The beautiful Young Swan that was recently taken from his home at Niles Pond and deposited in Gloucester Harbor is so far managing to survive.

As he cannot, or will not, fly we do not know how long he can live without drinking fresh water. Lyn is feeding him romaine lettuce daily and he appears to be eating some seaweed, but that is not enough food.

The Young Swan stays tucked in around the seawall by the old Bell House, swimming in circles of only a several hundred feet radius.

If we could only see him maintain a sustained flight!

4 thoughts on “YOUNG SWAN UPDATE

  1. This is so difficult to understand! Prayers for a safe rescue before it is too late.To bad there isn’t a floating water bucket for drinking water


  2. Thank you to his rescuers and caretakers! I’m hoping if he starts to show signs of distress, he could be moved to a wildlife refuge. We can do that for other wild animals such as seagulls, owls, etc…


  3. First, thank you to the swan’s caregivers- this must be so difficult for you.
    If he starts to show signs of decline, could he be moved to a wildlife sanctuary? I know other wild animals can- seagulls, owls, etc… I would hope there would be a place to take him since he is either not truly wild or somehow compromised. I would be happy to help research, although I assume you’ve already thought of it.


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