Jimmy T Is A Finalist For Survivor And Needs Our Help!!!!

We’ve got to put the full weight of our community behind one of Gloucester’s favorite Sons- Jimmy T!  He needs our support to get on Survivor.  Please copy the url of this post and send it to your friends and family members to also vote for our boy Jimmy T.

vote here- http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor/casting_call//

Jimmy is not only a great guy but he is one of the DOERS around town.  You know, the 2% of people that make 80% of the cool stuff happen.  He volunteers a ridiculous amount of time along with help from others to make the International Dory Races what they are today and continuing the great tradition.  He truly deserves to be on the show for a whole slew of reasons.

From the Survivor Website-

Vote On Your Favorite Finalist
The top 10 finalists are in. Think they have what it takes to win the game? Vote for your favorite now and one lucky winner will head to Los Angeles for an audition with the SURVIVOR casting team.
From Jimmy T-

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime! My video, titled “Gloucester Fisherman” because I am so very proud of my community and maritime heritage, has been selected to the Final 10 of the “Survivor” Casting Call Contest! Whichever video of the final 10 receives the most votes, that person will likely be a castaway in season 21/22 of “Survivor”!!!

Now it’s up to you! My ONLY chance is for you to click on the link below, vote for me, and take a moment to forward this e-mail to as many friends, as far reaching as possible.

Five minute of your time could change the lives of my family!!!


Thank you so much…. your support means everything!

Jimmy T.

I’ll keep this post stickied for a while at the top of the page so if you see someone in the street just direct them to http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com and they can click the link here to vote.
please vote early and often for a great guy that does a ton for our community.

21 thoughts on “Jimmy T Is A Finalist For Survivor And Needs Our Help!!!!

  1. Joey, Thank you so much for your kind words in regards to my husbands good deeds for the community. All he has to give is his time, and he does it willingly and with passion. He is a great guy and I’m very proud to be his wife.
    I’d like to thank everyone personally for all the wonderful, positive support. This energy that’s surrounding us right now is absolutely magnificent. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. What a great support system we have.


  2. The new fun game while the snowstorm rolls in.

    1 ) Go to:
    2) type in the “Verify Word”
    3) Hit red button “vote now”
    4) Just as soon as it says “thanks for voting” hit refresh.
    On a Mac: Command key + “R”
    On a PC: F5 or “alt” + “R”
    5) type in another verify word, rinse and repeat.

    Once you get a cadence going Jimmy T cannot get his mouth open before you have another vote sent.
    I took 4.5 seconds per vote. Beat that. Send him on a 39 day vacation.


  3. I just voted and will continue to do so! This is so much fun and it would be great to have a local guy on the show! Go Jimmy T! And ps–Mrs. T makes a darned good cookie!


  4. It now seems that by Wednesday morning they are onto us. “You have already voted.” Move to another computer and vote? This is like Survivor right? I might get a paper cut when I roll my seat over.


      1. Thanks Joey…from Jimmy T>

        Boy was I way to intense or what!? I want this so bad, and have been working so hard at it, I forget to lighten up and have fun with it. People want to see the light hearted, happy Jimmy T., not that scary guy I was this morning! No problem…live and learn…from now on I’m all about having enjoying the experience!


  5. Good job all!
    Be sure to email out to all you know. You’d be surprised how many email addresses you have on your computer.
    I’m sure they do a geographic tracking.
    I understand that the most votes is not a guarentee.
    As many votes as can be gotten locally, real impact comes from expanded regions. Seattle Chicago, Texas, etc. Kinda like those 3-G cell phone commercials we are sick if.
    If we can fill the map he shows more marketability.
    Remember: select “contact all” or however it works and click “SEND ALL” !!


      1. That last message was from Jimmy T., using my BY:line. Billy, I thank you too, and it’s okay with me to get him on the beach with the babes. I have as much confidence in him to be a great competitor, as I am confident in the knowledge of where he hangs his hat. I know I married one of the biggest flirts in Gloucester, but it’s healthy to flirt! Maybe if he bats his eyelashes around town until the voting ends March 5th he’ll gather some more votes.

        Thank you,
        ~Jimmy T’s Happy Bride


  6. Joe,

    I got this through an e-mail…Of course he has my vote. I’m a superfan off the show and would like to see a native on TV…Trust me when I say every vote will count to get him on..



    1. Thank You Rabbit,

      Keep voting, got a message that one of the contestents knows how to override the voting to enable him and his friends to vote more than once a day by being computer savy. Me, I don’t even own a cell phone, let alone know how to rig a computer in my husbands favor. I’m hoping he wins on his honest integrity.

      Jimmy T’s Nervous Bride


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