Our Friend Adventureman Jamie McDonald is a New Dad!

Remember when Adventureman came to Gloucester to finish his round-the-country run to raise money for children’s hospitals? That seems like an age ago, but he and his wife Anna announced today that they have become new parents to a baby girl Storm! Congratulations to Jamie and Anna. Welcome to the world Storm! We are very happy for you here in your sister city Gloucester MA.

From his Facebook page:

We decided to have the baby at home by the Christmas tree. Here’s a video of how that panned out, I’m not sure I’m the cool and calm type during labour.From a Dad’s perspective (did I just say ‘Dad’, wahooooooo!) it was honestly one of the most magical experiences that I’ve ever been a part of.Huge thank you to our doula, Alex from The Original Birth Connection and our other midwife Alex from the nhs.uk.And it goes without saying, I have so much love for my partner in crime, Anna McNuff after watching her bring a human into the world.We’d like to introduce you to our little girl, STORM! 😍

Images from his Twitter page:

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