screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-2-27-57-pmCHRIS ANDERSON WRITES, “Eastern Point Lit House is now over three years old, essentially beginning with our first Lit House Book Club at Duckworth’s Bistrot. We started The Lit House from scratch–no loans, not much money, totally from the ground up with a lot of help from our friends. We just launched out very first fundraiser via Indiegogo that we hope will help secure our future, help us expand our educational offerings, and help us re-launch our press, this time as a artisanal publisher housed within our space in Gloucester. We know quite a few people who value having a space like ours right downtown, and we hope to reach out to let other people know what we are all about. Our mission? Fun with words. It’s pretty simple. From our book club events, to writing groups, editorial services, open mic and literary readings, we’ve got a lot going on, and we hope more people will join in the fun. To find out more and to donate, please visit our Indiegogo page here.”

Holy Crap!!!!! Get On It!!!!!! Incredible Tuna Tail Framed As Prize From


Chasing the Super Moon

It’s been fun chasing the super moon but it’s tiring work!   This morning I got to sleep in until 4:30am and headed over the Plum Cove Beach to see what the view was over there.   It was fun to grab the moon setting behind the turbines across the way!   It’s interesting how the atmosphere distorts the moon as it gets closer to the horizon.

blm_8287-editblm_8293-editblm_8301-editA few more of my moon chasing shots….

Congratulations CAYH Nation

This past weekend, 170 skaters (and more family members than one could count) traveled 5 1/2 hours across our United States’ border into Montreal, Canada to participate in the Sal Grasso Memorial Friendship Tournament at the Westmount Arena.  This time, even, with some second generation skaters.

The Cape Ann/Westmount Friendship Tournament was started back in 1987 by Sal Grasso of Gloucester and Mike Deegan and Peter Wallace of Westmount when Sal paid for a bus out of his own pocket and took a crew of Gloucester kids 6 hours north to play some hockey.  The trek was a huge success as most players billeted with host families and formed bonds that continue to this day. When Sal passed in 2006 the Tournament was aptly re-named the Sal Grasso Memorial Tournament.

In total, the teams played in a Skills Competition, a coaches’ game, and 28 youth hockey games.  Skaters, ranging in age from 7 to 16, and spanning the hockey ladder from Mite, to Squirt, to PeeWee, to Bantam….and Girls’ U10, U12, and U14….competed over the course of three long days.  Fantastic hockey was played, so many memories were made, and some pretty sweet sportsmanship was displayed.  What more could one ask for?   How about some laughs?

When the skates weren’t being laced plenty of good times and shenanigans took place. Being 2016, hashtags and selfies documented CAYH’s adventures across the city of Montreal while families took in a little bit of culture, site sightseeing, swimming, eating…and many, many laughs.  Good times for sure!

As you can see by looking at the trophy below, Westmount dominated the tournament for the first 14 years, Cape Ann had four consecutive years of wins, and then Westmount took over again until last year.  With good times and friendship remaining a priority, Cape Ann was still thrilled to bring the trophy home again this year…winning just around 75% of the games.

Congratulations to the Board Members, organizers, volunteers, players, and families from both teams.  A huge thank you to our friends up north!  They were kind and gracious hosts for three straight days at their home rink….and made us all feel very welcome.


Supermoon Love!


I took this photo tonight just after 5pm on the back shore while gazing at the super moon. I don’t know these people, but I saw their silhouettes in the moonlight as I was leaving and had to snap a quick shot.. would be cool if the photo somehow made it to them via your blog!
Alex Gallant