Boston Globe’s Fresh Start Initiative

I recently saw that the Boston Globe in undertaking an initiative they are calling “Fresh Start” which is intended to allow people named in stories to “appeal their presence in older stories published on our websites.” The Boston Globe states that they are “looking inward at our own practices that have disproportionately affected communities of color.”

I find this to be very interesting and worth consideration for those affected. As many of you know, I consider myself a family historian and therefore rely heavily on newspapers to further that research. The idea that some stories might get a re-work initially caused me to think to myself “Hey, wait a minute….”. But, as I considered the stories of a number of friends and acquaintances whose lives were severely and adversely affected by news coverage, I sat back and thought about it again. When the news is sensationalistic, the stories often appear front and center especially in local newspapers. When people are found to be innocent or wrongly accused, that news often does not appear as prominently. The initial story often changes as it develops but isn’t always covered in the same manner.

So I applaud the efforts of the Boston Globe and others undertaking similar efforts to right past wrongs. If you feel you might qualify here’s a link for you to check out. If you do not live in the Boston Globe coverage area, a newspaper or media outlet in your area might be ‘revisiting the past for a better future.” I hear it’s all the rage…….

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