GloucesterCast 317 With Adam Curcuru, Dave McKechnie, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/17/19


GloucesterCast 317 With Adam Curcuru, Dave McKechnie, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/17/19


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Topics Include:

Podcast notes:
Coast Guard Help Information from Adam Curcuru
Pisces Closing 50%Off Sale
Alchohol vs marijuana
Polar Vortex Has Been Broken
You Have To Own More Than One Guinea Pig In Switzerland Because They Are Such Social Animals
Mr Swan In the Ice
Phylis A Fundraiser
Jeff Denoncour giving talk at Cape Ann Museum On ecology of Crane’s Beach Saturday at 3PM need to register
Lobster Buoy Auction to Benefit Cape Ann Art Haven- January 25th


USA Today
By Pete Thomas

A strikingly massive great white shark, one of the largest ever documented, was spotted by divers in Hawaii on Sunday as the apex predator feasted on a sperm whale carcass.

The sighting of “Deep Blue” off Oahu was remarkable because the handful of previous sightings were documented 2,600 miles away at Guadalupe Island off Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

“My first reaction was just disbelief,” Mark Mohler, who captured the images for this story, told For The Win Outdoors. “She followed three tiger sharks in toward the whale carcass, and her sheer size made them look like barracudas.”

Photographer George T. Probst announced the Deep Blue sighting via Twitter on Tuesday, when another enormous white shark was spotted near the whale carcass.

Deep Blue has unique skin markings. Probst said he compared footage captured Sunday to photos in the Guadalupe Island database, and that the ID was confirmed by Michael Domeier and Nicole Nasby Lucas of the Marine Conservation Science Institute. MCSI has tagged dozens of Guadalupe Island white sharks.

Those sharks typically migrate into open ocean, as far as Hawaii, during late fall or early winter. Most return to Guadalupe by early or mid-summer.

White shark sightings off Hawaii, however, are rare.

Deep Blue, believed to measure at least 21 feet, became famous after being featured by Discovery in 2014 (with footage captured in 2013).

The gargantuan shark generated headlines again in 2015 when Mauricio Hoyas Padilla, a Mexico-based scientist, shared footage showing the shark dwarfing divers in cages at Guadalupe Island.

On Sunday, Deep Blue was fattening up on sperm whale flesh as the carcass drifted slowly south, away from Oahu.

Diving with Mohler were Andrew Gray, Kimberly Jeffries, Laura Rock, and Daren Babula. They received surface support in boats from Danny Roberts, Tim Andrews, and Heather Armstrong.

“After I spent some time with her, and then again when we confirmed her identity as Deep Blue, it was an incredible feeling of euphoria,” Mohler said. “Everyone was in awe when we saw her. It was both disbelief and euphoria. Her size was absolutely incredible.”

And from Hawaii News Now

There’s been a rare sighting in Hawaii waters of what’s believed to be the biggest great white shark on record. An incredible video taken by OneOcean Diving, a massive great white was seen off Oahu. The shark in the video is believed to “Deep Blue,” a shark that’s nearly 20 feet long. She’s also believed to be more than 50 years old. In the past few years, Blue has become so famous that she even has her own Twitter account. Deep Blue apparently had quite a meal a couple days ago, when she was spotted feeding on a sperm whale carcass that is about 20 miles off Oahu’s southern shore. In the videos, the shark exhibited calm behavior as divers bravely swam alongside the shark, cage-free. Deep Blue was previously spotted in Mexico.

Winter Carnival at East Gloucester Elementary School

Cape Ann Community

blue red top tent bear carnival ticket (3)

Celebrate the season with a fun-filled, family-friendly day of games, crafts, delicious baked goods and more!

Saturday, January 26th
10 AM – 2 PM

This event is open to everyone and all funds raised will help support enrichment programs at the East Gloucester Elementary School.

The East Gloucester Elementary School is located at 8 Davis St. Extension in Gloucester.

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My Pen in the Air | RIP poet Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver (1935-2019)

I Happen to Be Standing

I don’t know where prayers go, / or what they do. / Do cats pray, while they sleep / half-asleep in the sun? / Does the opossum pray as it /crosses the street? /The sunflowers? The old black oak / growing older every year? / I know I can walk through the world, / along the shore or under the trees, / with my mind filled with things / of little importance, in full / self-attendance. A condition I can’t really / call being alive. / Is a prayer a gift, or a petition, / or does it matter? / The sunflowers blaze, maybe that’s their way. / Maybe the cats are sound asleep. Maybe not. / While I was thinking this I happened to be standing / just outside my door, with my notebook open, / which is the way I begin every morning. / Then a wren in the privet began to sing. / He was positively drenched in enthusiasm, / I don’t know why. And yet, why not. / I wouldn’t persuade you from whatever you believe / or whatever you don’t. That’s your business. / But I thought, of the wren’s singing, what could this be / if it isn’t a prayer? / So I just listened, my pen in the air.

Alec & Rick of the A-Train Orchestra and more tonight! 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 1.17.2019

Check it out!
Dave Sag says,
Tonight Thursday – 8:30pm at the Rhummy: Get an eardrum massage with the entire Razdan Family! Yes fíls and pére (Accent gráve…gotta remember how to do this) get upon their hind legs and and push you back into the harbor! That’s PaPa Rick, longtime fusilier for the Megawatts and his son Alec, both on tons of saxaphones. featuring most of the A-Train including and up to Dan Wailin’, on catarrh,and their drummer J*H*V*H*. all contributing to my job as the minister of pain. We’ve got lots of surprises on tap, and the Police have promised me they will arrest us if we play more than one manic swingy Bb blues or rhythm changes per set! 830 to 1130

Davesag’s blues party
The Rhumb Line
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA

Councilor’s for Causes at the Cape Ann Brewery/ Reminder

Councilor’s for Causes – Guest Bartending Series for Charity

Starting January 10th and running through the middle of March Cape Ann Brewing and Gloucester City Government officials will be teaming up to host a series of Fundraisers every Thursday night. Come in and help a worthy local cause chosen by each individual Councilor. For our part we will be donating 15% of proceeds from 6pm-9pm to these worthy causes while other opportunities to give will be made available.

We’re still working on all the dates and charities but below you can see the schedule of events. Come out and show your support for Gloucester!

January 10th – Steven LeBlanc Jr from Ward III raising funds for the Gloucester Veterans Center.
January 17th – Sean Nolan of Ward V will be raising funds for the Magnolia Pier
January 24th – Scott Memhard from Ward I will be raising funds for Gloucester Maritime Center
January 31st – Jen Holmgren – Councilor At Large will be raising funds for Ocean Alliance
February 7th – Kenneth Hecht of Ward II will be raising funds for the Lobster Trap Tree Fund
February 14th – Valentines Day – No event (though we will have a great Prix Fixe offer…just sayin’)
February 21st – Valerie Gilman of Ward IV will be raising funds for the Gloucester Education Fund
February 28th – Melissa Cox – Councilor At Large will be raising funds for Cape Ann Animal Aid
March 7th – Jamie O’Hara, Jr. – Councilor At Large will raise funds for Pathways for Children
March 14th – TBD

We are very excited to work with the Councilor members and these great charities and hope you can make it out to support Gloucester.

If any local businesses would like to join us and aid in these fundraising efforts please reach out as we’d be more than happy to have all the assistance possible.

Nichole’s Picks 1/19 + 1/20

Pick #1: Living the Island Life, A Musical Comedy 

January 19 @ 7:00 pm

January 20 @ 2:00 pm

$15 – $25

You can purchase tickets HERE


Rotary Club of Rockport Presents: Living the Island Life, A Musical Comedy

Saturday, January 19, 2018 | 7 PM
Sunday, January 20, 2018 | 2 PM
Rockport Middle/High School Auditorium

Rockport Rotary is presenting the first-ever original musical comedy about living here — on this side of the bridge! Don’t miss LIVING THE ISLAND LIFE — a new musical comedy that follows a family of six (including a large dog named Kitty) from Buffalo on vacation in—they think—Rockport, Maine. They land, instead, on Cape Ann and learn about life on our side of the bridge through eleven locals’ colorful interpretations of “island” life and its people.

In between uproarious laughs, the players sing very familiar musical tunes—with all-new lyrics. A grand showcase of community talent and local heroes will add to the audience’s delight.

TWO SHOWS: Saturday, January 19 at 7:00pm and Sunday, January 20 at 2:00pm. Come laugh off the January cold with LIVING THE ISLAND LIFE!

Featuring the talents of Jeff McKeen, Wendy Betts, Guy Parsons, Emily Marques, Kathleen Morgan, Bob Ellis, Sue Bonior, Andy Heinze, Jack Reed, Chas Kreis, Gordon Baird, Evelyn Reed, Carolyn Howard, Derek van Gulden, Anne Hyde, and Frances Fleming.

Laura Fillmore Evans, Piano
David Benjamin, Sax, Clarinet, Flute
Art Adamson, Trumpet
Gary Wolseiffer, Bass
Rick Geraghty, Drums

Book and lyrics by Linda Sanders with humorous input from Ian Crown.

Proceeds benefit Rockport Rotary’s community and international service projects.

Pick #2:  New England International Auto Show

January 17-21 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


This is one of my boys’ favorite events of the year.  We weren’t able to squeeze it in this year, but it gives me the excuse to share the video of them tearing up the car show a couple of years ago.

It’s the Biggest Auto Show in New England… and the perfect place to browse hundreds of the newest vehicles!  Located at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in the Seaport District, the New England International Auto Show is the premier showcase of the newest model year imported and domestic vehicles — cars, vans, crossovers, hybrids, light trucks and sport utilities –  cars to suit every budget and lifestyle. Factory and dealer representatives are on hand to answer your questions in a no pressure environment, and with your favorite car lines all under one roof, it’s easy to compare prices and features, saving both time and money.

So come sit in the cars, pop the hoods, inspect the trunks, kick the tires. The New England International Auto Show is great entertainment for serious shoppers, car buffs and the entire family!


Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210


Thursday, January 17, 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday, January 18, 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday, January 19, 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, January 20, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Monday, January 21, 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

*Box Office closes 1 hour prior to the end of the Show each day.
*No refunds


Pick #3:  The Boston Globe Travel Show

January 18-20 at Seaport World Trade Center, Boston


“Not just a show, a total travel experience”

Open to Public
Friday, Jan. 18: 
5:30 – 8pm 
Saturday, Jan. 19:
 10am – 6pm
Sunday, Jan. 20: 10am – 4pm

$10 online / $15 onsite 
Get Tickets

Friday Trade Day, Jan. 18
(8:30am – 5:30pm)
Click here for more info

Directions, parking & other attendee info click here.




As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid.  

Two Lighthouses on a Pretty Day

How lucky are we to have such a unique collection of lighthouses right here on Cape Ann? Here are a couple of photos taken on a sunny day recently.  They seemed to be standing taller in the sun, showing off. I captured both of these within a short distance of each other.

Straitsmouth Island Lighthouse–I like the effect of the horizon running along the paint line of the lighthouse, creating a kind of underwater effect.


Thacher Island just gorgeous against the blue sky and ocean.


In Case You Didn’t Know- Herring Use Farts To Communicate


Fish Farts: Herring Use Flatulence To Communicate

Can you imagine if humans used flatulence as a form of communication? Yikes. We don’t want to picture it, either.

But apparently some types of herring do pass gas to “speak” to each other without alerting other fish.

A 2003 study revealed the findings, but we’re just “herring” about it now, and we just had to share.

When the fish pass gas, the bubbles that emanate make a high-frequency sound only audible to herring. The fish use the noise to form “protective shoals” at night to help them stay safe, National Geographic explains.

The men named the phenomenon Fast Repetitive Tick (or, um, FRT). The noise sounds “like someone blowing a high-pitched raspberry,” Robert Batty, senior research scientist at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, told National Geographic.

SeniorCare & AARP Provide Free Tax Preparation

Cape Ann Community

SeniorCare Inc.’s RSVP Volunteers of the North Shore are proud to partner with AARP and coordinate the AARP Tax-Aide Program, a vital service for elders, enabling them much needed assistance with their taxes. It is the nation’s largest free, volunteer-run tax assistance and preparation service. Across the nation, there are over 34,000 AARP Tax-Aide volunteers who help more than 2.6 million taxpayers file their federal, state and local tax returns each year. SeniorCare’s group of RSVP Volunteer Tax Aides consists of over 40 certified volunteers who contributed more than 3,000 hours of service assisting over 2,500 elders in 2018!

In 2019, from February through April, AARP and volunteers from SeniorCare RSVP will assist taxpayers 60 & older with middle to low income with their tax preparation and filing, providing free tax assistance at over 30 locations throughout the North Shore.

For information on this program, please contact RSVP Program Assistant…

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