Our Good Friend, Adventureman, is asking for Opinions

After reading, please give your opinion by answering the poll. Hopefully you all remember fondly the fun we had following Adventureman’s journey as he ran 5,500 miles (210 marathons) across America… his “Super U.S. Run.” You may also remember (we’ll never forget) that he finished his AMAZING run here in Gloucester with us. We were all thrilled to welcome him across the finish line here on Gloucester’s boulevard and spend several days sharing “our” Gloucester with him before he returned to England to “his” Gloucester. Well, now, two years later he has broken an unbelievable World Record treadmill run.…. 524 miles in 7 days (that’s 3 marathons each day for 7 days straight)…with the tiniest bit of sleep/breaks. And, in what will be the most exciting of marathons, he and his amazing wife have also welcomed a baby, Storm, to their family! We’re so happy for them.

Jamie’s (Adventureman’s) book “Running America” is coming out soon. He is working on finalizing the cover and he has asked for opinions.

In his latest social media posts Adventureman, Jamie, writes the following…..

New book cover (well, almost!).Here are the three different options for the front cover of my book.Do you mind if I ask, which one do you prefer?I literally can’t decide, so I think it’s best if I let you decide.It’s about my 5,500 mile (210 marathon) run across America, raising money for kids hospitals. And running and surviving the Arizonian desert, was the most prominent part of the story.Which is why we have a front cover that looks like this – with three different Superhero poses.The tricky part is trying to strike the balance between what was an arduous adventure, but completed by someone that really doesn’t take themselves to seriously. I mean, I wear a cape for goodness sake.Which one does that?Just comment below, 1, 2 or 3 (I’ve labelled each image in the top right corner), I’d hugely appreciate it.Even superheroes need some help sometimes 🦸🏻😜Massive thank you to Still Moving for the brilliant photography 📸

So, please give us your choice in the following poll. We’ll let him know what the majority chooses.

Please note that the following three photos are numbered 1-3 in the top right corner.

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