Gloucester MA Circa 1948

I have mentioned previously that I obtained a copy of the 1948-49 Gloucester City Directory complete with a wonderful map. Every now and then, I get it out and wander through looking for historical inspiration. 1948 is the years Truman upset Dewey in the presidential race; Dinah Shore was singing Buttons and Bows; and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Rope was a popular movie. I do not have firsthand knowledge of these things, but the city directory and the accompanying map help give me a good picture. The Gloucester Daily Times provided a slideshow (link here) to some photos from the 40s and 50s which give us a more local glimpse into these bygone days.

I didn’t realize that we live in Fresh Water Cove Village, for example! This map also gives me a good lead on the schoolhouse locations….and that a city park preceded the current high school building. So much to learn!

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