Alicia Unleashed Episode 69 With Joey C and Alicia Cox Taped 10/12/17


Alicia Unleashed 69 With Joey C and Alicia Cox Taped 10/12/17


Topics Include:

Take 2

01:40 Talking about being single differences between now and 20 years ago

03:35 Millennials Playing By Their Own Rules

05:52 Coming Out Day

06:30 Alexa Uses

14:00 Talking Tolerance

23:00 Bud Light Beer Can That Lights Up When Your Team Scores

25:20 Passports Social Media

25:55 Why Is It That Every Waitress Inevitably Asks You How Your Meal Is The Second You Put A Full Bite Of Food In Your Mouth?

28:00 The Most Consistent Gloucester Restaurants Over The Longest Period Of Time (Franklin, Passports, Duckworths)

30:17 Maria Seniti At The Franklin Guessing How Long They’ve Been Open, The Hanger Steak, Guessing Game- How Many Hangar Steaks Has The Franklin Served? Guess In the comments, closest wins a Hanger Steak and two drinks.

33:00 Au Beaujolais

34:40 Meeting Toby Pett

35:30 The Slut Double-Standard

37:15 Questions For Maria Seniti

37:55 Pronto Pizza

39:25 Shoutout To Hanna Kimberley and Predicting A Movie Deal

42:00 Harvey Weinstein Pulling The “I Need Rehab” PR Move Is So Cliche

44:40 Studio Crepe Closing

48:34 JD Aspesi Puts It All On The Line Stating Rockport House Of Pizza Has The Best Roast Beef Sandwiches Ever And I’m Intrigued

52:40 Alicia Does Her Roast Beef All wrong

53:20 Huge Roast Beef Mystery




WHEN A WEED IS NOT A WEED and Why Joe-Pye is So Darn Lovable!

A bodacious beauty possessing the toughest of traits, Joe-Pye Weed (Eutrochium) is the stalwart star of the eastern native plants garden. Large, airy dome-shaped flowerheads blooming in a range of shades from pink to lavender to purple provide food, by way of nectar, foliage, and seed heads to myriad species of bees, butterflies, and songbirds. Beginning in mid-July and continuing through mid-October, pollinators on the wing can find sustenance in a garden planted with Little Joes and Big Joes.

Joe Pye, the person, is thought to have been a North Carolina Native American medicine man who used these wildflowers to cure many ailments, including typhoid fever. The plants became know as Joe Pye’s weed.

A name changer from weed to wildflower would be a game changer for numerous species of native plants. Why do so many native wildflowers have the suffix weed? Because when the colonists arrived from Europe, they wanted their crops, as well as European cultivated flowers, to grow in their new gardens. Anything native that interfered with their plans was deemed a “weed.” Examples of beautiful and invaluable North American native pollinator plants with the name given weed are milkweed (Asclepias), sneezeweed (Helenium), ironweed (Veronia), and jewelweed (Impatiens capensis).

Three favorite and fabulous species for the New England landscape are Eutrochium purpureum, E. maculatum, and E. dubium. Joe-pye grows beautifully in average to moist soil, in full sun to light shade. Plant Joe-pye in the back of the border. E.purpurem grows five to seven feet tall, while Little Joe grows three to five feet. With their beautiful blossoms, robust habit, winter hardiness, and disease resistance, these long blooming members of the sunflower family are treasured for their ability to attract an array of butterflies, bees, and songbirds to the garden during the mid- to late-summer season.

Just look at this sampling of the different species of Lepidoptera finding noursihment from the blossoms of Joe-pye!

Tiger Swallowtail

Painted Lady

Black Swallowtail


Joe-Pye does especially well in a coastal native plants garden.


If you enjoyed reading this post, I hope you will consider donating to the completion of my documentary film Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly. Every contribution is tremendously appreciated. For more information on how you can help, please visit the film’s website at




Wicked good fun tonight @ The Rhumb Line’s Dave Sag’s Blues Party with Ed Scheer, Ricky King Russell, Mario Perrett and Dear Ol’ Dave himself. 8:30pm 10.12.2017

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Alicia Unleashed- Wags 2 Riches


Recorded 10/11/17 with Guests Kristie Nicastro and Patty Bonfanti, with B-Side and Hostess Alicia


Hot Plate-Yoga for Surfing at Cape Ann Power Yoga October 15 12-1:30pm with Joel Kalinowsky

Scary Pumpkin Carving-Oct 21, 6-9pm Get Outside Center-Browns Mall;

Wellness Workshop at Cross Fit Cape Ann with Christina Kalinowsky October 24-6:45pm.

Briefly touch base on Vegas and California Fires. RIP Tom Petty.

We sit down with Kristie Nicastro and Patty Bonfanti, part of Wags 2 Riches non-profit-organization that helps recuse dogs and now cats from Puerto Rico. What is involved in rescuing pets, what funds they receive, some of the struggles of rescuing pets, including paying out of pocket. They discuss the euthanasia rate in PR. Advice on what a new pet owner should know about adopting a pet. Adopting vs Pet stores. We discuss Puerto Rico Devastation and what they are doing now to rescue animals now.

They are also looking for more people to join their team! They are looking for a Grant Writer! THE PUPPIES NEED YOU!


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Native filmmaker, local fishermen | Trailer for Dead in the Water – the documentary

David Wittkower’s full length documentary about the Gloucester fishing industry, Dead in the Water, was produced by Wittkower,  Linzee Coolidge, John Bell and Angela Sanfilippo. Music is by Paula Cole. LA based filmmaker, Wittkower, returned home to Gloucester, and was surprised by how different the docks were from the same ones he scrambled over as a kid. What happened? A local screening premiere is slated for Saturday November 18, 3pm, at Rockport High School. Tickets can be purchased in advance (978)282-4847.


photo: Wittkower filming at sea — with PAUL VITALE, GLOUCESTER

Dead in the Water documentary poster
Dead in the Water – the documentary, poster @GloucesterHouse “Fishermen have survived Nature’s fury at sea. But can they survive the Perfect Storm at home?” 


This Weekend in the Arts

Laurie Simko One-Artist Show

Lush Life: Continuum

An exhibition of paintings by artist Laurie Simko will open in the Marguerite Pearson Room of the Rockport Art Association & Museum (RAA&M) on Saturday, October 14th with an artist’s reception from 2 – 4 PM. The exhibition will be on view Saturday, October 14 – Thursday, October 26.

Over the past decade Laurie has produced a series of paintings exploring the richness of life in the streams, marshes, gardens and woods around her. The macro and micro views in nature allow for a diverse interpretation of its organic forms in their varying stages of growth. This exhibition reveals the continuation of this search for further understanding and a fresh, personal expression of the natural world.

Laurie works with oil on canvas or wood panel inquiring with reverence the interconnection we have with our environment, its offerings of chaos and order, flow and stillness, growth and decay, all elements intrinsic to our shared lush life.

Laurie Simko received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. She is a member of and has exhibited at the National Association of Women Artists in NYC, Copley Society of Art in Boston, Concord Art Association and Rockport Art Association & Museum, and has also exhibited in many juried shows throughout the New England area and NYC, including the Arts League of Lowell, Brush Art Gallery, Cambridge Art Association, Cahoon Museum of American Art, Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA, Whistler House Museum and Gallery Z in Lowell, MA.

Simko has a studio at the Western Ave Studios in Lowell, MA. For more information and portfolio please visit her website at

RAA&M Fall Hours:

Open Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM; Sunday 12 – 5 PM. For more information on this and other shows, please visit the RAA&M’s website at


This Week in Rockport


What an incredible weekend ahead!

A stellar line-up of vocalists and musicians will be on hand Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Society in a benefit for the Steeple Fund, “Rockport Rocks.” See the attachment below for details.

Cape Ann Plein Air is in full swing with activities across the region.  CAPA’s Gala (Saturday) and Exhibit (Saturday -Monday) comes to the RAA&M. More information here.

This is the last weekend of Free Cultural District Walking Tours for the season. You can meet me in Dock Square Saturday at 10 a or Sunday at 1 p.

Finally, Rockport Exchange presents Harvestfest on T-Wharf this Saturday from 10 a – 5 p.  featuring live bluegrass, jazz, folk, indie rock, cooking demos, a farm expo, plenty of activities for families and, ofcourse, beer.

Have a great week!
~ Sue Koehler-Arsenault

TWIR Oct 13Rockport Rocks


For Stage Fort Park Volunteers: 2017 Thank You Luncheon at Captain Carlo’s

The traditional end of season Stage Fort Park Volunteers Thank you Lunch was held on Wednesday October 11 at Captain Carlo’s, and was hosted by the City of Gloucester, Mayor Romeo Theken, the Tourism Commission, and Captain Carlo’s. It was a lovely day and a great meal at a beautiful waterfront restaurant!



Thank them! If you’re interested in joining this fun group, ask them about volunteering and why they do it. They have great stories to share. Kathie Gilson manages the volunteers. Gilson said that many volunteers return year after year, and for the 2017 season, volunteers took on extra shifts because the Stage Fort Park Welcome Center was short on coverage. The visitor center is open to the public from May through Columbus Day weekend. It’s a busy stop for visitors to Gloucester and the region. Over the summer of 2017, volunteers helped 15,000 visitors. Some said coming to Gloucester was “on their bucketlist”, others return each and every year. Visitors came from every state. Guests from North Dakota were the last state to make the tally. The Stage Fort Park Volunteers keep a guest book. Not everyone coming through signs in or leaves a note though the ones that do write in comments about Gloucester’s beauty and its friendly residents and businesses. The park is a jewell.

Captain Carlo’s owner, Carla O’Connor, is a member of the Tourism Commission for the City of Gloucester and she organzied the event. Gloucester businesses worked together with the City to offer scrumptious local favorites: baked haddock and chowder from Captain Carlos: chicken broccoli and  ziti from Causeway; and braised beef from Azorean. Desserts were from Pauline’s Gifts, Caffe Sicillia and Captain Carlo’s.  Castle Manor Inn made a contribution.

Kathie Gilson (L), Carla O’Connor (R) welcome the volunteers

carla and mayor.jpg

The baked haddock–ALL the food was yummy!




Café Brew and Spirits – A great experience

_2017_10_11_101353  A great experience from 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM Seven Days a week, featuring a full coffee espresso bar with full liquor bar, with over 50 whiskeys to enjoy. From breakfast sandwiches, a light lunch sandwich or salad, and panini, and in the evening enjoy a delicious desert with your favorite drink.

A great atmosphere to enjoy All Day and Evening

Located at 3 Main Street


3 Main Stree


Nichole’s Picks 10/14 + 10/15

Pick #1: Rockport Harvestfest

Saturday, October 14th.

Always a great time!  READ HERE FOR MORE!

The annual Rockport Harvestfest celebration features the best regional bounty of the season — all in an unbeatable setting.

New England food producers gather under a giant tent on one of Rockport’s historic working wharves to celebrate the best of local food with fresh seafood, pastries, cider doughnuts, chowder, small-batch jams, locally-grown produce and more.

Local craft beers and wine produced in Massachusetts are on hand, along with Rockport’s own Twin Lights, with soda crafted from the 120-year-old company’s original recipes. Cooking demonstrations take place throughout the day, the highlight of which is the Seafood Throwdown, a competition-style showcase between two chefs, demonstrating the versatility of fish, coastal New England’s most significant harvest.

Harvestfest features plenty of live bluegrass, jazz, folk, indie rock, cooking demos, a farm expo, and plenty of activities for families.



Pick #2: Grand Prix of Gloucester


CRAFT SPORTSWEAR Gran Prix of Gloucester | 14 & 15 Oct 2017
Rounds 1 and 2 of the Vittoria Northeast Cyclocross Series presented by Cycle-Smart

“Gloucester is a special race for me. It’s a true New England classic: the big, rowdy crowds always show up, the course is dynamic and challenging, and all the top riders line up.  Historic, classic, and epic” – Jeremy Powers US National Cyclocross Champion

“There is something about that place. It’s got a soul. I’ve been everywhere in the world that cyclocross races, and little comes close to the aesthetic drama of Gloucester.”
– Christopher Zigmont, cycling industry representative (Boston Globe)

“The incredibly well-organized event and huge, energetic crowds of racers and fans make Gloucester an amazing weekend of racing. It’s no surprise that it’s called ‘The New England World Championships.'” – Maureen Bruno Roy, Bob’s Red Mill-Seven Cycles

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As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, visit our friends at North Shore Kid