Tractor Trailer Stuck on Pavilion Beach

Tractor Trailer turns onto Pavilion Beach from Stacy Boulevard, and gets stuck trying to go out Beach Court.


Stuck at low tide creates panic as high tide is coming



Possible Tractor Pull Contest schedule for St Peter’s Fiesta


Tally to the Rescue – Pulled out by tow truck as High Tide approaches_2018_05_18_103919

Tractor trailer Leaves town as quickly as possible.


7 thoughts on “Tractor Trailer Stuck on Pavilion Beach

  1. Tried to post this to FB – wouldn’t you know, the picture in the preview is the ONLY one that doesn’t show the truck on the beach!


  2. Hit the soft spot around the cab… thanks Manuel 1 hour and the tide coming in Tally brought in the big one towtruck for this.! :-O Dave


  3. He actually finished his delivery to his original destination…..the Tavern. (Not Beauport and Not Cape Pond Ice). Just a small bump in the road for this driver. I can’t believe the stories circulating on this. talk about how fake news gets spread!!!


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