Sober October Has Been pretty Easy- Next Month No-Junk-Food November I’m Not So Sure Will Be As Simple.

Drew Hale, McCarthy, Sefathia, Alison Odoardi, Maggie Cahill, and Fay At Shore Nutrition have signed on for no-junk-food November so far. If you want to be added to the list let me know.

Drew has been asking me to define the list. Just like Sober October I want everyone to know however everyone wants to define it for themselves, have at it. I’m not the judge and jury by any means.

We’re taking a mulligan for Thanksgiving.

This is how I’m going to define it for myself though-

No chips, no nachos, no candy, no pizza, no french fries, no cake, no muffins, no brownies no subs, no breads, no pastry, no donuts, no ice cream, no soda, no fast food unless it’s a healthy fast food option.

Burgers- without the bun- ok. Burrito bowls without the tortilla- ok. Yogurt ok.

Any other suggestions for items to add to the list or take off?

I’m also going to ask local restaurants that want to participate to offer a healthy reasonably priced to-go option for a 11:45AM pick-up(maybe with day before ordering and payment so they can know how many to prepare ahead of time. Eric Lorden, Zach Sears, Missy Sallah Alex Hill Erina McWilliam-Lopez are you guys interested in doing an under $15 all-in healthy lunch bowl to go, each of you pick a day of the week and I’ll let people know to order the day before and it could be all ready for them to pick up?

Any other suggestions for items to add to the list or take off?

Who wants in?

Gloucester Public Health and Police Partner for Older Adults Activity Program

一 The Gloucester Health Department and Gloucester Police Department’s Community Impact Unit are excited to announce a new activity-based, education-focused, crime-prevention initiative aimed at the community’s older population.

The program is seeking the community’s help with generating a creative name for the initiative.

The new, collaborative program is aimed at establishing an “easy button” for the older population to reach out and press whenever they find themselves faced with a personal challenge or need.

Grappling with many challenges ranging from transportation and health care needs to an improved sense of personal safety, older adults in the community could use the support of both the Health and Police Departments to confidently address personal challenges, gain capabilities, and proactively conquer temporary glitches in their lives.

Both the Police and Health Departments of Gloucester collaborate with a variety of organizations and agencies at the federal, state, and local levels — all of which can support the needs of Gloucester’s older population.

The objective of this brand-new initiative is to raise awareness of the availability of health and safety resources, inform community members about how these resources can be used to support the older members of our population, and challenge everyone to think “outside the box” about how departmental and community assets can empower our most valued citizens.

Scheduled programming will include face-to-face talks with police and health teams as well as future events such as trips to local support organizations, visiting the YMCA to try an exercise class, small social events, bowling, police station tours, observing court trials, CPR, First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillator instruction, Narcan training, and opportunities to mentor and engage local students with fun activities. 

“Older adults are an amazing resource. They have so much to teach us if we listen to them,” said Lt. Jeremiah Nicastro, commander of the Gloucester Police Community Impact Unit. “We are hoping to return the favor by helping older adults learn more about law enforcement, crime prevention, health issues, and resources within the community, all while engaging with police, health officials, and other community members in a collaborative way that will enable all of us to learn from each other.”

Older adults will receive up-to-date information on chronic and communicable diseases, gain opportunities for learning about health issues that affect older populations, and expand their knowledge about crime prevention, scam defense, and the proper disposal of unused prescriptions and medical waste products such as syringes. 

“The Silent Generation, born from 1925 to 1945, and the Baby Boomer Generation, born from 1946 to 1964, are proud, independent, people who remain wonderfully capable members of society well into their older years,” said Health Director Mary Ellen Rose. “Our city’s primary industry of fishing may have changed, but we are the same hard-working, family-oriented people that have been the foundation of Gloucester for almost 400 years. This community has a strong history of caring for one another across generational lines, and we want to preserve that culture for generations to come!

“Committing to providing our older community members with the power to help themselves and influence others will inspire individuals to confidently address personal challenges, build their sense of safety, and ease their return to the fold of a community that could benefit from their wisdom, experience, and perspective.”

The program’s first event will be held on Monday, Oct. 17, at the Gloucester Police Community Impact Unit, 67 Middle St. The Health Department’s Seniors on the Go program will provide bus transportation to and from the morning event.

Two sessions, at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., will each have a maximum capacity of about 25 guests. 

Presentations will include an introduction to the Gloucester Health Department staff and the services they provide; a talk about internet and phone scams with Gloucester Police Detectives; and information on the Community Impact Unit’s programs and services. 

Similar awareness presentations will be made from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on:

  • Nov. 2 at Sheedy Park
  • Nov. 8 at McPherson Park
  • Nov. 22 at Poplar Park
  • Dec. 1 at Lincoln Park
  • Dec. 20 at the Clark Building 

“It is great to see the Health Department and Police Department working together to serve such an important group in our community — this type of collaboration creates impactful and innovative programming,” said Mayor Greg Verga. “Our older residents face unique challenges and this program will connect them to important resources and information while engaging them in exciting activities.”

For more information on the program, or to submit a possible name for the program, contact either Lt. Jeremiah Nicastro at 978-325-5471 or jnicastro@gloucester-ma.govor Health Director Mary Ellen Rose at 978-325-5268 or

Check out a few DPW Projects around town: gHS Tennis Courts, Mt. Pleasant, School Street, Washington Street, Hodgkins #GloucesterMA

GHS tennis courts

DPW projects around town include various sewer, sidewalk, or road work along Mt. Pleasant, School Street, Washington Street (various locations), and Hodgkins. Some road closures may be encountered.

Mt. Pleasant-



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