Who is paying for the kind of analysis UBS has given on Ford Motor Co?

On 3/24/20 UBS downgraded ford stock when the closing price was $8.51.

It proceeded to act like a rocketship. Reaching a triple at $25.87 where they never downgraded it to sell once.

UBS watches it tumble from a high of $25.87 to today’s level and downgraded it to sell after it had made a monumental run and come nearly all the way back down.

So you would have sold at its low back on March 2020, watched it rocket to a triple without you owning it and now that it is low again they at that point tell you it’s time to take some off and sell.

Who is paying for that kind of analysis? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m not even sure if it’s a buy or a sell but if someone is paying allll the money to invest based on UBS analysis, I’m sure they would have appreciated a “sell” rating anywhere over $20 a share and maybe a neutral now, call me crazy. Also. If I was going to put money to work, I’d start putting it to work at two year lows rather than highs. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Little Blue Heron Juvenile & Frog’s Demise… Photos Courtesy of CarinMacnamara/AdvancedImaging ©2022

Enjoying cuisses de grenouilles
This beauty has not yet migrated to warmer destinations.
Little Blue Herons molt their white first-year stage to blue adult plumage are often referred to as “Calico.” Adults are dark moody blues and purples…
This LBH is catching lots of frogs in preparation for its souther trip. Migration Chart: BirdsoftheWorldCredit

Nikon, 1120mm, Ethical Vantage, North MA Location


Photos Courtesy of CarinMacnamara/AdvancedImaging ©2022

Great day and fun at the 2nd annual MAGTOBERFEST on Sunday.

Thank you to all the committee members who organized and also the volunteers that worked really hard to make this event a great success.  Also thank you to all who came and participated as vendors in the 2nd Magtoberfest 2022.  Thank you all who came to shop local and have a great time.



Saw some autumn. It was awesome. Early Fall Foliage In Gloucester and Rockport 2022

Moonrise above Good Harbor Beach Inn

Saw Some Autumn. It Was Awesome 2022 photo series description: Early fall Oct. 2022. Leaves are changing color in Gloucester and Rockport. Fall and Halloween scenes. See 2021 here.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Specials Inside

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