2 Hour Self Inquiry Writing Workshop this Sunday at Cape Ann Power Yoga Annex – $35. No Stretching / Moving / Sweating Required! No writing experience required. Get help putting on to paper and clarifying the thoughts that have been circling your head. All ages and every type of person welcome!

Relax, Renew & Forecast the BEST YOU!

Cape Ann Wellness

SUNDAY Jan. 6. 5-7PM $45 www.nsryoga.com
Welcome the New Year with a deeply nourishing restorative yoga practice and astrological forecast for 2019. Let your body reset and balance as you set your intentions inspired by what is on the horizon based on the science of what is written in the stars to guide your path!
Christine and Katie will help you write your story, get clear and set you in motion for clarity, love and happiness for the new year with restorative yoga, a 2019 astrological forecast, Thai massage, reiki, essential oils and candlelight!
A New Year retreat workshop to help you forecast and set your intentions for the best year of your life.

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Chickity Check the new picnic table and park benches at Burnham’s Field thanks to Chad Konecky

Have you seen the sweet new picnic table and two new park benches at Burnham’s Field?  Gloucester resident Chad Konecky donated them in memory of his mother Naomi.

A plaque on the new picnic table, which is located a few feet from the playground so families can sit to watch their children play, remembers Naomi.

“Naomi Konecky loved greenspace and grew gardens. She made dirt delightful with her bare hands,” the plaque says. “Please enjoy this table and its setting, as she would. Picnic. Laugh. Breathe. Observe. Listen. Appreciate.”

The new picnic table and park benches were installed with the help of Mark Cole and Joe Lucido of Gloucester’s Department of Public Works and City Councilor Melissa Cox.

four at an angle at new table (1)

(left to right) Chad Konecky and his wife Elizabeth Solomon sit with City Councilor Melissa Cox and John McElhenny of the Friends of Burnham’s Field at the new picnic table in Burnham’s Field. Photo by Muffy White.

naomi nameplate

Here’s the plaque on the new picnic table at Burnham’s Field written by Chad Konecky in memory of his mother Naomi. How beautiful is this writing? It’s almost like the guy’s a professional writer or something. Photo by Muffy White.

new park bench on its ownOne of the two new park benches in Burnham’s Field donated in memory of Naomi Konecky. Burnham’s Field is the largest greenspace and ballfield in downtown Gloucester. Photo by Muffy White.


Thank you to all of you that Stepped Up to the Plate in 2018. Thank you if you ordered a plate for your car, if you already have a plate and helped us promote the plate or if you brought one of the low number plates in the Online Auction. We finished strong in December and hope to continue the momentum in 2019, if you don’t have a Cape Ann License Plate yet and you love Cape Ann go to Lovecapeann.com and order one today.

In the last two years we have awarded $24,000 in grants to nonprofits and education initiatives. The more plates on the road the more grants the Cape Ann Community Foundation can make. Order today at Lovecapeann.com!!!

Just a few pictures of the fun we had in 2018. Watch for the great events coming in 2019.

Rock Piles on the Back Shore

I’ve been seeing rock piles such as these in more and more locations in recent months. I can’t quite decide how much I like them. They are a testament to someone else’s patience and engineering skills and they are made of natural rocks but they aren’t “natural” either.

I will admit I like looking at them while reluctantly understanding why some might urge us not to build them: moving rocks can disrupt nature; they can be mis-read by hikers and walkers who know the signage; or, as one website put it, they are “an unnecessary reminder of humanity”.

So, I guess I will leave it to others to decide. I’m not starting a debate: I don’t build them, but I kind of like looking at them. PS Some apparently call them “cairns”, but random rock piles are not cairns, which are meant as memorials or landmarks and are usually much larger.


More Off Market Luxury Homes

More Off Market Luxury Homes

Did you know that there are dozens of owners that would like to sell their Cape Ann and North Shore luxury homes but can’t because the homes aren’t currently on the market? The homes didn’t sell last season and have “expired” or are “canceled”. They are considered “off market” by zillow.com, realtor.com and the multiple listing service so you may not know anything about them.

These off market opportunities are available, they’re just not easy to find.

Interested? Watch the video.

Or just click here for your free list of Off Market Opportunities.

Prepared by McDermott & MacCarthy of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Visit OffMarketGuide.com for your free Off Market Luxury Home report.