Why You Can’t Trust Reality Shows

Anyone who knows their way around the North Shore knows that the opening scene from the Amazing Race when host Phil was on the rolling hill was Castle Hill In Ipswich and not Gloucester MA .  The rest of the scenes from Eastern Point Yacht Club and Gloucester Harbor were shot in Gloucester but there was no mention of Ipswich in any of the show.

Much like the editing of Survivor, I simply refuse to believe that Jimmy T was angry the whole time he was on the show like they would have you believe by watching it.  ANYONE who has been around Jimmy knows he is one of the funniest and warm hearted people you would ever want to meet.

The Mrs always scolds me when I talk about how skeptical I am of the way TV producers try to take you down a certain path in your mind trying to figure out what is going to happen next.  my guesses are always opposite of what the producers would have you believe because I feel like they are editing for maximum shock value when the end results are shown.  She’s always telling me “Can we just watch the show without all your conspiracy theories?”  After watching these two shows, and being fans of both shows for years and now seeing what I know to be true turned on it’s head I think skeptical is the way to go.

11 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Trust Reality Shows

  1. You’re actually quite right. My wife knows one of the guys from the first season of The Apprentice, and even got to watch the season finale with him. He pointed out how these shows were constructed by piecing together disparate scenes.

    In his case the televised scene they were watching took place in a limo–he was supposedly in the back seat with another contestant arguing about something. But this guy pointed out to my wife that they are never in the same shot together on TV–in fact her friend was actually in the back of the limo all alone. The argument he actually had was with a producer in the front seat.

    TV magic. I’m sure Jimmy T will have plenty of similar stories when he gets back.


  2. I thought the Crane Estate did not make any sense either. Also, did you notice when the singing boys stopped for directions to Eastern Ave – they weren’t even in Gloucester and the blurred out cop told them it was on the other side of town, don’t know how that editting worked!


  3. I thought the same thing when I was watching the Amazing Race. It would be one thing if they did a flyover, but the guy says – I am standing here in Gloucester on the hill of Crane estate.


  4. You are so right Joey, My friends son was on the Oprah Reality show and they protrayed him so oposite from how the situation went down. I agree with you whole heartedly


  5. The Crane Estate bit was funny to those who knew. I thought G-Town looked gtreat in the video, however. Not being one who knows Jimmy T., which character is he anyway? I presume they changed his name for the show?


  6. Horray for Hollywood??? I am afraid I have limited patience for the “stagecraft” that is common practice in “reality” shows. Recognizing the “compbobolation” of Cape Ann images & Jimmy T’s “dialog” in the first show I decided I would be best to wait until the end – and read the results on GMG!
    Thanks for all you do, Joey!


  7. I can’t believe that anyone thinks that Reality shows are real! Come on people, there is no drama unlsess they slice and dice to create appearances of characters that are more interesting than most of us will ever be! Reality shows are not real and Joey is right. Your wife prefers the delusion…let her have it, it’s harmless enough.


  8. As far as I’m concerned there is very little, if anything, and most especially on the news, that is truth. Neither on TV, nor in the print media, is there much depth, let alone truth. This is why I have not exposed myself to such things for years.

    I have seen too many stories distorted. It is all about selling advertising, making money for the man. If people would wake up to that fact and spend less time depending on something so fraudulent and corrupt, and instead spend time with themselves and with their families, we would have a much different, and I think happier, culture.

    Why do people so need to be entertained anyhow? Is real life, the real thing, so trite that it isn’t even worth experiencing? I don’t get it. Not at all


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