Alicia Unleashed Episode 69 With Joey C and Alicia Cox Taped 10/12/17


Alicia Unleashed 69 With Joey C and Alicia Cox Taped 10/12/17


Topics Include:

Take 2

01:40 Talking about being single differences between now and 20 years ago

03:35 Millennials Playing By Their Own Rules

05:52 Coming Out Day

06:30 Alexa Uses

14:00 Talking Tolerance

23:00 Bud Light Beer Can That Lights Up When Your Team Scores

25:20 Passports Social Media

25:55 Why Is It That Every Waitress Inevitably Asks You How Your Meal Is The Second You Put A Full Bite Of Food In Your Mouth?

28:00 The Most Consistent Gloucester Restaurants Over The Longest Period Of Time (Franklin, Passports, Duckworths)

30:17 Maria Seniti At The Franklin Guessing How Long They’ve Been Open, The Hanger Steak, Guessing Game- How Many Hangar Steaks Has The Franklin Served? Guess In the comments, closest wins a Hanger Steak and two drinks.

33:00 Au Beaujolais

34:40 Meeting Toby Pett

35:30 The Slut Double-Standard

37:15 Questions For Maria Seniti

37:55 Pronto Pizza

39:25 Shoutout To Hanna Kimberley and Predicting A Movie Deal

42:00 Harvey Weinstein Pulling The “I Need Rehab” PR Move Is So Cliche

44:40 Studio Crepe Closing

48:34 JD Aspesi Puts It All On The Line Stating Rockport House Of Pizza Has The Best Roast Beef Sandwiches Ever And I’m Intrigued

52:40 Alicia Does Her Roast Beef All wrong

53:20 Huge Roast Beef Mystery




2 thoughts on “Alicia Unleashed Episode 69 With Joey C and Alicia Cox Taped 10/12/17

  1. This was an excellent podcast and from and learned a bunch here as every day is a new lesson in life! Now see the close up to the studio and the Christmas gift idea lots of bullet notes on the yellow pad of paper. Love the photo you will be happy to know the headphones I used are the same in your photo two Sony Professional MDR-7506 that extra long cord allows some movement for the coffee or other items on desk or table indeed! Thanks 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 The fellow who used to call bingo liked that number Peterson AFB Colorado Gene hey hey hey!! 🙂 Dave 1986- 1989 era…Memories!!


  2. I soooooooooooooooooooooooo didn’t want to listen this episode (for obvious hijacking number reasons). But since I heard my name mentioned in the 5:52 mark (yes, I do how many letters there are for the LGBTIQ). So then I had to go back and listen to the full episode. I have notes and currently Alicia is on a plane and I have already snapped her some ideas for our next guest. Bring it back to “Old School Unleashed” don’t worry bossman 😉

    Kudos to Bruno Mars pull with Alexa, You’re welcome for the “Blue Light Glass” bosslady. I’ve never been to Ducksworth, then again, I’m single. Also I’ve never been to Nick’s either. Take the Roast Beef challenge “On the road” like AU did fondue!


    I loved the episode. Alicia, you’re killing me.


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