Freak Out

I love the Topsfield Fair….but, not necessarily in the cold rain. Nonetheless, I took Finn and a friend last night for about 4 hours. Unfortunately, with the drizzle, they closed many rides. I’m all for safety, but I can’t help but wonder why the Freak Out is deemed safe in the rain while lesser rides shut down. Since it was one of the few rides open, I had to watch the boys go on it several times in a row. No thank you.

Boston Lights at Franklin Park Zoo

We visited Boston Lights last year at Franklin Park Zoo and decided it was worth taking our daughter back to this year. I recall recommending you visit earlier in the evening for parking purposes as well as reduced crowds and this recommendation remains the same EXCEPT driving into the city at that time of day is a crap shoot. So if you can’t manage to get there, perhaps you will enjoy these photos. I was pleased to note that the displays are not just the same ones rotated in from last year. The show is open until October 23. The experience had a different theme (solar system/stars) and the displays additionally feature occasional blowing “smoke” in addition to motion and sound effects. We had a great time and I would go again another year with or without grandchildren.

GMGI Updates from the Harbor: September 2022

Cape Ann Community

GMGI Researchers Join OceanX for Young Explorers Program

As part of GMGI’s ongoing partnership with OceanX, GMGI researchers Matt Harke, Ph.D. and Jennifer Polinski took part in the organization’s third Young Explorers Program (YEP). YEP was created by OceanX to provide college students and recent graduates traditionally underrepresented in marine science with the incredible opportunity to learn about and explore the ocean – all while aboard the state-of-the-art research vessel OceanXplorer. Click here to read the full article.

GMGI Adds New Board Member: Introducing Lauren Liss

GMGI is thrilled to announce the addition of Lauren Liss to the GMGI Board of Directors. Lauren is an attorney who focuses her practice on environmental law and policy as well as on real estate development. Lauren has deep public and private sector experience, having served in a variety of governmental roles, including as president and CEO of the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency. She…

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