Frozen Pizza Face-Off

Newman’s Own vs Emma’s

We selected these two frozen pizzas to test out based on two things-

Newman’s Own frozen pizza gets close to the highest mark from David Portnoy in Barstool Sports Pizza reviews

Emma’s pizza looks just like Cape Cod frozen pizza which we love but Cape Cod frozen pizza is $6.99 and Emma’s is $3.99 at Market Basket

We actually like the Cape Cod pizzas and they’re the best frozen pizza we’ve had to date.

After cooking them according to the instructions provided on the box I concluded the both sucked and Cape Cod frozen pizza was far superior.

5 thoughts on “Frozen Pizza Face-Off

  1. Support the locals and try Maria’s on Pearl St. They have been selling frozen, cook at home pizza since March and it’s are excellent!


  2. We amend our Newman’s Own with a little extra cheese, which makes it much better. But the thing is, Newman’s Own is even better the next day cold out of the fridge for a quick breakfast. Oh, and it has to be the supreme–not just cheese.


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