GloucesterCast 247 With Bob Whynott, Michael Thompson, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/22/17

GloucesterCast 247 With Michael Thompson, Bob Whynott, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/22/17

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Topics Include:

00:18 Kim Smith Has Failed Us

00:27 Pat and Jimmy Brought 20 250th GloucesterCast Commemorative Mugs For Our Contributors Who Come Next Week!

02:48 Pat’s Birthday Today

03:00 Free Entree At Lat 43 On The Serenitee Rewards Card

05:06 Cape Ann Community Cinema Weekly Lineup

We will have two free tickets for Cape Ann Community Cinema for chance to win please share the podcast on Facebook

05:55 Michael Thompson from SCORE Cape Ann Savings Bank Workshop- Info For Startups

24:30 Tremendous Gloucester Day- Afternoon Sail On The Thomas Lannon

26:45 Studio For Half Off Sushi and Lobster Mac and Cheese

28:45 Captain Carlos

32:38 Stones Pub peanut Butter and Bacon Burger

34:00 Sunday Brunch At Feather and Wedge– Build your own Bloody Mary, Lobster Eggs Benedict, $1 oysters!

34:35 Prime Rib Mondays at Seaport Grille. You can get yours on special any Monday for $14.95 after 4pm!


43:00 Pier 23 — great lunch

46:25 Shout out to Kim–How does she make frogs look as beautiful as the freaking butterflies?

47:55 The difference between the Email that people subscribe to and the actual blog.

50:08 Bob Whynott Running For Gloucester City Council at Large- Why?

01:04:55 Shoutout to Cape Ann Bowling







You never know what beautiful creatures you may be fortunate enough to encounter when chasing winged friends.

White-tailed Deer grow a second thicker coat of fur for protection against the cold during fall, and shed that second coat during spring.The reddish color will give way to grayish brown hairs at the onset of colder weather, providing better camouflage as well. Deer can increase the insulative value of their fur by puffing out their hair. These are probably nursing does because they keep their reddish color longer than bucks and does that have weaned their fawns.

Free Mentoring For Startups With SCORE Volunteers

Information for Startups

The volunteer mentors at SCORE want to help anyone dreaming of starting their own business, to understand the process and become a successful entrepreneur.  We invite you to attend a free workshop at 10 am on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 in the Community Room at Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main Street in Gloucester.

Attendees can expect to learn all the basic steps in starting a business, how you can get (and keep) customers, and some of the sources of financing available.  It will be an interactive session with much of the content customized to the specific interests of attendees.


SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, with more than 10,000 volunteers in 300 chapters.  As a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE has helped more than 10 million entrepreneurs through mentoring, workshops and educational resources since 1964. (

The Northeast Massachusetts chapter was established in 1977 and now boasts 40 members who mentor clients by appointment in any of our 11 branches ( see ), including Cape Ann.  Bart Schick meets clients at the Granite Branch of Cape Ann Savings (247 Main Street, Rockport) on most Tuesdays and anyone can make an appointment by calling 978-691-1321.

Prime Rib Mondays at Seaport Grille. You can get yours on special any Monday for $14.95 after 4pm!

Final GAAC Sawyer Library Talk of 2017

Cape Ann Community

On Saturday afternoon October 28 at the Sawyer Free Library, from 2:00 to 4:00 we will have the final astronomy program of 2017 at the Sawyer Free Library, presented by the Gloucester Lyceum and the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club.
Astrophotographer and astronomy club stalwart Phil Orbanes will discuss, in an entertaining and colorful presentation, a dozen famous stars and their lifestyles, from Aldebaran to Sol, from the intemperate “live fast and die young” crowd to the more introspective and generally cool-headed class M red dwarves.
Phil will explain the ways in which astronomy’s HR diagram of stellar life cycles can be explained by the sidewalk outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and which star would show up where, from Barnard’s Star to the Dog Star. This will be a fun and informative program you won’t want to miss.
Next, Dr. Mario Motta will present a photographic record of his trip to see the…

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