Here are a few photos of boats in the Inner Harbor.

Jay Albert of Cape Ann Images doing his Fish Monitoring job. hmmm, let's see 1 cod 2 pollock 5 haddock......
One Princess helps another. The Princess Laura tows the Princess Elena back to port
the Lady Lane passing the State Fish Pier
the Lady Lane passing the State Fish Pier
OOOPS! Sorry, a little to early for this one.

4 thoughts on “CAUGHT IN THE HARBOR

  1. Paul it was more like: 2795 lbs Dogfish
    1455 lbs Cod
    378 lbs Monkfish Tails
    119 lbs Grey Sole
    22 lbs Haddock
    250 lbs Pollock
    Great photos Paul!
    The Princess Elena was on my list to be monitored but she was taken to her dock for repairs and I monitored her catch a few days later.


  2. That winter shot is very pretty! WAY to early though, as are the shops carrying christmas stuff but NOT the sun umbrella or other gear that I would actually like to see purchasable.


  3. It’s coming George!

    Jay, I was taking photos of the Comet unloading and when I looked at them full screen there you were. Looks like you got yourself a cool job. Goodluck!

    I’ll take your word for it that “Purchasable” is a real word Beth.


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