Searching for Artist! Byron Brooks? Part 2

Searching for artist! Byron Brooks? query from Kate Foley posted November 2016 on Good Morning Gloucester generated comments about the artist and his work. I was inspired to piece together some of my primary research and the comments into an informal online catalogue. It’s very much a loose work in progress! Hope it helps people searching for information about the artist, and compels collectors to share additional images of his art.  Just this week (6/27/18) another GMG reader commented that they acquired a Brooks painting in Tucson, AZ.

Byron Brooks online catalogue

Byron Brooks - Good Morning Gloucester requests for information©c ryan

Byron Brooks_ WWII veteran, Coast Guard_ Artist_Gloucester resident_ born in Manchester_grave Pleasant Grove Cemetery Manchester MA_20180628_072316 ©C Ryan (3)
Byron Brooks gravesite, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Manchester, Mass.

Byron Brooks is not listed in any artist biographical compilations. The index card sketch below mimics the format as IF he were listed in Who Was Who in American Art:

BROOKS, Byron [Painter] b. 1906, Manchester, Mass | d. 1978, Gloucester, MA.
Addresses: 12 Stage Fort Park Avenue and 2 Davis St in Gloucester, MA (Willet Street during the war)

Studied: not known

Manchester Art Association

Exhibited: 1961, Tenth Annual Cape Ann Festival of the Arts, Visual Arts Exhibition, Section VIII, Balcony Show. Painting, “Rock Clipper Ship”. Emily Anderson chairman (curator) 1957, Sixth Annual Cape Ann Festival of the Arts, “Cottage by the Sea”, Group SP (Sunday Painters section), curated by Emily Anderson
*Brooks ran a gallery from his home

Work: collection of Addison Gilbert Hospital
Employment: Driver-Delivery; employed by City of Gloucester Highway Dept

Veteran:  WWII veteran, served in the Coast Guard

7 thoughts on “Searching for Artist! Byron Brooks? Part 2

  1. I love how you have had feedback and been able to piece together a history of this artist Catherine. I have a couple of Jeannette Irving paintings, her husband was a Dr.Irving I was told and I have 2 Ginny Wilhelm paintings, a oil and a watercolor. My Grandmother took art lessons with both of them in different mediums I guess and she liked their work so she purchased them and then gifted them to me for my wedding. They are both local artists and I love them because they show the Gloucester I grew up in.

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  2. Byron was my neighbor on Davis Street in East Gloucester…he was a lovely man who loved painting and hunting ducks with his German short haired pointers…I knew both Gladys and Majorie….

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  3. Byron was my great uncle….they took care of me as a child when they lived on Davis street….I have many fond memories of them… they were both wonderful and caring people.

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