Stacy Boulevard: Walker Hancock Triton sculpture, Betty Smith gardens & tennis courts to the East, and Blynman Bridge & railings to the West – more stunning investment #GloucesterMA thanks to DPW, Ann Gilardi Johnson, Generous Gardeners, CPA, DOT

Gloucester, Ma.

There is much exciting work in progress along Stacy Boulevard including welcome tributes to women. Incremental aesthetic improvements, public access, ease of movement, and celebration of culture require many hands and deliver a huge impact. Here is a brief description of the special current projects and some people involved.

Two revitalized and enhanced gardens beyond the tennis courts will emphasize generations of care

“Remarkable support comes from volunteer expertise like award winning designer Ann Geraldi Johnson and Susan Kelly and the Generous Gardeners who have stepped up as the city’s groundskeepers on the boulevard.” Mike Hale, Director of Public Works 

The Elizabeth Gordon Smith (Betty Smith) garden was cleared and the small Picture garden past the boulevard tennis courts was unearthed. Because Gloucester garden groups pre-date 1900, it’s especially moving to see the work in progess shoring up inspiring legacy connections. Incredible volunteers past and present serve the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW). Stacy Boulevard & Stage Fort Park advocates like Betty Smith, Louise Loud & the Gloucester Civic & Garden Council tended and protected Gloucester’s natural beauty — the very same grounds that are so lovingly served now by dynamos like Ann Gilardi Johnson and Susan Kelly & the Generous Gardeners. Plaques for Lucy Brown Davis, tribute by her sister Catalina Davis, and for Lucy P. Rogers ” president of the Gloucester’s Woman’s Club 1927-29″ are nearby.

photos: Betty Smith garden IN PROGRESS February (overgrowth and clearing underway–poison ivy was found) vs. March and can’t wait to experience the AFTER!

Gloucester MA Department of Public Works directing restoration special gardens Stacy Boulevard _20190215_ sculpture Walker Hancock © catherine ryan (4)
February 2019
TRITON bronze scupture public art Stacey Boulevard Gloucester Ma_ artist Walker Hancock monuments man_ raised atop boulder base _20190324_© Catherine Ryan (12)
March 24, 2019 more progress two gardens revitalized- Paul Manship Triton fantastic enhanced boulder base clearing
TRITON bronze scupture public art Stacey Boulevard Gloucester Ma_ artist Walker Hancock monuments man_ raised atop boulder base _20190324_© Catherine Ryan (6)
Gloucester, Mass., March 2019. Pubic art – Walker Hancock Triton




Ann’s rendering high resolution

Elizabeth Gordon Smith Betty Smith plans Ann Giraldi with DPW


Triton tribute plaque / painted sign transcription:

THE SCULPTURE- Triton was the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He was thought to be able to control the sea’s wild movement by blowing his conch shell.

THE SCULPTOR- Walker Hancock a sculptor of international reputation and a long time resident of Gloucester

THE PARK- The Gloucester Civic & Garden Council created this park to honor Betty Smith its founder, a woman who has dedicated more than thirty years of her life to preserving the natural beauty of Gloucester.

We hope this small island of beauty will inspire visitors to cherish and create their own beauty wherever they go.

original plaque for TRITON bronze scupture public art Stacy Boulevard Gloucester Ma _ artist Walker Hancock _20190324_© Catherine Ryan (10)
Betty Smith garden tribute sign

Louise S. Loud tribute, President of the Gloucester Civic & Garden Ccouncil 1986-1994 “Without her determination and diligent oversight this park would not have come to be. Let the jagged contours of this stone represent her stern desire to have this park lovingly maintained by any or all who value its beauty.”

easier to see LOUISE S LOUD tribute boulder plaque at stage fort park after gardens cleared_20190324_© catherine ryan.jpg


Upon re-opening, the Boulevard tennis courts will be dedicated to Gloucester resident Avis R. Murray, “member of the USTA Hall of Fame and tennis professional on Cape Ann for 47 years”. Read more about the Avis R. Murray Boulevard Courts effort: Avis Murray Blvd Courts CPA_30Nov18. The project was made possible with support from private and public funding including CPA, JJ Bell and others.


BEFORE tennis courts at Stacy Boulevard to be repaired and dedicated_Glouceter MA_ 20190215_© catherine ryan
February 2019 BEFORE tennis court restoration
BEFORE tennis courts repaired and dedicated_20190215_Gloucester Ma© catherine ryan
February 2019 BEFORE tennis court restoration


Early Sunday morning, March 24, 2019, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) is busy reinforcing steel underneath Blyman Bridge and constructing a new sidewalk.

early sunday morning Blynman Bridge repairs Gloucester MA by state's Department of Transportation aka DOT_20190324_© catherine ryan (2)





RAILING REPLACED – spring and summer

Long time goal achieved: Under the direction of DPW, the city is extending railing replacement along the “Stacy Esplanade” beyond the Fisherman at the Wheel for the entirety of its Eastern half, heading towards the direction of the new Beauport Hotel! It will be replaced in sections.

tribute bronze plaque George Stacy Gloucester MA installed 1930_20190324_© catherine ryan
George O. Stacy tribute – bronze plaque inlaid boulder Stacy Boulevard, 1930

transcription for George O. Stacy tribute, bronze tablet inlaid boulder Stacy Boulevard:


is the result of a wish conceived by

his parents and fulfilled by their son

George O. Stacy

keenly alive to the beauty of


he desired to bring to its shores a

corresponding beauty

This tablet is a loving tribute

from his friends of

The Hawthorne Inn



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