Another Beautiful Daughter of Gloucester

For Mother’s Day, I thought  a little tribute to my Gloucester grandmother Catherine Pierce Ryan might be in order.  My memories of her are a little vague, but stories from friends and family help round out a picture of one of those wonderful moms you see portrayed everywhere at this time of year.

Catherine was born in Gloucester just a few days into a brand new century, in January of 1900, daughter of a fisherman.  She was in the middle of the pack of 12 children born to William and Edith Pierce.  She married Paul Ryan in 1923 and raised 3 sons through war and Depression years.  She worked at the Bass Rocks Golf Club as a cook and also worked for the school in the cafeteria.  By all accounts, she was a great cook and very kind to those in need. Though I did not get to spend a great deal of time with her, I consider her to be a great role model as well as a wonderful representation of a daughter of Gloucester.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there who helped shape our lives.

Catherine Pierce

3 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Daughter of Gloucester

  1. Great walk back and I really enjoy the family tradition and history! Thanks! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 I have always loved history/traditional family my whole life! Did well in school here to now math that was a different story :-O


    1. Mrs. Ryan was a beautiful person, a wonderful Mom and a great cook. I use to work with her, on Tuesdays, at the Bass Rocks Golf Club, serving her yummy, lunches to the lady golfers. I also enjoyed her cooking, as she loved to cook and I loved to eat. I remember there was always delicious home made cupcakes in the bread box, in her kitchen. I loved her and have never forgotten her kind nature !


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