Collect ripe milkweed seed pods (only Common Milkweed and Marsh Milkweed please). Place in a paper bag, not plastic, as plastic can cause the seed pods to become damp and moldy.

Bring seedpods to Captain Joe and Sons on Sunday morning between 10:30 and noon. Captain Joes is located at 95 East Main Street, East Gloucester.

If you’d like to distribute seeds, meet at the dock between 10:30 and noon and I will show you what to do.

NOTE: It is easy to tell when milkweed seedpods are ripe. The seeds inside turn brown. Do not collect the pods when the seeds are white or green. If you pick them too soon, they will never be viable. You can check the seed pods by slitting the pod a tiny bit and peeking inside.

Any questions, please comment in the comment section or email me at Thank you and I hope to see you Sunday morning!


We are excited to share that in addition to milkweed pods, I have seeds of an especially gorgeous, and fabulous pollinator-attracting variant of Joe-Pye to share at our Milkweed Seed Pod Distribution event. 


To learn more about how you can help fund the documentary Beauty on the Wing and the Monarch Butterfly Film Online Fundraising event, please visit the film’s website at

Glosta @ Work

GMG Jimmy was loose on the town today while I did some research at the library.  He needed his glasses adjusted and the nice folks at Vision Depot helped him out (thanks Joe W!).  Once he could see straight, he noticed the work on the tracks at the Gloucester station.  What a job this is!  Thanks guys for your hard work!

Wednesdays at The Rhumb Line ~ Allen Estes hosts the evening with his special guests: Julie Dougherty & Woody Woodward 7-10pm 10.11.2017


Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, October 11th – 7pm
Your Guest Host: ALLEN ESTES!

Allen Estes covers for me this week at the Rhumb with his
all-around world-class musicianship and vast arsenal of
moving original material. His guests? Julie Dougherty and

Such a great night it will be! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Next week…
10/18 – JB & DB

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Happy Birthday Greg Bover

Greg getting a Volunteer of the Year Award. (Greg is the one on the right.)

Greg posts good quotes at Good Morning Gloucester. Sometimes I scratch my head. Take this one for instance. A quote of Andy Warhol:

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, ‘So what.’ That’s one of my favorite things to say, ‘So what.’”

I have thought of several translations of this quote to rationalize my non inertia about a lot of things. “Don’t let small unimportant things get your knickers in a twist.”

So I find myself saying “So what” a lot these days. I may mumble it or just not say it out loud. 🙂

Happy Birthday Greg.

[edit, note added] Everyone knows Greg so the line, (Greg is the one on the right) is superfluous. I added it because I ran into a Wkipedia editing argument. They thought this was superfluous too and it had to be removed. 😦

“Indifferent” had to go too but if you read the book the penguin was actually very indifferent.

The “Catnip Man” of Gloucester



IMG_8404I saw  this photo at Otto Tolvanen Photos of Beverly.  Otto said he remembers the Catnip Man roaming the streets of Beverly, but thought he was originally from Gloucester.  Further research showed that the Catnip Man was featured in a post in GoodMorningGloucester in 2013 by E.J. Lefavour

“According to Stephen P. Hall of Beverly, the Capnip Man’s real name was William Albert Joseph Patrick Swayne Luscomb.  Bill lived the last years of his life in a rooming house at 32 Broadway Street in Beverly, and was a familiar sight on Cabot Street in the late 1950s until his death in 1962.”

The Catnip Man photos are being sold by Otto Tolvanen of Beverly. 

I saved a whale today……more or less

As you may have heard, a whale was entangled not far outside Gloucester Harbor yesterday and Cape Ann Whale Watch Hurricane II stopped its tour to oversee/whale-sit) the whale until help arrived.  It was a privilege to be on board and feel as though we were even a small part in helping.  Clearly the whale was stressed which was difficult to witness.  Soon after, the F/V Lily arrived with Captain Billy Muniz aboard to also assist.

The Gloucester Harbormaster arrived and the Hurricane II left to continue its planned tour.  We’d been informed the whale was loosely tied up and had been freed.  It was a great relief.  We checked around on the way back to harbor, but did not see the whale around.

Shortly after return to harbor, we witnessed (but no pictures…so sorry) a whale off Atlantic Road gently making its way around.  I feel certain in my heart it was the very same whale finding a way to thank those who helped give him his freedom.