I dream about Snowies sometimes, especially in wintertime. I wonder if Snowies dream–probably, if they do, its all about tasty morsels ūüôā

Sleepy Snowy Boy in the wildflower patch.

Do Snowy Owls, like other owl species, feed at night?

Snowy Owls are crepuscular (active and feed at dawn and dusk), diurnal (hunt during the day time), and nocturnal (hunt during darkness). Mostly, while wintering in our region, they rest during the daylight hours. When you see a Snowy sleeping, whether on the beach, a fence post, rooftop, or tree, please give him/her lots of space and let him rest quietly and undisturbed.

In the summer months, Snowies feed in the continuous daylight hours of the Arctic. Their main source of food is lemmings. In years when lemmings are super abundant, female Snowies will actually lay more eggs! Both the male and female hunt and bring food to the growing owlets. Feeding a hungry brood of baby owls is nonstop during the long days of the Arctic summer, and the owls also cache food.

What do Snowy Owls eat when wintering over in New England? I’ll share what we saw Hedwig eat because I am reading tons of misinformation posted online. We saw her eating rabbits, shrews, rats, mice, and yes,¬†sea ducks. At day’s end, she would leave her hotel perch, sometimes heading over the golf course for a rabbit, or swooping down to the rocky shoreline for a shrew, or out to sea for a Common Eider or Bufflehead.

A cache of lemmings circling a Snowy Owl nest–and btw, aren’t they just the cutest!

A Snowy Owl irruption occurs when there is an abundance of lemmings, which leads to an abundance of Snowy Owl hatchlings (more lemmings equals fewer hungry owlets), which leads to more fledglings. Easier-to-catch food is available for the less experienced young hunters further south in the lower 48 states. The adults typically keep north, the first- and second-hatch-year owls often head south. This is another reason to keep a respectful distance, many of the owls are still developing and growing.

Our Hedwig appeared especially adept at catching rodents that were scurrying between the rocks at Bass Rocks. In summer, Arctic Lemmings shelter in shallow underground burrows, or under rocks, just as do Cape Ann members of the rodent family.

Interestingly, some Snowy Owls move further north for the winter. They spend these darkest and most frigid of months at sea, ice hunting for Arctic birds at open patches of water.

Please Do Not Disturb


Moving to the Music of The Beatles! Nia class at MAGMA, Thursday Jan. 24th 10:15 am

Cape Ann Wellness

nia flyer shout out graphic beatlesNia to The Beatles!

If you are like me, you love to sing along to the Beatles’ music and of course, dance!  Here is your chance to have a little dance party with all the music you love, like Hey Jude, Revolution, Lady Madonna and more.
We will take the movements from our latest routine and put them to the fun sounds of the Fab Four (Ringo, John, Paul and George not Harry, Meghan, Kate and William).
Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes ‚Äď body, mind, emotion, and spirit.
Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers.

linda31Want to try Nia?

Class on Thursday at 10:15am at MAGMA, 11 Pleasant St. 

You may find MAGMA by either entering the building…

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Wingaersheek Beach winter whites #GloucesterMA

Scenes from Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts, an icy wonderland after first winter storm 2019

color off but still wingaersheek beach gloucester mass_gif_after first winter storm 2019 © catherine ryan

Gallery Talk Reminder |artist Jeff Marshall at Jane Deering Gallery #GloucesterMA

Jane Deering Gallery, 19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester MA

Artist Talk | Jeff Marshall

Sunday . January 27th . 2:00 pm

courtesy photos of Marshall working at MOrse-Sibley Wharf on Monster Truck #23.jpg

Jeff talks about drawing and his current work in the exhibition ‚ÄėWorking the Waterfront‚Äô If you missed Marshall‚Äôs acclaimed exhibition at the Cape Ann Museum, this is the last opportunity to view this stunning body of work, which is the subject of Marshall‚Äôs year-long observation of the ‚Äėcomings and goings‚Äô on Gloucester‚Äôs Morse-Sibley Wharf. ¬† Marshall‚Äôs work at Jane Deering Gallery was recently noted by The Boston Globe‚Äôs Critics‚Äô Pick as one of the best exhibitions to catch.

About the artist: Continue reading “Gallery Talk Reminder |artist Jeff Marshall at Jane Deering Gallery #GloucesterMA”

I think I should have moved the beer and seltzer water off the porch

On Saturday, thought should move the seltzer water and beer from the enclosed porch to the garage.  well, forgot about it until Sunday morning.  I heard this weird noise and looked out on the porch.  This is what I found.  ICKY..


Our Tonno branded barrel at Ryan & Wood Distillery


Fun fact: Here is a Tonno branded barrel at Ryan & Wood Distillery here in Gloucester. Our staff helped fill it up in April 2018! It’s about 55 gallons.
Can’t wait to open it in a few years! Don’t worry we will remind you.


2 Main St.
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

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