Assorted Wildlife — pat morss

First, an update on Atlantic Merlin, our “Curious Visitor” last week – thanks to Catherine who yesterday posted photos of her in the sea smoke off Cape Ann, taken by C.Ryan who indicated Atlantic Merlin is working on a fiber optic cable from Lynn, MA to the UK and France. Early this afternoon Marine Traffic positioned her about 20 miles NE of the Cape. Here are a few mostly wildlife updates:

Not paying attention to the Wrong Way sign at dusk, …
… these turkeys nearly caused a traffic accident
A crow decided the weathervane at Beauport Museum wasn’t quite complete
A content Bufflehead on a Niles Pond rock that was exposed 3 feet during the summer drought
Eight of at least twenty seals hauled out on the rocks on this day at low tide, Brace Cove
“This your house? OK if we pass through?”
They said they wouldn’t eat anything, but we don’t trust them
Amazing how they can canter through the Audubon rocks
Maybe the sanctuary visitor wasn’t a threat after all
A Northern Harrier scouting low for small mammals, in the same area
My take on Saturday’s frigid sunrise with sea smoke
Later in the day, the Boston skyline filtered through the lingering sea smoke

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