Free Franklin Cape Ann Hanger Steak and Two Drinks To Whoever Guesses Closest Number Of Hanger Steaks Sold At The Franklin All Time!

Alicia Cox and I were talking about the great restaurants we have in Gloucester on the Alicia Unleashed Podcast 369 last night which you can listen to here-

Alicia Unleashed 69 With Joey C and Alicia Cox Taped 10/12/17


During the podcast we complimented Maria Seniti and her staff at The Franklin Cape Ann as being one of the most consistently good restaurants in town over a long period of time.  Then I got to thinking about that Hanger Steak with pommes frittes that she sells and wondered out loud just how many over the years they have sold seeing as it’s been on the menu as long as I could remember and it’s hard to not order it as its so damn good.  Well Maria messaged me last night and offered a free hanger steak and two drinks to whoever guesses closest.  So put your guesses in the comments or on the Facebook post on this post.  Closest guess wins.  We will close it at midnight Saturday for guesses.

The podcast is timestamped so you can go right to the parts you’re interested in-

Topics Include:

Take 2

01:40 Talking about being single differences between now and 20 years ago

03:35 Millennials Playing By Their Own Rules

05:52 Coming Out Day

06:30 Alexa Uses

14:00 Talking Tolerance

23:00 Bud Light Beer Can That Lights Up When Your Team Scores

25:20 Passports Social Media

25:55 Why Is It That Every Waitress Inevitably Asks You How Your Meal Is The Second You Put A Full Bite Of Food In Your Mouth?

28:00 The Most Consistent Gloucester Restaurants Over The Longest Period Of Time (Franklin, Passports, Duckworths)

30:17 Maria Seniti At The Franklin Guessing How Long They’ve Been Open, The Hanger Steak, Guessing Game- How Many Hangar Steaks Has The Franklin Served? Guess In the comments, closest wins a Hanger Steak and two drinks.

33:00 Au Beaujolais

34:40 Meeting Toby Pett

35:30 The Slut Double-Standard

37:15 Questions For Maria Seniti

37:55 Pronto Pizza

39:25 Shoutout To Hanna Kimberley and Predicting A Movie Deal

42:00 Harvey Weinstein Pulling The “I Need Rehab” PR Move Is So Cliche

44:40 Studio Crepe Closing

48:34 JD Aspesi Puts It All On The Line Stating Rockport House Of Pizza Has The Best Roast Beef Sandwiches Ever And I’m Intrigued

52:40 Alicia Does Her Roast Beef All Wrong

53:20 Huge Roast Beef Mystery


Big Event at Local Colors


“Tiny Art”: A New Exhibit at Local Colors

Reception: Saturday, October 14th from 5 to 8 PM

041F02728AAA496DAABB59501F5B07A4.jpgLocal Colors Artists’ Cooperative, now in its 28th year, celebrates its annual art event with a special art exhibit titled TINY ART. This theme, which also coincides with Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative 28th anniversary, is a new undertaking for the Co-op as most shows have a more specific subject such as a “fish” or the “sea”.

This show challenges the artists by limiting the size of the work, but not the subject or medium they choose. The gallery will highlight the new work of the 16 members from September 30 through October 20th with a reception on Saturday, October 14th from 5 to 8 PM

Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative, 121 Main St. in Gloucester.


Do you want to see one of George Carlin’s favorite comics?

Tomorrow night (10/14) at 9 Wallis in downtown Beverly (I know it is over the bridge but it will be worth it) Vinnie Favorito back from Vegas for 2 shows ONLY.

Don’t be scared by the fact that most of the seats left for Vinnie Favorito Unfiltered – EARLY SHOW are sold. Every seat @ 9 Wallis is a good seat. But they’re going fast. You don’t want to be that guy who calls us on Saturday asking to get into a sold out show do you?   Get your TICKETS NOW

Vinnie is known for his comedy roasts of such celebs as Tom Arnold, Magic Johnson, Pat O’Brien and even Larry King, Vinnie Favorito has a unique style of comedy. Scripted material just isn’t a priority for this Boston-born comic who earned his stripes at the Improv and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Headlining Vegas since 2003, Vinnie has been performing in comedy clubs and on TV for more than 20 years.

If you’re looking for safe and politically correct humor, then this off the cuff funny show probably isn’t for you … but if you want some edgy and raw unfiltered comedy with bite, Vinnie just might become your new Favorito.

Boston’s Gary Marino of the World Gone Crazy Comedy Band opens the show.

WARNING: Vinnie Favorito intends to offend. If you are easily offended, go see another show. Must be 18 years or older to attend.

Rasta Pasta Pizzeria will sell their Fresh Made Pizza, Meatball Subs & Canoli during this show!

Crazy good shows this weekend @ Katrina’s Fri The 13th w/ Muddy Ruckus & Sat – Julie Rhodes Band w/ Ian Fitzgerald & Something Else opening



*reservations strongly suggested for these shows.  (978) 515-7817


14 Rogers Street

Gloucester, MA


Another full house for Hannah Kimberley’s presentation of Annie Smith Peck! But it was more than that.


Yesterday, at the Businesswomen’s Luncheon presented by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at the Gloucester House, Hannah had yet another crowd on the edge of their seats as she spoke about her new book A Woman’s Place Is at the Top. I haven’t made every event that she has spoken at this book-season, but the ones I have attended have been inspiring to say the least. Yes, I’m married to Hannah so there would appear to be a bias, but this post is not. Of course, I’m a proud husband who gives her the full support and what not. But again, this isn’t some eulogized puff piece about how awesome my wife and her writing is. This is the view of a cameraman, and an observer, an angle that was altogether different.

To separate myself from who or what I am to Hannah may seem impossible, but I can easily sit in that place from behind my camera as I work. When I’m capturing the world around me, I can easily disappear as a person, friend, or even a spouse when my world through a lens consumes me, as it often does. Now, Hannah has a pure talent for holding a room in the palm of her hand, and no I’m not talking about dinners at our house mantled in wine and food. This is the professional Hannah, the teacher Hannah, and the scholar Hannah that you find when you come to see her talk about her book and the adventures she has had in creating it. And she damn good.

After the ooh’s, aah’s, laughter and looks of “Nooo shit, she really did that?” that usually fill the room every time she gives a talk, comes the line. The autograph line. Thankfully, the fine folks at The Bookstore of Gloucester show up when they can with boxes of books to sell. (For the record, Hannah is published by St. Martin’s Press, so no she doesn’t own the books, and she’s not self-published, so that money isn’t going to my beer fund.) So as Hannah finishes her last comments and thank-yous for coming, she invites folks to go back of the room to the table where the stacks of books are, and she will happily sign each and every one. But this never happens. Before Hannah get’s a chance to leave the podium, the line immediately forms right in front of her, every time and without delay. People race to the back, buy up as many books as they can, sometimes this more than 4 books at a time, and they rush back to queue up with an anticipation of Cosco shopper in free-sample line, that’s starving. On this occasion, the women, (all women in this event’s case), are clutched with book in hand and a story of parallelism to match. I see this at all the events. This is when it happens. As I stare at my screen, through my lens, I see the excitement, passion, and respect that these women have on their faces and what this means to them, and I’m shook.  When I zoom in to get the tight shot of the eyes of each woman, I see the admiration, the respect, and a thankfulness for Hannah coming here and sharing her story with them. A look that usually only seams reserved for the eyes of a grandparent gazing at their newborn grandchild, or a mother when her baby smiles back, or every little girl that lines up to meet Justin Bieber face to face. Yes, it’s that powerful. This occurs in the small spaces of silence between fan and writer as Hannah signs each book at their request. As I try to keep the focus of my lens, compose and move my shots, I’m taking aback by these moments over and over. They are coupled with the stories of inspiration, the requests of whom the book will be autographed to, and the multiple thank yous and “atta-girl” “You keep grinding” comments that shower her at every podium I’ve witnessed. I look down the line to see the others waiting as they chat to each other and share like moments. I found the support, love, and appreciation for what Hannah’s book has done to be remarkable and well deserved.

I realized in these moments the power of the word, the power of the pen, and the power of a woman who is inspired.

Later, after the event, Hannah asked me “Did you film any of the women getting books signed?” As I pictured my framing over her shoulder, the tight shot of each woman’s eyes with the edge of Hannah’s hair cutting into the frame, as they went between looking at what she was writing and looking up at Hannah without her with that gaze of admiration, I said “Yes honey, yes I did.”


If you want some inspiration, click the photo link to buy your own copy from Amazon!

Or head down the Bookstore of Gloucester and get one now!!

bookstore window

Every copy was sold at the event, and money was raised for the Carolyn O’Connor Scholarship. Well done ladies. Gloucester is a better place because of the work these women do.


Cape Ann Museum & Gloucester Writers Center| 8th Annual Charles Olson Lecture Oct 21 – Ann Charters

Cape Ann Museum shares this notice:

Charles Olson and Ann Charters walking on the Boulevard in Gloucester, Mass,1967 Photo credit Sam Charters. Author information from Small Press Distribution (SPD), spdbooks

Image: Charles Olson and Ann Charters walking on the Boulevard in Gloucester, Mass., 1967. Photo credit: Sam Charters. Author information from Small Press Distribution (SPD),

8th Annual Charles Olson Lecture: Ann Charters- Evidence of What Is Said

The Cape Ann Museum and Gloucester Writers Center are pleased to present the 8th Annual Charles Olson Lecture featuring Ann Charters on Saturday, October 21 at 1:00 p.m. at the Cape Ann Museum(27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester). This program is free and open to the public. A suggested donation of $10 is appreciated.

Ann Charters, noted Beat Generation scholar, photographer, and Professor Emerita at University of Connecticut, Storrs, visits Gloucester to discuss her correspondence with poet Charles Olson. Beginning in 1968 with Charters’ request for Olson to reflect on his “earliest enthusiasm for Melville,” and continuing until late 1969, these letters traverse the final two years of Olson’s life. Centered on Charters’ book Olson/Melville: A Study of Affinity, the correspondence ultimately maps two writers’ existence in an America that is simultaneously experiencing the wonder of the moon landing and the chaotic escalation of the Vietnam War. All the while, their exchanges navigate the convolutions of Olson’s ideas about history, space, and time in relation to his pivotal book Call Me Ishmael and his Black Mountain College lectures.

Charles Olson was born in 1910 in Worcester, Massachusetts. His first book, Call Me Ishmael, published in 1947, is a case study of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Olson was an essayist, poet, scholar, and avid letter writer. He was a professor who also taught at universities ranging from Clark to Harvard to Black Mountain College. His influence in the 1950s and 1960s was expansive in many fields of thought. He died in New York in 1970 while completing his masterpiece, The Maximus Poems.

Ann Charters is the author of the first biography of Jack Kerouac, published in 1973, as well as a number of major studies of Beat literature and its personalities. She began taking photographs in 1958 on Andros Island in the Bahamas to document Samuel Charters’ field recordings for Folkways Records. These photographs of musicians are featured in Blues Faces: A Portrait of the Blues (David Godine Books, 2000). Her photographs of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Kesey, and others are included in Beats & Company: Portrait of a Literary Generation (Doubleday, 1986). Her photo essay on Charles Olson in Gloucester was published in Olson/Melville: A Study in Affinity (Oyez, 1968). Her photos also illustrated Samuel Charters’ The Poetry of the Blues (Oak Publications, 1963) and Songs of Sorrow: Lucy McKim Garrison and Slave Songs of the United States (University Press of Mississippi, 2015). Ann Charters’ photo essay featuring the Nobel Prize-winning poet Tomas Tranströmer is included in Samuel Charters’ translation of Tranströmer’s BALTICS, published by Tavern Books in 2012.



Community fundraisers: O’Maley Washington DC trip and GHS soccer at Market Basket and Jalapenos

Local businesses step up for local schools and organizations! Save the dates

In case you’re wondering what’s happening at Market Basket on October 28th 8:30-3pm:

The BAKE SALE at Market Basket is a fundraiser for O’Maley 8th graders annual special trip to Washington, DC. “This important fundraiser is to provide financial assistance to
those who need it most for the trip.” Items can be dropped off at O’Maley on October 27th or at Market Basket at 8:30 on October 28th. Contact Allison Cousins for more details or if you’d like to help out on Saturday, October 28th email Allison  Donations and sponsors for the popular calendar raffle are also underway. Here’s a link to last year’s calendar if you’re interested in participating. You’ll recognize those generous sponsors!

In case you’re wondering what’s happening with GHS soccer raffle tickets:

Soccer players are raising money for the soccer banquet, gifts for senior players, and the soccer program. Raffle tickets are $10 each and each packet has 10 tickets. The prizes are listed on the tickets and are for sale through October 29. Winners will be announced at the fall banquet (date/time TBD)

JV2 has a soccer game at O’Maley today at 4pm. Varsity has a big game — Here’s their record “going into tomorrow night’s match vs Salem. Big game!!!!”

varsity record oct 13 2017


In case you’re wondering what’s happening at Jalapeno’s on November 6th:

Save the date for Jalapeno’s Night fundraiser for O’Maley Academy on November
6th. Dine in or take out at Jalapeno’s and a portion of their proceeds goes to O’Maley Academy!

Hannah Kimberly at Gloucester House | Cape Ann Chamber Businesswomen’s Fall Event

Full house for author Hannah Kimberly’s talk at the 2017 annual Cape Ann Chamber Businesswomen’s signature fall event. Gloucester House is such a generous community venue. This stack of  A WOMAN’S PLACE IS AT THE TOP  hardcovers was GONE before the event was over, sold out by Charlie from the Chamber.


Jenn Orlando, Cape Ann Savings Bank, chairs the Chamber’s businesswomen committee which oversees the Carolyn O’Connor Scholarship along with fostering connections through outreach like this Fall event. Orlando and Sara Young, President of the Chamber and director of Schooner Adventure, welcomed the guests and introduced featured speaker, Hannah Kimberly. Kimberly recounted tales and her rediscovery of 19th century feminist and adventurer, Annie Smith Peck.  Mayor Romeo Theken praised the writer, and was pleased that other Mayors are discussing this wonderful new book. She can relate! Kimberly shared a particularily competitive bit between the subject, Annie Peck Smith, and a famous male contemporary. (You’ll have to read the book to find out!) I will note that my table discussed that face-off sounding like a Bobbi Riggs vs Billie Jean King story of its time. Kimberly is working on a new book AND there is a documentary film in the works about Annie Smith Peck, the subject of  A Woman’s Place is at the Top. 

from the Chamber- Businesswomen’s Events – Through the year, the Chambers Business Women’s Committee puts together a number of mixer, luncheons and other events geared towards the business women on Cape Ann.  Proceeds of these events help to fund the Carolyn O’Connor Scholarship Fund, which is given each year to a recipient who is looking to change career paths or re-enter the workforce.

Red sox playoff games sunday and monday

It was great on Sunday…not an easily digestible loss on Monday…Not over it yet! It was great that David caught two balls and gave them to the kids. Also great that I got to be there with two of my kids and my grandson. Just a few snaps…difficult seats from which to shoot.