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Join Us For The Stream Of The GloucesterCast 9:00AM Sunday 10/9/22

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Seals Rock – pat morss

Maybe the Great White sharks are moving south, because the seals are back at Brace Cove. Yesterday I watched for 20 minutes as the initial rocks became exposed.

First claims on West Rock and East Rock. Other seals were reconnoitering.
Testing security at East Rock. “You’re bleeding in the neck – go away.”
“I’m also bleeding, and I’m bigger. What are you going to do about it?”
Intimidation wins out, with a look of resignation on the defender’s face.
Meanwhile, there is an unwelcome intruder on West Rock.
And another invader on East Rock. “I’ll try being belligerent again.”
The smaller arrival is relegated to the side of East Rock – precarious
In an hour there will be plenty of low tide rocks for all newcomers.

Fall For Gloucester| A collaboration between Discover Gloucester and Gloucester Writers Center

Discover Gloucester is excited to announce its guide to Gloucester this autumn, Fall For Gloucester: a collection of articles, stories, poems, and recommendations on what Gloucester and Cape Ann have to offer visitors in the fall. Created by members of the Gloucester Writers Center, these written works provide local perspectives on Gloucester’s many autumnal attractions. Fall For Gloucester articles are paired with photographs taken by Gloucester photographer Kendra Dott. The project was funded, in part, by a grant from the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and the North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Gloucester has so much to offer beyond the summer. Gloucester’s artistic roots run deep, and collaborating with local creatives is representative of that aspect of the city’s culture and history. This project was a great opportunity to work with local artists and channel their imaginative expression about the change of seasons,” explains Discover Gloucester Executive Director Tess McColgan.

The written pieces showcasing autumn include “The Great Gloucester Pumpkin Expedition” by Kathleen Williams, creative writer and community leader in Gloucester. Williams outlines some local favorites for pumpkin lovers, from cocktails and baked goods to smoothies and pizza, she offers something for every pumpkin enthusiast, narrated alongside zany anecdotes.

Photo taken at Cape Ann Olive Oil by photographer Kendra Dott

Cape Ann Olive Oil is one of the stops along “The Great Gloucester Pumpkin Expedition”

“I think the word, for me, that best describes Gloucester in the fall is ‘relaxed.’ After the exhilarating pace of summer, it is such a good time to lean in and get close to the heartbeat of this truly amazing place. There is still plenty of great weather ahead, lots to do, and you can almost feel like the beach is all yours. For me, it’s a time to explore and refresh the creative spirit that is so alive here and such an important piece of our collective and personal identities,” says Williams.

Among the other contributing writers is Heather Atwood, a producer at Gloucester’s 1623 Studios, and managing editor of “The Other Cape,” who chronicles one of her runs through Dogtown Common in “Spending Time in Deer World.” 

“I’m here for the fried haddock sandwiches and that intangible something that poets write about, something held by the men on benches outside the St. Peter’s Club.  Church here is many things to many people, but when it comes to weather, work, and a helping hand, everyone here is devout. This is what I love about Gloucester.  The sun sparkles on the water in a way it only can when refracted by massive knobs of granite.  A few miles out of the harbor whales breach and spout like mythic clowns, and at the center lies stuff a glacier left behind, the ragged and bouldered Dogtown wild,” says Atwood of Gloucester’s natural allure.

Photo of the Annisquam River by photographer Kendra Dott
Featured in “Biding the Tides in Gloucester” by Bob Goodman

Fall For Gloucester, like so many have before you. Read “Dog Days of Autumn,” “The Perfect Hike for Spooky Storytelling,” “Biding the Tides in Gloucester,” and many more! Find the full collection at, and plan your visit to our enchanting seaside city this autumn.

Funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

What a day for it! LIVE at New Balance Field Newell Stadium #GloucesterMA #RockportMA soccer matches ⚽⚽

GHS 10/8/2022

JV games at 2!

Girls varsity at 4!

Boys varsity at 6!

BONUS: Raffles and part of concession go to American Cancer Society

Gloucester Fire Department Awarded FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant for New Sprinkler System

GLOUCESTER — Chief Eric Smith is pleased to announce that the Gloucester Fire Department has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
The $291,272.72 grant will be used to fund the installation of proper sprinkler systems and working alarm systems for the department’s three substations. The sprinkler systems will be installed at West Gloucester Fire Station, 33 Concord St., the Bay View Fire Station, 891 Washington St. and the Magnolia Fire Station, 30 Fuller St.
The City of Gloucester will match the grant award by 10%, bringing the total funding available to the department to $320,400.
The installation of proper sprinkler systems will allow the department to mitigate any potential fires that could happen at any of the three stations, which are often left vulnerable when crews are responding to calls for service in the community.
Buildings are frequently unoccupied due to the nature of the job, and with the installation of sprinkler systems and working alarms, essential assets can be protected 24/7/365.
“I would like to thank FEMA and Mayor Greg Verga for making this funding possible,” said Chief Smith. “Additionally, we would like to thank our federal and state delegations for their support. Their endorsement of our applications and request makes a difference in the competitive review process and getting an award from FEMA. Over the last 7 years we have received 8 major awards totaling over $2.4 million dollars. Getting sprinklers for our stations is huge for us. If our buildings are empty, it means our members are out providing assistance to residents or businesses in need, so if something happens at the station there is no one there to tend to it right away. We’ve seen firsthand how important sprinklers can be in mitigating the damage fires can do, and we’re grateful to be able to install them in our facilities.”
Assistance to Firefighters Grants are allocated to fire departments nationally to fund and aid the firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and non-affiliated emergency medical service organizations.
These federal grants help firefighters and other first responders obtain critically needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training, and other resources necessary for protecting the public and emergency personnel from fire and related hazards.

Join us Friday, Oct. 21 for an evening to support Gloucester Boxing Club! At The Studio Restaurant On Rocky Neck

Join us Friday, Oct. 21 for an evening to support Gloucester Boxing Club! #StudioGloucester

🥊 A great local non-profit organization that continuously does so much to support our community and kids.

🥊 25% of sales during the event will be donated back to the club!

🥊 The Studio | October 21 | 6-9p

Holiday Weekend Vibes

Good morning! I hope the start of your day and holiday weekend is as glorious as yesterday’s sunrise from our deck in Magnolia. It’s a weekend full of events and I hope you will make the time to stop by 44 Commercial St from 10-3 to visit the Cape Ann Time Bank Artisan Market. Pat D’s Photos will be there along with other great local vendors. Please stop by to say hello. Enjoy your weekend.