I know your all dying to hear that again!

Well, this Saturday, May 1st, is time again to scrape and paint the dories before we put ’em in. Anyone who can spare the morning, or just an hour or two, we need all the help we can get to make light work of it. Last year we had a bunch of folks turn out and we got out of there by noon! For those of you who didn’t know, we’ve relocated the dory storage tent to down behind the storage units, at Eastern Ave Storage. As a result we need generators for power, so anyone who can bring one it would be a big help. Also any scrapers or power sanders, bring ’em along.

The Essex River Race is May 15th. Preregistration on-line guarantees entry and a t-shirt, but you must register by April 30th. Any members interested in using one of our boats let me know, First Come, First Serve!


I am hoping to have the boats ready to be put in the water by May 8th,  so they have a week to swell up before the ERR, but we’ll need help then too. Anyone who has a trailer we can use, please let me know.


June 10th and 11th the Maritime Heritage Center would like our help again, teaching Rockport grade schoolers how to row. Anyone interested in this valuable experience please let me know.

Pick a day you can give an hour or two and make a commitment to help. The International Dory Race Committee is only as good as we’re all willing to make it. Please help out and make a difference. The recent small success we’ve enjoyed is because of all of you who have pitched in and contributed. Thank you. You know who you are. And you know who you aren’t!

Jimmy T.
As most of you know, thanks to your support, I may be going away on a long vacation soon! Please help the Board of Governors keep things running smoothly in my absence (they do all the REAL work anyway!).

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