Kate’s Dad Buzza Foley saved a life- just another day in the life for this hero.

Article in the Salem Evening News

Retired Wenham officer revives spectator at indoor soccer match

DANVERS — Retired Wenham police reserve officer William J. Foley Jr. happened to be at the right place at the right time to be able to use CPR to revive a spectator at Danvers Indoor Sports on Andover Street on Saturday afternoon.

The victim collapsed and wound up unresponsive about 10 feet behind Foley as he was watching a soccer game, he said.

From his training, Foley said it appeared the man had suffered cardiac arrest. He had no pulse and he was not breathing.

At the time of the incident, Foley was on the second level of the indoor sports complex at 150 Andover St., catching his 8-year-old grandson Connor Hill’s 5 p.m. soccer game.

During the match, he heard commotion nearby.

“Next thing I know, someone was screaming for a doctor or a nurse,” Foley said. At first, Foley did not grasp what was happening, but his daughter told him: “Dad, move it.”

“You do what you gotta do,” said Foley, 67, of Hamilton, who retired two years ago at the mandatory retirement age of 65 as a reserve patrolman in Wenham after 34 years. He continues to serve as a special police officer for Crane Beach in Ipswich.

Another man was attempting to do CPR on the victim who was on the ground, but Foley said this man was not trained to do so. Foley told the other bystander he was a police officer and took over performing CPR on the victim, and started doing chest compressions. After about a minute and a half, the man started to breath and talk. There was a language barrier, Foley said, but the victim’s family kept talking to him.

Foley does know who the victim is. He credits his training over the years for kicking in at the right time.

“You’ve been trained in that your whole life, and it’s one of the things that stick with you,” Foley said.

He also said he recently finished in-service training in November, which included CPR training.

“It’s a credit to the academy, these guys teach it so well,” Foley said of the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Training Alliance, LLC, MLETA, which is based in Topsfield.

Foley is known in Beverly as the retired principal of the Centerville Elementary School on Hull Street, a post from which he retired in 2008.

Danvers Police and Fire departments responded to the call, along with Atlantic Ambulance, Foley said. He described the man as conscious and alert when he was taken away by ambulance.

Danvers fire Capt. Brian Barry was on duty Saturday at the time of the call, but he did not respond to it. He said the call came in at 5:30 p.m. for a person who was possibly not breathing and who was later transported to the hospital conscious and alert. He did not have any further details.

Foley comes from a family where knowing CPR comes in handy. He’s the uncle of Topsfield fire Chief Jen Collins-Brown. He is also the uncle of her brother, Beverly Commissioner of Public Services Michael Collins.

In September, Collins happened to be at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Beverly Middle School when former Beverly Mayor Bill Scanlon became unsteady on his feet during a speech. Collins, who is trained in CPR, was able to reach him before he collapsed and started doing chest compressions on Scanlon, who was 78 at the time. These actions saved Scanlon’s life.

Fire Chief Collins-Brown said she was proud of her uncle.

“It’s the bystanders, it’s the lay people who are going to save people,” said Collins-Brown, who also teaches CPR.  That’s the message she brings when teaching other first responders about CPR, that time is of the essence when it comes to saving lives using its techniques.

‘It’s all the more reason why people should learn CPR,” Collins-Brown said.



    Chance encounter, of the majestic Snowy Owl kind-


    Snowy Owl perching in a pine tree after sunset.

    I wasn’t expecting to see a Snowy Owl overhead in a pine tree, although its not entirely uncommon. Because Snowy Owlets hatch in the summertime in the treeless Arctic tundra, they may never even see a tree until they migrate southward.

    Generally, Snowies prefer wide open spaces such as dunes, sandy beaches, fields, and airports, because this habitat looks most similar to the tundra.

    For the same reason (their home territory is above the Arctic Circle), Snowy Owls hunt during the day in their summer range. Their eyes have evolved to hunt in the continuous daylight of the far north. When migrating to the lower 48 states, Snowies adapt to the shifting light. Unlike other species of owls, the Snowy Owl hunts during the day (this behavior is called diurnal), and the night (nocturnal), and at twilight (crepuscular).

    From observing Snowy Owls in our region, they mostly feed very early in the morning, before daybreak, rest during the day in dunes and fields, then at day’s end, fly up and perch on an open rooftop or phone pole (less occasionally to treetops), to begin hunting again. The elevated perches provide better visibility for triangulating prey.

    At day’s end, perching on a phone pole and scanning the neighborhood.

    Beach structures make great perches.

    Hedwig in the moonlight, perched on a phone pole.

    Even a flag pole makes for a terrific hunting perch for a Snowy!


    Beginner Yoga Series with Sharon Esker

    Cape Ann Wellness

    New Years is a great time to set yourself up with some healthy new habits. Yoga is a wonderful practice to connect yourself to your body and breath, building both strength and flexibility. This Saturday, join Sharon as she begins a 4 week series to introduce you to the basics of the yoga asana practice.
    Four-week series:
    Saturdays, January 5, 12, and 26; February 2
    12:30pm – 1:45pm
    Whether you are brand new to yoga or wanting to reconnect to the basic fundamentals of your practice, you are welcome to attend this Beginner Yoga Series. Vinyasa yoga unites the body and the breath through the creative linking of postures (asanas). With down-to-earth, clear instruction and explanation, you will learn several postures and breathing practices most commonly used in a vinyasa-style yoga class. This series is designed to guide you in feeling more comfortable in your own body and provide you…

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    Every Wednesday and Thursday –1606 Live Music Series at Beauport Hotel 7PM-10PM 


    1606 Live Music Series – Every Wednesday and Thursday – 7:00PM-10:00PM

    Beauport Hotel Gloucester | 55 Commercial Street | Gloucester, MA 01930

    Description: Join us every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00-10:00PM for our live music series with local artists! There is no cover dee and we also offer complimentary self or valet parking.


    Wednesday, January 2 – Nadia Robertson

    Thursday, January 3 – AJ Edwards

    Wednesday, January 9 – Michael Forgette

    Thursday, January 10 – Liam Anastacia-Murphy

    Wednesday, January 16 – Rich Moulison

    Thursday, January 17 – Nick Consone

    Wednesday, January 23 – Mari Martin

    Thursday, January 24 – DITTO

    Wednesday, January 30 – AJ Edwards

    Thursday, January 31 – Brick Park Duo

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    Wednesdays at The Rhumb Line ~ Tonight’s Host: Bradley Royds w/Special guests: Bill Gleason with Ken Steiner 7-10pm 1.2.2019

    Dinner Specials Each Week!
    Wednesday, January 2 – 7pm
    Bradley Royds as Host and Special Guests: BILL GLEASON!
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    Kickin’ off the new year with some howlin’ blues from the great
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    Dinner with great music!
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    Next week…
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    Boy Scout Troop 20 Christmas Tree Service

    We will take your old Christmas Tree and recycle it for use in local gardens.

    Why get pine needles all over your car?

    Do not let dry brittle branches scratch the paint !

    Tree pick up on Saturday December 29, January 5, and January 12

    Between 8 AM and 2 PM.

    Trees must be free of ornaments, lights, and tree stands.

    Trees should be put outside prior to our arrival.


    A $5 donation will go to support local Boy Scout Troop 20.

    Money will be used to go on Scouting trips, outings, and/or equipment.


    If you would like us to pick up your tree please call New Phone # 978-309-9501 with your name, address, telephone number and which day is best to pick up your tree.


    Or, E-mail with the same information to New E-mail Address troop20treepickup@gmail.com


    Rockport and Gloucester only please.

    Burgess and Mackey Funeral Home

    When driving past the Burgess & Mackey Funeral Home over the course of the past several months (maybe even years as I can’t remember when they closed) I found myself wondering what would happen with the property.  A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to see that it was all of a sudden all but gone.  In one day’s time the building was demolished.  The final photo is what the lot looked like just this morning.

    Now I find myself wondering what will be built in that space?   Does anyone know?