Father’s Day Morning bike ride Plus PSA

I call this “Skip’s Tree” since he takes the best photos predawn right here. End of ride so I’m an hour late. (And I run into Skip under the Keystone Bridge ten minutes later with his camera out.)
PSA (Public Service Announcement) Road Race today. Just don’t get in your car. It’s not worth it.
Quarries are lovely in the morning.
Father’s Day gift. I am designating myself President and Treasurer of the Cape Ann Electrical Bicycle Association. Email me your application for membership to CAEBA.

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Morning bike ride Plus PSA

    1. Make: Joulvert, model: Playa Desert. The top right one in the link below. I checked out all ebikes, Joulvert matched on fit and finish, each piece, the way it folds up, the way it fits together, well done. electrical bicycles it’s all about the hub motor and the battery. Joulvert has best motor reviews. Sealed and no plastic gears inside. The batteries are lithium. Wicked expensive but lightweight and powerful.

      It folds up and fits in my miniCooper. I did a lap around Cape Ann yesterday with the juice turned up high. Now that I know to turn it down when I don’t need the amps I bet I can do two laps of Cape Ann on one battery.

      Accessories: I did the upgrade on the battery going with 48 volt instead of 36 volt. Faster, longer life etc. Also added front suspension.

      A kid down the street drove by my porch two weeks ago on this bike. Woah, let me try! Was it him or someone else who said, “Ebikes are weird, it’s like pedaling a bike but there is a hand on your back pushing you anytime you want, especially up hills.”

      I would agree. With the 48 volt the hand is owned by superman.


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      1. Additional edit: I said it was wicked expensive. I meant the lithium battery. If you get the bigger one it is a third of the price of the bike. But you can get the whole bike battery and all for around $1,500. After riding it all summer and into the fall it is well worth it.


  1. One year later and I still love this bike and ride it at least five times a week (even through the winter.) I upgraded the calipers on the disk brakes and got an extra battery which I strsap on the bike for long trips.


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