A Great Night Out

On Friday, we were able to get a night out and check out the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.  To be short and sweet, this place is amazing. I highly recommend checking their schedule and finding one event just to check it out.  The opening act was Rockport High’s own, Polygroove Orchestra. They got a standing O and graciously dedicated songs to their grandparents in the audience. Grace Kelly, an up and coming Jazz artist, then hit the stage. She is definitely one to watch with a stage presence beyond her years, a beautiful Jazz voice and a smooth alto saxophone. She pointed out that she has played many beautiful places across the world, but none with the beauty of the Shalin Liu.

If you are a big Jazz fan and are up for a once in a lifetime event,  Dave Brubeck will play a special fundraiser for Rockport Music on November 21st. He’s over 90 years old and still touring!

In a rush to get out we never did eat before the show, but were glad to find that the Franklin Cafe serves until midnight on the weekends. The bartender served up some great drinks and we had some great hand cut fries.  You can’t spend time at the Franklin without admiring and discussing their 2 Jeff Weaver paintings. The one below is definitely my favorite. A few pics from my camera phone.

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