Our GMG Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream Pre-Order Goes Live In:



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GMG Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream Pre-Order Goes Live In:

Wait Til 8:05PM Tonight (Thursday) And Then Smash The Link To Place Your Pre-Order


This Is The Real Story Of How It All Went Down:

Thanks so much to Mike Schfino from Holy Cow Ice Cream For Making The Ice Cream, The GMG Team Dreamed Up The Ingredient List and Name Over Drinks and Dinner!

I was going to use bourbon but while we were taping the podcast I thought that we should support local so I went home and pulled a bottle of Ryan and Wood Malt Whiskey that I had purchased to use instead. If we sell out I put in a call to Bobby Ryan to make sure he had more in stock if I needed to purchase more for the ingredients.

Bobby assured me there’s more available.

Special thanks to my wife Katelyn, daughters Eloise (The Bean ) and Madeline (Snoop Maddie Mad), Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy Nichole Schrafft and Scottie Mac who all had input on creating the final flavor and name. It was a total GMG team effort!

We didn’t do this as a fundraiser originally. We did this as a passion project. I wanted to make sure the people that help GMG are rewarded and to see it succeed in a big way for Holy Cow’s sake because they were helping make our passion project a reality. Chris and I before the podcast started decided it would be a good way to make sure there were successful sales for Holy Cow by donating ourselves to two worthy causes if 100 pints were sold by next Thursday’s close. Watch the video to see it unfold:

Chris and I offered to donate $100 each to Warren Waugh’s Alzheimer’s Association and a Suicide Awareness program if we sell 100 pints within a week’s time. Not five minutes after our friend Carlton Campbell from @waterscapesofnewengland chimed in with a $250 donation followed by Mike Codair’s $100 donation and then Big Daddy Warren Waugh dropped this bombshell-

Warren and Lyon Waugh Auto Group coming through with $1000 each for both organizations!

Nichole Schrafft is donating $100 and Rachael Refalo chimed in that she will be donating $100 as well!

Last night my pal Paul Gamber DMD messaged me that he was in for $500.

This morning Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz informed me they wanted to donate $200.

So while it wasn’t intended to be a fundraiser because I hate asking people for money ( I thought it would have been a nice gesture for us to put up our own money). It turned into something our friends felt passionate about and that was supporting these causes that have impacted so many people’s lives.

I am incredibly grateful for these generous friends of the GMG family for stepping up out of no-where. They truly represent the best our city has to offer. I’m so proud of our crew and our viewership.

So don’t forget! The GMG Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream produced by Holy Cow will be going live for pre-sale tonight at 8:05. I hope you get your order in before it sells out.

Thank you Mike Schifino for making this fun project a reality.

I hope you all enjoy your Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream

-and remember after our run is over please keep supporting Holy Cow and the other businesses that come up with their own flavors.

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