibles Sale Sunday, December 5

Hi Joey, I wanted to thank you for helping get the word out about the Holiday Baskets for Thanksgiving! We had a lot of responses directly from GMG. What a terrific community we have! With your help we were able to provide 706 turkeys with all the fixings for Thanksgiving. Now, we are taking a deep breath and starting again for the December holidays.

On Sunday, December 5, the Second Glance Annual Antiques and Collectibles Sale will be held from noon to 4 p.m. A broad selection of one-of-a-kind gifts and treasures will be offered during this special sale on a special day. Second Glance is located at 2 Pond Road in Gloucester. All proceeds will help provide a Holiday Basket to a local family for the December holidays.

It is the ultimate in recycling and re-gifting in style!

If you can help us let GMG readers know about this sale, we would be ever so grateful. Thank you for all you do to support the community.

Julie LaFontaine Executive Director
The Open Door


There’s A new girl in town Heather Rose and her band ~ Stealing Earth

Photo by Adrian Lauterstein

Heather and her band will have air time Saturday Dec. 4th with Douglas Mascott in the early afternoon on, WWW.WMWM.COM 91.7 F.M  Also at 3:00 on Wednesday the 8th, with “Joyce the Voice”.  Later that the evening, “On the Town with Mikey Dee” at 9:00 91.5 F.M
The next night Heather will be debuting with her band Stealing Earth at the Dog Bar. Thursday the 9th from 9:00 to close.


Sportswriters Pick Gloucester

The picks are in for tonight’s playoff game at Lincoln-Sudbury.
GDT Sports
GDTSports GDT Sports on Twitter – Get minute by minute coverage of the game.
All six sportswriters for the salem news picked gloucester to beat lincoln-sudbury tonight to advance to the division 1A Super Bowl

Division 1A  picks from Boston Globe Staff

Gloucester – Zuri Berry, Mike Grossi, Mike Carraggi, Emily Wright, Jake Seiner, Lorenzo Recupero
Lincoln-Sudbury – Bob Holmes, Craig Larson

Boo to Bob Holmes for his lame pick.


From Boston Herald

Gloucester over Lincoln-Sudbury (7:45 p.m., at Lincoln-Sudbury): If the Fishermen play with half the intensity the fans have shown in expressing their displeasure at playing the game at L-S, then it could be a long night for the Dual County Large champions.
Go Fishermen!


Where Zat? Winner!

Rob Hall is this week’s winner! He creatively displayed his answer with Google Maps. Congratulations, Rob and to everyone else who knew the location as the little pond on the right off 127 on the Manchester/Magnolia line. At one time the owners had a heater around the little house to keep the water from freezing. The ducks were happy until the Canada geese took over!

7 Responses to Wintery WhereZat! Winner gets a t-shirt!

  1. Hey sharon, isn’t that the little duck pond right on the side of Route 127 in Magnolia?

  2. Nate says:

    Well, I’ve already won a shirt, but I will take a stab at this. Is that the little pond that is on the left side of the road as you approach Long Beach Dairy Maid? That photo looks so familiar.

  3. David Murray says:

    The WhereZat photo: is that the pond on Eastern Ave.?

  4. jackie says:

    Is it on 127A across the road from the road going to Magnolia? Just a thought—that little pond right there?

  5. Mike N. says:

    The pond on Summer St. in Manchester? Across from Raymond St.

  6. dean horne says:

    that is the pond opposite side of where the ducks hang out on western ave behind the guys house that is at the intersection

Annual Thanksgiving Day Swim Off Wheelers Point Pics From MJ Powers

MJ Writes-

Hi Joey,

Thought you might like to see our 22nd annual Thanksgiving Day swim off Wheeler’s Point into the Annisquam River.  This year we had 54 swimmers.  It started as 4 guys and 6 inches of snow and we have had as many as 70 swimmers.  It is a fantastic tradition that will continue.






Tweety–Adopt A Pet of the Week

Tweety – Pet of the Week


Hi, my name is Tweety and I am a one-year-old
rat terrier/retriever mix.  I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester.
I am a happy, friendly, outgoing and adorable little girl.  I am 15 months old.
Please stop by and visit me.  I love to play and
wrestle.  I did have a break in my leg once which never healed properly, but
the muscles and tendons in my leg have strengthened and have built up and
I am as good as new. I would love to have a home in time for the holidays. 
If you stop down to visit me, we can talk and hopefully I will find a
spot in your heart and home.  I love being treated like a princess – – and
when you visit me, I will be easy to find as I will be the one wearing the tiara!

Thanks to Tina Ketchopolos for sending the pet of the week listing

GMG Holiday Shopping- Thanks To Those Who Help Support The Cause Joey’s Photos and GMG Shirts

If you are looking for a no hassle holiday gift, please consider supporting the blog and buying a shirt or some photos.  I appreciate all of the support from the GMG community.

Easy peasy shopping! Last day to order shirts Wednesday. Photos will still be available  after this Wednesday.

Paulie Frontiero will be printing up GMG Logo T-Shirts for sale for holiday presents. Once we have 24 shirts ordered we will send out the paypal information and ordering info.  The last day to order will be Wednesday for the T-Shirts.  I will be ordering the stock for the shirts Thursday Morning.

Short Sleeve- $15

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Sweatshirts- $25

shipping $2.99

easy- peasy holiday shopping for the true GMG lover right here

send an email to for ordering information and to help support the cause


Here is the info if anyone would like to order one (I’ll repost this once a week through the season in case folks want to contribute to the blog and my new camera fund) :)

Many people have asked to buy my pictures and I’ve long refused but I’ve decided with the holidays coming up I’d give people an opportunity to get some holiday shopping done early and at the same time give the people who ask if there is any way they could support the blog a way to cut down on some of my hosting expenses and the like.

Most people charge upwards of $25 for an 8×10 photo but I decided that I’d start the pricing at $15 and give folks a break incrementally the more they buy. So if you would like to support the effort I put into the blog and want to bang out some holiday shopping early check out the pictures and email me at with the picture number(s) you would like and your address and I will mail them to you. Each photo will come in a protective sleeve ready for gifting. All photos will come sans the Good Morning Gloucester Watermark.

You may not dig my photography but want a way to say thanks for the work put in. If so, here’s your chance.

click the picture below to see the set and to select any pictures you might like


Number of Pictures Cost
1 $15
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10 +1 Free Picture $100

Shipping cost will be $2.99 total for any amount ordered.

email (that’s me) to place an order and I’ll email you the details