Monarchs were streaming all along the coast of Cape Ann yesterday and it was a beautiful sight!


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Massive Wave of Painted Lady Butterflies Lights up Denver Weather Radar

Thank you to Meg and Donna Stoman for sharing this fantastic story of a 70 mile wide “butterfly cloud!”


DENVER—A lacy, cloudlike pattern drifting across a Denver-area radar screen turned out to be a 110-kilometre-wide wave of butterflies, forecasters say.

Paul Schlatter of the National Weather Service said he first thought flocks of birds were making the pattern he saw on the radar Tuesday, but the cloud was headed northwest with the wind, and migrating birds would be southbound in October.

He asked birdwatchers on social media what it might be, and by Wednesday had his answer: People reported seeing a loosely spaced net of painted lady butterflies drifting with the wind across the area.

Schlatter said the colours on the radar image are a result of the butterflies’ shape and direction, not their own colours.

Midwestern radar stations occasionally pick up butterflies, but Schlatter believes it’s a first for Denver.

An unusually large number of painted ladies, which are sometimes mistaken for monarch butterflies, has descended on Colorado’s Front Range in recent weeks, feeding on flowers and sometimes flying together in what seem like clouds.

Sarah Garrett, a lepidopterist at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado, said people from as far away as the Dakotas have called to report seeing the butterflies, whose population typically surges with plentiful flowers.

Research on the painted ladies in North America is limited, but scientists believe they migrate to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico in the fall. In Europe, studies using radio tracking have shown they migrate south from Europe to Africa in the fall and return in the spring. Studies also show that monarch butterflies often use wind to their advantage and glide on currents for periods of time, Garrett said.

An irruption of Painted Ladies is occurring in the northeast and throughout the U.S. Painted Ladies drinking nectar at Seaside Goldenrod.

Compare the larger Monarch (top) to the smaller and richly patterned Painted Lady.

Tacos Lupita Collecting For Puerto Rico


Joey I’m Edwin from Tacos Lupita can u help me spread the word..A quick update on the donations to Puerto Rico. We have 2 containers of donations but we have the money to sent only one so far. So I ask the community of Gloucester one more time to help collect 6k to pay for the other container. God bless.

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Bang Bang bar

Twin Peaks The Return - Lissie Wild West.jpg

Twin Peaks: The Return– the roadhouse closing credits at the Bang Bang Club were excuse me damn fine music, chimed with each episode, transcending. (Maybe David Lynch can check out the Gloucester music scene and vocalists. Who should he listen to?)

From the series-  “No Stars” vocals REBECKAH DEL RIO, Moby (guitar) Nick Launay (keyboard), Mick Flowers (drums) co-written by David Lynch, John Neff and Del Rio

“Wild West” LISSIE Twin Peaks closing credits

Twin Peaks The Return songs are for sale – here’s the Amazon link with the two above and Chromatics Shadow, Au Revoir Simone, Eddie Vedder, Julie Cruise…

Abram Platt Andrew Bridge

The Abram Piatt Andrew Bridge, the crowning achievement of the decade long Route 128 (Yankee Division Highway) is the gateway to Cape Ann and has been my view for the past five years.  It was completed in 1953 and named for our Congressman(1921-1936) A. Platt Andrew.  It is a four lane, steel arch span over the Annisquam River.  To me it is a ever changing work of art, different in every light and every season.  One of the treasures of Cape Ann and Gloucester.

It’s Grape stomping time!

Every year we get together as a family and stomp some grapes, taste a little of last year’s harvest and enjoy some good food and great company!   We usually only get 3 or 4 days notice as to when the grapes will arrive, so after receiving the call Wednesday, we are in full  prepping mode today to get those 576 pounds of NEBBIOLO grapes from Italy, stomped and on their way to be bottled for us to enjoy as a family throughout the year!  14525137_10207664699038830_6195694454663781812_o

Animal Advisory Committee

I wanted to share some information on the City of Gloucester Animal Advisory Committee. We are a great group of volunteers who are helping to advise the city on all matters pertaining to domestic and wild animals in the city of Gloucester. We hope to share animal related information with the public and help to make positive improvements.


Since we are in the off-season and the pups now have their beaches back, we want everyone to have fun and stay safe.  We have posted some information on our website pertaining to dogs on the beaches, you can also find this on the City of Gloucester’s website.

Dogs shall be allowed on public beaches from October 1 to April 30.

Unleashed dogs shall be allowed on the beaches as follows:

  • Good Harbor Beach:  off leash even days of the week
  • Wingaersheek Beach:  off leash odd days of the week
  • Plum Cove Beach and Cressy’s Beach:  off leash any day of the week

Currently we are collecting data on any coyote sightings in the city. We are collecting this information so that we can document areas where coyotes are frequently seen and identify any conflict hotspots, in order to assist with any education or mitigation efforts.

If you have any experiences please submit them via our website:

We have a yard audit on the site that you can follow to coyote (and other animal) proof your yard.


We have monthly committee meetings that are open to the public for any comments, our meeting schedules will be posted on the City of Gloucester’s calendar.

Please follow us on Facebook or visit our website: 




After a brisk walk at Ravenswood (where the ticket for admission is apparently a dog), we decided to have some lunch at



We shared a linguisa sub and enjoyed a trip to the salad bar.  Cannot resist the bread they use!  It’s a friendly, neighborhood place and it was about half full of people enjoying their lunches.  I overheard a first-timer, as well as gentle ribbing from some obvious regulars.  Quick, reliable service in a genial atmosphere.

After lunch, I succumbed to my sweet tooth and we visited Nichols.


Yes, there is a piece missing…..and NO I am not sharing.


Gloucester Gig Rowers boat at Gloucester High School

What: GHS students, check out our pilot gig boat and learn about team rowing in Gloucester Harbor
Where: GHS parking lot
When: Wednesday, October 11

Gloucester Gig Rowers is re-booting is its youth rowing program after a several-year hiatus. To kick it off, we’ve arranged to bring one of our boats, the Gannet

GHS parking lot this coming Wednesday, October 11 so students and parents can check it out and talk to us.

We’re also planning an intro-to-rowing event on the water for youth on October 21 or October 28. Details on that to follow.

Steve Yost
Gloucester Gig Rowers


Annisquam Arts & Crafts Fair | Fall art shows

Arts events are still going strong tomorrow October 8 AND Monday, Columbus Day weekend.
Annisquam Arts & Craft Show Sunday only Oct 8

Cape Ann Artisans trail Sunday and Monday

Peabody Essex Museum Ocean Liners  Sunday and Monday  CLOSING OCT 9TH

American Craft Week Oct 6-15 goodlinens event, Local Colors, Pauline’s gifts, DIVa, and more

Cape Ann Plein Air Oct 8-16

Cyclocross is Oct 14 & 15 2017

Cape Ann Cinema & Stage Doctobrefest Documentary Film Festival Oct 13-19
Cape Ann Cinema & Stage Scary Movies all October Why should Salem have all the fun?
Cape Ann Cinema & Stage with UU Church SILENT horror movies- Hunchback of Notre Dame Oct 17, 7:30PM featuring world famous pipe organ maestro Peter Krasinski

FANTASTIC Rockbound at Cape Ann Museum CLOSING oct 29

Photos: Some of the booths and participating artists from today at the Annisquam Arts & Craft fair which is open two days only: Saturday Oct 7 & Sunday October 8, from 10-5. Many of the artists are part of the Cape Ann Artisans trail this weekend and/or have shops/stores!

Sue Niemi, Ten Pound Studio various textile artists- Sue Niemi wearing and touching some of her scarves in the group booth, Annisquam Arts & Craft Fair 2017
Jane Keddy clothing, sachets, original prints mostly Gloucester scenes

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