GloucesterCast 486 With Annie Brobst, Joe Higgins,Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey C 3/26/21

GloucesterCast 486 With Annie Brobst, Joe Higgins,Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey C 3/26/21

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Topics Include:
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Shout Out To Beauport Hotel For Hosting Us
Joe Higgins Fish Printer Donated Corn Hole Board Drawing

Our Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream Is Back In Stock and We Will Be Announcing an Exciting Development On The Podcast Sunday!  Reserve Your ice cream here:

How Many Have Had Tonsils removed?  How old were you and what do you remember about the experience (Chris)

Jukebox etiquette (Scottie)

Aisle-middle or window seat and why (Chris)

What restaurant did you love that is no longer around? Nichole says Captain Courageous, Blackburn Tavern and the pizza at La Lanterna

Joey’s pick Au Beaugolais

March is Peanut butter month- other than jelly what do you put on your peanut butter sandwich?

Flip flops, slides or sandals in summer for boating or beach?

Dog DNA test to determine who isn’t picking up after their dog

Pandemic Baby Bust: Baby bust: US birth rate falls during pandemic

Despite spending more time at home due to the pandemic, the US is in the midst of a baby bust, not a baby boom.

US births have been falling for nearly a decade and 2019 saw the fewest births in 35 years, but the final numbers for 2020 could slip even lower.

An estimated 300,000 fewer babies are expected in 2021, according to a study by Brookings Institution think tank.

Amid extensive school and day care closures, as well as limits on public gatherings, millions of women have been forced to balance supervising and teaching their children with work and other responsibilities.

Surveys revealed that many couples are delaying pregnancies, having sex less often and want fewer children because of the pandemic and its economic costs, according to the Guttmacher Institute.


Who else texts their friends when they are at Total Wine to see if they need anything and are you really a friend if you don’t?

John Popper On Podcast next Wednesday at 3:30PM. 
Annie Brobst Podcast Friday at 9:30- Country Singer That Went Viral On TIK TOK singing for a bartender at Beauport

Joey and Chris McCarthy $200 Carl Campbell: $250 Warren Waugh $2000 Lyon Waugh Auto Group $2000 Mike Codair $100 Nichole Wadsworth Schrafft $100 Rachel Refalo $100 Paul Gamber Jr. $500 Pat Dalpiaz and Jimmy Dalpiaz $200 Chris Doe and Kiley Davis $100 Alicia Cox $100 Zach Sears $100 Drew Hale $200 Kerry McKenna $100 Brenda Grimes Davis and John $100 Carla Benjamin $100 Karen Hanson $200 Lynne Scannell and Phil $100 Jane Gagliardi $001 Catherine Ryan $100 Charlene M Delaney $100 Tim Byrne and Laurianne Ellis Gelsomini Byrne $100 Paul Horovitz $100 Nina Testaverde Goodick $50 Dawn Restuccia Burnham $100 Andrea Butler


For those that are donating all or part of their donation to NAMI, please make out those checks to NAMI Cape Ann.


For those that are giving all or part to Alzheimers please make your checks to Alzheimer’s Association

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