Eye candy at the boulevard

A big thank you to all the hard work done by the Generous Gardeners and everyone else who made these beautiful gardens for us to enjoy….and tons of fun to photograph..  The Festival is Saturday morning starting at10 AM.


Ice Cream! It’s a Snack-tivity!

One of my favorite summer snack-tivities is getting ice cream at Harbor’s Point Ice Cream and snacking while walking along the boulevard toward Blyman Canal to see the bridge open (what an awesome thing about Gloucester!) and watch the boats. I always usually see a cormorant fishing too…

Susan Beaudette

Susan Beaudette, the owner, who gives me new ice cream with a smile when I immediately flop it onto the floor. I love that they do kiddie size too, which really is enough for me to split with my wee son. Enough is an important concept when it comes to ice cream.

Menu bits… there’s more, yogurt, and candy, but I didn’t take photos of everything: