Take 2 on Cape Ann Weather’s Bright Future

I have been following Cape Ann Weather on Facebook for some time now as I have some to realize it is the most accurate forecast for eastern Essex County.  I met up with Chris at the Pleasant St. Tea Company to have a chat about his interest in the weather.


Cape Ann is Chris’ hometown and his fascination with weather is lifelong, but his interest piqued with the Blizzard of 78. It probably helped a great deal that his mother was also a “weather nut”.  He worked a number of years at Varian and was trained in web design after leaving there in 1999. He’s been reporting the weather since 1996, so he’s had many years to hone his skills and many interesting weather events along the way.  He shared a number of fascinating stories about the Perfect Storm and I’m sure yesterday’s weather provided him with hours of study for our benefit.

Chris spent some time lobstering and after the Perfect Storm, he led a fund raising effort to replace lost and damaged lobstering equipment for locals. He did so by sharing his photography. His photos were sold and the profits given to lobstermen.  In addition to photography, plane spotting is another hobby he shares with his followers. His Cape Ann Weather website is chock full of vital information and I encourage you to take a look.

Chris was very gracious in our conversation and I appreciate his time. I also appreciate the patience shown when this original post somehow published with only a title! My apologies as this did not do justice to the time and effort Cape Ann Weather has shown area residents, but I hope to meet again someday for further discussion. Have a great weather day!

3 thoughts on “Take 2 on Cape Ann Weather’s Bright Future

  1. Chris has been a friend of mine and Gloucester Emergency Management for many years. When ever we are looking at any extreme weather event I always reach out to Chris for information and his spot on reports. Thanks Chris and nice article!


  2. There used to be a man in Rockport who did the local weather.
    His nickname was the Old Salt. I think he was even a Reverend.
    You would call his ph. # for a recording


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