“Gray Seal in Gloucester!” Female Gray Seal who popped up her head as she was foraging for food Photos Courtesy of CarinMacnamara

What a treat to see a very large what I believe to be a female Gray Seal who popped up her head as she was foraging for food. What a beauty! This gorgeous creature was marked light with dark, irregular blotches… @ first I thought she was a bouy bobbing up and down… looked through my lens – it was a SEAL HEAD!!! If you look really closely at the first photo you will see a lighthouse reflection in this Gray Seal’s eye!

Gray Seals have distinctive nose and head shapes… kinda look like a horse’s snout… with elongated nostrils that do not meet… conversely, harbor seals have a slightly upturned nose and nostrils that form a “V” shaped heart. We have seen many boating.

Nikon, 1120mm, Ethical Vantage, MA Location



Photos Courtesy of CarinMacnamara/AdvancedImaging ©2022

Summer’s simple pleasures: beach towels on railings, sand rinse foot baths on Long Beach, paper lanterns, beach games, and cloud rolls

Description- Late summer photos. Series around town. Gloucester and Rockport. Good Harbor Beach and Long Beach. Aug-September 2022. Simple pleasures of summer: beach towels on railings hung out to dry; sand rinse foot baths at Long Beach cottages; beach games; paper lanterns; clouds

Beach towels on the railings hung out to dry

Sand rinse foot bath tubs on Long Beach cottages

Beach games – volleyball, beach baseball

Cloud roll

Paper Lanterns

downtown tree in Dock Square and for the playhouse too

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GloucesterCast 605 Livestream 10/9/22 

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02:00 Scottie Mac will Be At Decklyns Today

02:45 Phoenix Custom Rod Cap Podcast prize donated By Three Lanterns

04:52 McCarthy Needs Help Moving a Dryer

08:00 Is Katelyn Ciaramitaro Hoarding Toilet Paper?

09:30 Sharon Gamber Chimes In

10:20 Bidet Talk

12:40 Drew Hale Weigh In

14:25 McCarthy Difficulty Moving Dryer Part II

18:00 Gloucester High Soccer Jess Boardway

20:00 New Retrofit Toilet Seats With All The bells and Whistles

22:30 Bum Wipes

23:24 Do You Turn On The Heat In October

26:24 Three Lanterns Ship Supply Sale Now Through

10/15 27:30 Mamie’s Kitchen Coffee Roll Pop Up Coming!

30:40 Fleur Cuisine Opening

31:35 Boating In Rockport Harbormaster 36:30 Caffe Sicilia Afternoon Pastries

37:11 Savor Wine and Cheese Deli Counter

40:16 Kellie Martin Verga Talks City Of Gloucester Halloween Party

47:20 Gloucester Beach revenue Numbers for 2022

59:30 Docktoberfest at Maritime Gloucester

1:01:40 Rhumb Line Chili Cookoff

1:04:00 Question 2 On The ballot With Paul Gamber

1:09:10 Mark Grenier Sends GMG Sticker from In SKOB

1:11:40 Cape Ann Youth Hockey Trip To Montreal

1:14:00 Castle Manor Inn Breakfast

1:17:20 Picking the Podcast Prize- Cozzi Family Farm

1:21:34 Frustration With People Not Willing To Click Profile Links


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Time To Magtoberfest!

I hope you are planning to include Magtoberfest on Lexington Ave in Magnolia from 11 – 5 in your plans today. It’s going to be an even better event than last year. Shuttles will run from Stage Fort Park to alleviate parking issues. Music, classis cars, food, local vendors….and more! Pat D’s Photos will be there and I hope you will stop by to say hello. GMG Jim will be helping with the car show and he’s love for you to stop by and comment on his Mustang.

Here are some of the items and images available from Pat D’s Photos. Feel free to reach out via messaging if you are interested in anything at Pat D’s Photos on Facebook. You can also check here to view other offerings and keep up to date on new inventory. Come on down to Lexington Ave TODAY!!


Cape Ann Wellness

Proceeds will ensure the Y continues to play a vital role in strengthening the community

Pictured L-R Mark Grenier, Earl Uni, Joe Unis and Kevin Michaud

Gloucester, MA – The Glen T. MacLeod Cape Ann YMCA hosted its first golf tournament at the beautiful Bass Rocks Golf Club on Monday.  It was a cold and windy day but 76 golfers hit the links to join forces to raise funds to support the Y’s educational and summer youth programming. As a result of the pandemic, the YMCA is providing increasingly more financial support to children, adults and families across all programmatic areas. The YMCA of the North Shore golf tournaments have created a viable means of fundraising to eliminate the financial barrier and enable access to those in the community that need the YMCA most. With the generous support of title sponsor Institution for Savings, this tournament raised just over…

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