Gloucester Exposure On CBS Around The World For Free With Jeff Schroeder

Jeff literally showed up around 7:30PM and the sheer number of Gloucester locations that we squeezed in was outstanding. Huge thank you to Mark Ring who took us out on the Stanley Thomas to the Greasy Pole and Mike Tupper who caught the Albino lobster and allowed us to release it for the show(we had been holding it in our tanks so his father in law could see it).

To See The Video On CBS Click this link-

Welcome To Gloucester


To Free The Rare Albino Lobster You Must Walk the Greasy Pole


Jeff Schroeder Walks The Greasy Pole


Your Boy Joey Greets Jeff Schroeder When He Gets Into Gloucester


Captain Mark Ring Brings Us Out To The Pole


Eric Lorden Hosts Dinner at Passports


The Best Of Both Worlds Steak & Lobster At Passports


Walking From Pavillion Beach Through Gloucester’s West End Sal’s Barber Shop & Life Is Good


11 thoughts on “Gloucester Exposure On CBS Around The World For Free With Jeff Schroeder

      1. You’re a class act Joey, Gloucester Pride at it’s finest! Even though you were “had”……I’m glad it was you who showed Jeff the real “Glosta”!


  1. The hits are through the roof, its a viral firestorm on CBS…..Feeling the love from my north shore peeps….Keep spreading the word about Gloucester. Help Jeff online in the future if you can someplace in the world but it all started here…


  2. Totally awesome! Have been telling all my peeps to come here and link to to follow Jeff. Glad CBS is getting the love from GMG and vice versa! So psyched that Jeff started his trip in Glousester with the best guide!



  3. Awesome Joey! What creative ideas with the albino lobster, envelopes, greasy pole… they couldn’t have asked for better content for their show! Next thing you know you’ll be doing Tv shows! 🙂


  4. Mad love for passports too…I just called Eric again to thank him personally for a great meal. And being such a good friend in life…What a fitting name for the event and launch….


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