Lobster vs Crab Filmed Using Manfrotto Modopocket

I just got a new portable pocket camera support made by Manfrotto.  Manfrotto is the gold standard in design and what the professionals use for camera supports such as tripods.  Most professional photographers and videographers have some of their equipment.  I was reading a tech site which listed top ten must have gadgets for photographers and the Manfrotto Modopocket was listed and it looked like a very interesting alternative to having to carry a tripod around for those situations when you want to take a long exposure or conduct an interview without the shake and vibration which can make an interview look less than professional (not that anything I do should ever be confused with something professional).

I went to the reviews on the little piece of equipment and the people who had purchased it all wrote glowing reviews.  The prices I saw listed for them in a google shopping search ranged from $20-$35.  I got mine from Adorama Camera for $20 including free shipping.  I got to use it a bunch yesterday and I am extremely happy with the purchase.

It folds up flat at the base of the camera and makes my Sony DSC H20 still pocketable which to me is crucial.  The camera you can’t pocket is worth 20% of the camera I can always have on me to capture stuff for you guys.  The construction is solid and engineering a marvel.  I’m really digging it.

Check out the first video I took with it below.  Click on the HD version to see the results I was able to achieve shooting inside of a lobster crate with zero clearance.  The camera was sitting flush inside the back of the crate.  The sound you hear during the lobster vs crab segment is the hum of our lobster tank pumps.

Here’s a link to where you can get it

Here is a bunch of pictures of different people using the Tiny Manfrotto Modopocket

6 thoughts on “Lobster vs Crab Filmed Using Manfrotto Modopocket

  1. Resolution so clear I could sex the lobster. Try a girl the next time and you might get a a little more activity. Girl on girl action is also going to drive the click rate up.


  2. Congratulations, Joey. This device will come in handy when you’re doing live interviews with actual human beings, too. I can imagine you saying, “Tell me about…” and then just sticking the camera on the desk or a bookcase or something and letting it go… so you can engage the subject hands-free, and they essentially forget the camera is there. A great step up for your already superb website!


  3. Gee Paul, I’m glad you said that. Guess I wasn’t looking good enough. I actually thought it was a female. I had to go back & watch it again…lol…


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