How easily do you get offended?

There’s obviously more important things in the world to worry about right now than if Cam Newton is sexist. Seriously? Are you kidding me right now?  Last night I watched the news to see what the fuss was about.  I sat there and watched Cam Newton’s Q & A and then it was over. I looked at Mr. E and said “I don’t get it what did he say that is getting all this attention?”

His intentions we’re not malicious, clearly playful and probably in his eyes true. Honestly I think he was little turned on. (Wait, wait was that offensive?) Don’t read what everyone is talking about go ahead and watch the conference for yourself.

Why is everyone so sensitive and offended by every single thing that is said these days?

It’s a bit crazy and annoying that people just can’t be who they want to be and everything has to be censored. If I was that reporter I would have come back with something also funny and playful. Come on people lighten up!

Take the poll and discuss.


NYT Bestselling Author Tess Gerritsen At Sawyer Free Library October 7

You may already be familiar with bestselling thriller author Tess Gerritsen, whose Rizzoli and Isles series boasts one of the most memorable teams in crime fiction – Boston PD Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Maura Isles. Now, Gerritsen returns with  I KNOW A SECRET (A Ballantine Hardcover), her latest Rizzoli & Isles thriller which was released in August.

Tess will be on tour in Massachusetts from October 5 – 7 and is available for interviews:

Since 2001, when she first introduced readers to newly-minted Boston homicide police detective Jane Rizzoli in the The Surgeon, Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles series has sold millions of copies of books in print, won the acclaim of fans and critics alike around the world and was the basis for TNT’s long-running hit TV show which starred Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. 




Dear Friends,

Today I am excited to launch the online fundraising campaign for my documentary film Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly.

This film—more than five years in the making—chronicles the extraordinary story of the Monarch butterfly. Tiny creatures, each weighing less than a paperclip, journey thousands of miles from their northern breeding grounds, of which Cape Ann is an integral part, to the trans-volcanic mountaintops of central Mexico. The most magical thing is that their story unfolds in our own backyards, marshes, meadows, and fields. Beauty on the Wing reveals the interconnection between the butterfly’s habitat and wildflowers and the importance of conserving their ecosystems. The film is unique in that every stage of the butterfly’s life cycle is recorded in vibrant close-up in the wild, both on Cape Ann and in Mexico.

The current goal is to raise funds to create a 55-minute feature-length final cut to distribute to elementary schools nationwide. My fundraising partner is the nonprofit Filmmakers Collaborative and donations are tax deductible. Please consider donating what you can. No donation is too small ($5, $25, $100) and every dollar helps get us one step closer to completing the film.


Donors contributing over $5,000 will be listed in the credits as a film producer.

For more information, visit the film’s website here: Monarch Butterfly Film

For an overview of the film’s budget, please go here: Budget

Thank you so very much for your help.

With gratitude,

Kim Smith

Pure magic in the marsh this morning! For one moment, there were eight Monarchs on this single spray of Seaside Goldenrod.

Last call! #OceanLiners stunning art deco and modernism exhibition Peabody Essex Museum

 gorgeous Stanley Spencer, panel from Titanic, and so much more!

CLOSES OCT 9. There’s still time to catch one of the best shows of the year before it sails to London! Forget the theme and be ready to be continually swept off your feet by a who’s who of 20th century art and design, history, and one of a kind surprises (spoiler alert photographs of the installation below). This exhibition is high art with loans from important collections worldwide, well curated, and supremely installed. Its genesis stems from collector Stephen Lash and curators from the Peabody Essex Museum and London’s Victoria and Albert. I was reminded of great design shows at MoMa and influential Modernism fairs during the 1980s at the Armory. NEWS FLASH –  More than 1000 works of art from the collection of Stephen Lash, Peabody Essex Museum overseer, were gifted to the museum and announced this week through this exhibition. 

If you only have time for one work…

Riveters from the epic cycle Shipbuilding on the Clyde, 1941, in the collection of the Imperial War Museums, London. I have never seen one of these Spencers in person–what a surprise to find it here!

mural by STANLEY SPENCER from epic series SHIPBUILDING ON THE CLYDE Riveters, 1941 IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM LONDON Ocean Liners Installation Peabody Essex Museum © C Ryan 20170908_114331

The photo above illustrates the left corner of the Spencer mural: it’s so vast you need to use a video to capture its mind boggling composition and entirety. (Spencer’s studies included field sketches unfurled on toilet paper–useful, cheap, and lengthy matrix):


FINEST EXTANT TITANIC CARVING FRAGMENT (arch at the threshhold of the recital lounge), ca.1911, from the collection of Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax Nova Scotia Museum. Spotlighting in this post for artist, Morgan Faulds Pike

FINEST EXTANT TITANIC CARVING FRAGMENT arch recital lounge ca1911, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic,Halifax Nova Scotia- Ocean Liners Installation  Peabody Essex Museum © C Ryan 20170908_115342.jpg

Shout out to David and Susan Goode – was thrilled to see the Jan Matulka from Norfolk Southern collection!

JAN MATULKA New York Harbor Paris 1925 NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP - Ocean Liners Installation  Peabody Essex Museum © C Ryan 20170908_121220.jpg

OCEAN LINERS exhibition was co-organized by the Peabody Essex Museum and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and closes October 9, 2017. The exhibition opens at the Victoria & Albert in February and continues through June 10, 2018. There are many standouts in this exhibition, photographs September 2017 (click to enlarge and see descriptions)


Photographs/short video clips from my visit September 2017. Gloucester’s Zach Gorrell is a participating musician for the LIVE pianist performances. Alex Olsen playing when I was there.


Breathtaking corner vignette, exhibition pause, includes *gasp* wow poster and Winsor McCay silent film sinking of Lusitania  ” 25,000 drawings had to be made and photographed one at a time…” see film clips below Continue reading “Last call! #OceanLiners stunning art deco and modernism exhibition Peabody Essex Museum”

Forced Family Freaking Fall Fun

I jest. Really. But still, there are definitely some must dos this time of year….and I have wicked parent guilt if we don’t squeeze them in.  Silly as it is.

I know that I’m supposed to be doing a “Nichole’s Picks” post, but honestly this is a tricky time of year to get creative.  If we’re keeping track, these are my picks…and the fall must dos.

  1. Topsfield Fair
  2. Awesome Autumn Fun at one of the MANY fantastic farms/orchards near us
  3. Salem…..  get your Halloween freak on for sure.

We do the Topsfield Fair every year, for sure. That’s 1 point for Team Schrafft.

Contrary to that, every year I say we’re going to go enjoy some Halloween fun in Salem, but we never do.  That’s tie score, Schraffts 1, Fall Forced Fun 1.

Apple picking is the dark horse of our fall fun tour.

I always want to go apple picking….and sometimes the stars (and by stars I mean hockey schedules) align and we get to participate in some Forced Fall Family Freaking Farm Fun.  But lately, we’ve been letting the season get by us without nearly as much farm fun as normal!  This year I won’t have it.

My favorite farm is Applecrest up in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.   I’d really love to know….what is yours?

Read all about Applecrest HERE

Ready for Your Close Up, CB?

CB is Crystal Ball.  In my mind, she’s a she and as fickle as a teenager.  When I needed a little inspiration in my photography, she came to my rescue.  The purchase was recommended by a friend and CB’s Cape Ann adventures are among her finest work.  Mine came from Amazon (of course)  and there’s a good variety of various globes and accessories.

Some of CB’s recent adventures

“Lettuce” serve you up something tasty 😎 thank you Instagram friend @findyahome for this vibrant photo of our Lettuce Wraps!