Vietnam memorial in Fog With New Pergolas

I didn’t think the newly located Vietnam Memorial at Stage Fort Park could look any better, but I was wrong. New pergolas have recently been installed and lighting will be coming also. It looked especially pretty in the fog as the sun rose yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Vietnam memorial in Fog With New Pergolas

  1. Yes looks great but we don’t need
    a “CANNON “ as a reminder of war, guns, weapons of destruction etc.
    Bernie Cronin


  2. Where exactly at Stage Fort Park is this? It looks lovely and I need to go see it, as my deceased husband Don Howard, Jr. was one of the original builders/designers of the monument and the surrounding stone area at the High School and he lovingly maintained it until his death in 1998. I think he would be very pleased about this. This year will be 25 years since he passed away at the young age of 50. He was so proud and so invested in the original memorial.


    1. It is between the tennis courts and the Triton statue across from the baseball field parking lot. Thank you for the additional information.


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