Lobsters Starting At $4.50- Come Down To Captain Joe & Sons To Buy Your Lobsters and Witness The Glory of Beautiful #GloucesterMA Harbor

Captain Joe and Sons Wholesale Lobster Company

Listen we know you have choices.  The way I see it you can go battle the insanity at overcrowded supermarkets that probably bought and stored lobsters that were caught last fall in some warehouse space where the lobsters are peeing in the same tanks they are living in for months ORRRRRRRR you could come down to our dock and buy right from the docks were we offload ONLY locally caught lobsters (NEVER CANADIAN) and everything gets turned over daily.  More often than not you’r going home with lobsters that were landed hours if not minutes before they go into your bag.

The choice is yours.  You either love your local lobstermen and want to see them survive or you’d rather support some overseas owned conglomerate corporate chain that could care less about our guys (insert frowny face here).

Prices starting at $4.50lb

Call and put in your order for this…

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3 thoughts on “Lobsters Starting At $4.50- Come Down To Captain Joe & Sons To Buy Your Lobsters and Witness The Glory of Beautiful #GloucesterMA Harbor

  1. Hi my name is Shirley, I would love to buy some lobsters from you but I can’t walk that far. Is there anyone who could bring it to me please? I live right on Bass Ave if someone could bring me some I would live 10 lobsters! That would make a so very happy!

    Thank You


  2. My brother and I worked a summer at Captain Joe packing whiting back in 1973-74 (?). Best summer ever. We’d work from about 5am till done (maybe 10am?). Spent the rest of the day at the beach.
    Bob’s clam shack would fry up any calamari for us.
    Any chance you might consider shipping lobster to Ohio?
    In any case, thank you for the great memories


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