3rd Wheel

This guy joined my husband and me for dinner the other night on the roof of the Beauport.  He didn’t seem to mind being a 3rd wheel and was actually pretty endearing.  Super handsome…for a seagull.  Of note, did you know that seagulls drool?  If you watch the short video you can actually see him drooling (I mean, I guess that’s what he was doing).


2 thoughts on “3rd Wheel

  1. What a gorgeous bird. I always say, if your Gloucester Seagull was as rare as a King Eider there would be buses of birders coming from across the nation to see this attractive bird.

    She is a bit common. Eats fries out of your hand, and gets in the trash, so she gets no respect. But she cleans the beaches and docks of stinky stuff and turns it into white paint to decorate our boats and cars.

    Homie rules!


  2. Actually, Gulls have a small gland above the eye that “desalenates” or extracts the salt from the water they drink. The secreations are highly concentrated saline. And it coming out the nose openings. Gulls are scavengers, will eat anything including stealing your dinner. Probably best not to encourage them. 😉


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