Shout Out To Old School Service At Foster’s Grill Store! Thanks Boots!

Do you know we have probably the most knowledgeable and well stocked Grill Store on the North Shore right here in Gloucester MA? Better than any of the Big Box stores by a mile.

Go into one of the big box stores I dare you and see if they can pull out a parts catalog from 2000 for your classic grill you’re trying to find parts for.  Ain’t gonna happen.  But you know what? Foster’s has warehouses full of parts and inventory and they have guys like Billy and Boots that can help you locate it.


It’s Amazing How Stones Pub In Just a Few Short Years Has Become Such A Part Of The Gloucester Scene

We’re blessed in G-Town with many excellent Drinking and Dining establishments.  Whats amazing about Stones is how quickly they’ve become entrenched alongside long time standouts Halibut Point and The Rhumb Line.

The Shepherds Pie Last Night was Over The top.  So perfect for a cold windy night.

Kudos to Gary and Trish and Jamie for making this spot such a friendly joint, serving excellent fare with such a great staff.


Cape Ann TV has a big, beautiful and bold goal: to be one of the premiere community media stations in the country


How? Executive Director Erich Archer states it plainly:  “The team at Cape Ann TV and this community make that goal possible. There’s something special and local: the characters, stories and the beauty of Cape Ann. People actively participate in this community, which is incredibly important.  Plus, there’s high caliber and diverse talent.”



Cape Ann TV is located at 38 Blackburn Center in Gloucester, MA, and it’s community television, local, social, and non-commercial. Unlike PBS –which produces shows for a national audience and broadcasts broadly via satellites– community television stations create, produce, and distribute content locally, via a cable provider. There are 350+ active community television stations across the country that operate with a variety of funding sources depending upon how they’re set up. *Since an FCC mandate in 1972, cable providers receive access to rights of way in exchange for funding local cable TV channels by and for the public. The cable television franchise contract fees pay for equipment, training, facilities, studio time and channels (air time). Currently the fiscal model for Cape Ann TV covers operation and capital needs.  Comcast is the local Cape Ann TV cable provider. Archer said that Cape Ann TV has spent more than a year working together with local governments, area schools, partners and citizens to outline and identify what the communities wanted to include in renegotiation terms for the next 10 year contract with Comcast. It was a massive document and effort, and is currently under negotiation.


The original purpose of cable access continues to be providing TV studios and support for community members so they can make their own content. Our station, CATV, has much to offer that’s relevant. If you need video, CATV can make it for you whether you are an individual, non-profit, for profit or municipality. Make it a point to visit the station and use this invaluable resource. While you’re at it, why not



Here’s your chance. Members can use the cameras, production, and the studio to make their own TV show. You can sign up for film maker and editing classes, lunch workshops, state of the art equipment, cameras, the conference room for community meetings, editing banks, and studio time. Do it. Have fun.



There have been upgrades to CATV headquarters: new wall color, original art, and re-design including transposing an under-utilized lobby into a beautiful podcast studio. Podcasts are on an uptick everywhere thanks to easy on demand listening. Since the podcast studio was put in at Cape Ann TV there have been hundreds of downloads–beyond clicking and listening. Invested audiences are saving the shows to listen at their convenience. Archer notes, “We have podcasts about high school sports, one from NOAA about fishery-related issues, arts and variety, and more.” CATV encourages people to start one if they’re interested. “We’ll help them every step of the way.”



Cape Ann TV broadcasts original programs and local coverage: area high school sports, city council and municipal meetings, community meetings, Cape Ann Museum programs, library events, local artists and art groups, Cape Ann scenics, and school productions to name just a few. Award winning programs include: The Portrait Series; Awesome Gloucester; GMG podcastsWriters Block with John RonanAll Things Victorian; and the Emmy-winning On the Waterfront, a series about how local seafood gets to your plate.



Does your business or organization need any professional video shot? Cape Ann TV funding sources also include for profit productions for commercial content. So, if you want to make a video for commercial purposes that will not air on Cape Ann TV, you can contract Cape Ann TV to make it. CATV can work at a high quality and any budget. Do you have an exciting event you’d like to capture? Do you need to film a board room meeting? One example- CATV produced film for a permanent display at Cape Ann Museum.



CATV has strategically partnered with organizations seeking grant funding. If an organization is writing a grant proposal that includes a video element, they can write CATV into the grant, and CATV will match the grant funds with in kind services. So for example Cape Ann Seafood Exchange wrote a big grant, and they won $5000 as part of this big grant to make a video. CATV matched that award which meant Seafood Exchange could make a $10,000 value video. Next time you’re writing a grant, think about ramping up the application with a video component, and plan ahead so it can happen!


“Cape Ann Television is an invaluable asset to Gloucester and the Cape Ann community. The city turns to CATV for important local news, information and media education opportunities. The dedicated staff members and volunteers at Cape Ann Television through the leadership of Erich Archer work tirelessly to improve and broaden their coverage of public, education, and government events, keeping our citizens informed and entertained. I have been involved with Cape Ann Television for many years, sharing my views as a city councilor, mayoral candidate and finally, today as Mayor. From this personal experience, I have always recognized the value that CATV provides, allowing local citizens the opportunity to share opinions and information. It is a critical piece of our city’s democracy.” Mayor Romeo Theken, City of Gloucester, MA



Erich Archer has been at the helm of Cape Ann TV for three years. He is a filmmaker and editor by profession. “I try to produce at least one original project a year that I’m proud of. The two On the Waterfront episodes are definitely in that category, as are the two Portrait Series pieces.”

Prior to running the station he worked in Los Angeles in TV and advertising. He moved back from LA for…love.  His wife, Tara, is a wardrobe stylist who grew up on the North Shore. They have two children and reside in Beverly. As a boy, Archer spent summers on Wingaersheek beach with his family. His parents recently moved to Rocky Neck; his mother, Kathleen Gerdon Archer, had a gallery on Rocky Neck. That’s her original art on the walls.


Helpful links: Massachusetts Community Access Television 

National Alliance for Community Media 

MassAccess (Massachusetts Community Media, INC) state advocacy membership organization and network. Cape Ann TV is a member and Archer is serving as an officer.

*For more information see Cable Communications Act of 1984 

2014 Boston Globe good article by Steven Rosenberg

Boston Globe good article (2014) by Steven Rosenberg

#Beercanburgers.  Peep the cook at 

​#Beer can #burgers stuffed with jalapeños,  red onion,  pork belly,  salsa,  topped with Shredded sharp cheddar and wrapped in #bacon cooked on the @webergrills kettle over #kingsford competiton briquettes and #applewood chunks #weber #weberkettleclub #BBQ #bbqporn #ilovegrilling #foodporn #GloucesterMA

Mayor’s Statement on Tax Veto

Cape Ann Community

November 23, 2016

To Gloucester City Council:

At last night’s City Council meeting, we heard thoughts on the city’s tax classification, or shift, for 2017 and potential adjustments. As I stated during public testimony, I hoped the classification would maintain the same 1.06% shift, which the city has maintained for 11 years. In maintaining the current ratio during an economically uncertain time, I wanted to reassure our homeowners, families, and the elderly this administration’s goal is to help provide stability for their household budgets. Knowing our financial future gives us all a sense of security.

The claim that we become more business friendly by placing additional taxes on citizens while lowering our taxes on businesses is simply not true. Our administration has put a clear emphasis on economic development and has created a true economic engine of success. The reality is that any prospective business owner is not enticed by…

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Good Stuff! (and stuffing)

If you follow any of what I write on GMG you’ll know that every once in a while I absolutely can’t not brag about the amazing things happening at the school where I am so blessed to work.

Having taught at Harborlight Montessori for 24 years, I left the classroom last year to join the pretty amazing Administration Team as the Director of Communication.  So, more than ever, I feel like not only is it ok to sneak in a post about Harborlight every now and again…but, I’d be remiss not to.  Just doing my job, friends 😉

So, this is what went down this week.  Lots.  Some FANTASTIC spreading of holiday joy…for such great causes.  The best part about it all…the teamwork!

The end result:

  1. 17 complete Thanksgiving dinners gathered, shopped for, and delivered to Pathways for Children in Beverly.
  2. A nice pile of cash left over to help with a Toy Drive next month
  3. More than 40 pies donated to Beverly Bootstraps
  4. More than 200 pies purchased to help fund the Middle School Class Trip
  5. A Thanksgiving Feast enjoyed by students from grades 1st-8th and faculty + staff thanks to AMAZING parent/grandparent volunteers

The process:

We have a wonderful tradition called Turkey Chores.  The students do chores at home, their parents give them a very small salary (I know, I know. Some of you will say that they should be doing chores around the house without expecting to be paid…but, this is for charity so go with it), the money raised goes towards buying dinners for Pathways for Children.  At the same time, each student brings in one Thanksgiving food item to supplement the dinners.  Each classroom builds a Thanksgiving Meal Basket. Yesterday morning, the Middle School students gathered the Donation Baskets and money from each of the classrooms, boarded our smaller bus, and hit the aisles of Shaw’s in Beverly.  They divided, conquered, and gathered all necessary items to build 17 Thanksgiving dinners….including, of course, turkeys.  Upon checking out, the Manager-on-Duty at Shaw’s gave us 25% off….hence giving the students the extra money for next month’s holiday store/toy drive.

The students loaded the meals onto the bus and went right to Pathways. Once there, they worked hard to unload and deliver all of the items they had purchased.  17 families, who may not have had a decent Thanksgiving meal, will now enjoy one.

Meanwhile, the same Middle School students were working with Jim’s Bagel and Bake Shoppe.  The Middle School students offered the school community the chance to buy pies…with part of the proceeds going to fund their Middle School Spring Trip. The option to buy an extra buy to give to Beverly Bootstraps was also presented.  More than 200 pies were ordered.  So, the amazing employees over at Jim’s might be extra tired. And, 40 extra pies were purchased.  Another local charity benefitted from the students’ hard work…on the very same day.

While both of those activities were going on, a village of parent (and grandparent) volunteers, like a bunch of magical elves, were busy preparing a Thanksgiving meal on campus for close to 90 students and the entire faculty and staff.  Our 18th Annual Upper School Feast went off without a hitch.  Easy for me to say, right?  Wow…did those volunteers work hard…as did the brave teacher who offers to lead the charge each year.

Did I mention that those same insanely busy Middle School students also worked together to bake TONS of their own pies for all to enjoy at the feast?  Did I mention that the younger students peeled and chopped carrots and potatoes…and made lovely place settings? Oh, wait.  Did I mention that some 3rd Grade representatives began the feast by reciting some traditional words of thanks from “Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message”?

What would be the sweetest way to end an already pretty sweet day?  During the late afternoon hours, with 6 extra pies left for sale and looking lonely on the table…. two young boys came along with their mom and purchased them all…to deliver to their neighbors.  Love.

Kudos to the families for their participation and help in pulling all of this off.  Huge Kudos to the students for their hard work and giving spirit.  I am so incredibly proud of them all.

Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 11/23/16



Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Downtown Harbortown Cultural District Meeting Rescheduled

November 22, 2016 ~ Chris Sicuranza ~

Community Announcement/Notice:


To Whom It May Concern:

Gloucester’s Downtown Harbortown cultural district meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at Gloucester’s Endicott College Campus has been canceled and will be re-scheduled at a later time. Thank you for the continued support.


Office of the Gloucester Mayor

Image ~ November 21, 2016 ~ middlestwalk ~


Holiday Festivities for the Whole Family – on Cape Ann!

November 21, 2016 ~ chambercacc ~

This time of year is filled with community traditions and holiday events in Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Rockport.  With a wide array of wonderful celebrations, visiting Cape Ann is a must this Holiday Season.

Starting with Small Business Saturday on November 26, be sure to shop local and support your favorite businesses in all four communities with holiday shopping.  Many of the businesses are participating in Small Business Saturday and will have exciting promotions available.

All of Cape Ann will be bustling during the month of December.  Each of our four communities have many events that local residents and visitors are invited to enjoy.

Essex – The holiday festivities begin in Essex on Thursday, December 1 with the Lighting of the Memory Tree, in Honor of Lost Loved Ones, at Town Hall at 6:30 PM. The following day, Friday, December 2, Santa arrives at Town Landing by boat at 6:00 PM. Children and families are invited to join for carols, refreshments and the chance to sit on Santa’s Lap.  On Saturday, December 3, Breakfast with Santa will be held at Essex Elementary School from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM. The cost is $5 per person or $25 for the family.

Gloucester – On Sunday, November 27, the Gloucester Christmas Parade begins at the State Fish Pier at 3:00 PM and marches through the streets of Gloucester, ending at  Kent Circle for the Tree Lighting Ceremony at 4:00 PM. Thursday, December 1st will mark the 43rd Annual Ladies’ Night.  Enjoy shopping and refreshments in the downtown shops as well as exciting deals and discounts from 5:00-10:00 PM.  Thursday, December 8th will be another opportunity to shop downtown during the Family & Friends Night from 5:00 -10:00 PM. Don’t miss the Middle Street Walk on Saturday, December 10. From 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM historic house tours, concerts and special programs will be featured on Middle Street.  Also on the 10th, make sure to stop by the front of the Police Station at 4:30 PM for a truly unique Gloucester tradition, the lighting of the Lobster Trap Tree, decorated by the children of Cape Ann Art Haven.  As we get closer to Christmas, Men’s Night will be held on Thursday, December 15th from 5:00 – 10:00 PM.

Manchester-by-the-Sea – The events of Christmas by the Sea are also not to be missed.  Visit the downtown merchants for Shop Manchester Night on Friday, December 2  from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.  On Shop Manchester Night, get your passbook stamped at all participating shops.  Turn it in to 7 Central by 8:00 PM to enter a drawing where the winner will receive a Fitbit Blaze!  Spend the day in Manchester on Saturday, December 3, starting with a PJ Pancake Breakfast from 8:00-10:00 AM at 7 Central Restaurant.  In the afternoon, Santa will arrive by boat at 1:00 PM.  Walk with Santa to the  Manchester Community Center and enjoy festivities until 3:00 PM.  On Sunday, December 4, join us for a Christmas Concert at 3:30 PM at First Parish Church.  The Lighting of the Friendship Tree will be held at the Town Hall Common at 4:30 PM.
Rockport – Shop Rockport – Black Friday and Small Business Saturday kick off the Christmas in Rockport holiday festivities on November 25 and 26.  The weekend is dedicated to supporting local small businesses and will include exciting offers from the downtown shops. Also starting on November 25 is the Rockport Holiday Selfie Contest. Upload a selfie at any Rockport business to Instagram, tag @rockportusa, tag the business and use #rockportselfiestroll to enter to win weekly prizes and one grand prize through December 22.  Friday, December 2 is Shop Rockport Night.  Shops will be open from 4:00-9:00 PM for the occasion and will offer special deals and refreshments for shoppers. On the following day, Saturday, December 3, Santa will arrive at T-Wharf by boat at 1:00 PM and will make his way to Dock Square for a Christmas celebration and to visit with children. Festivities will continue in the square with Christmas Carols and the Tree Lighting Ceremony at 4:00 PM, also at Dock Square. Christmas Shopping and Gallery Stroll Weekend is on December 10 and 11. The shops and galleries of Rockport will be open, each offering different promotions.  New this year is the Twilight Holiday Inn & Cookie Tour on December 10th. Stroll through 6 of Rockport’s finest Inns all decked out for the season. As you visit the inns from  3-6 PM you will enjoy refreshments and collect an assortment of holiday cookies baked by the innkeepers. Tickets for the tour are $25. A unique event that engages the entire community, the 71st Annual Christmas Pageant, starts at 5:00 PM on Saturday, December 17. The holiday celebrations are capped off with Rockport New Year’s Eve with live music and entertainment from 6:00 PM to midnight, to ring in the New Year.

To learn more about the events listed above contact the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at
(978) 283-1601. Event information can also be found by visiting the following pages.

Backyard Growers present: Painting the Harvest Still Life

November 21, 2016 ~ backyardgrowersgloucester ~


Artists: Backyard Growers invites you to Painting the Harvest Still Life, an evening of still life painting and tea. Please join us at our office on Main Street, where we will stage a lovely nature-based still life for you to paint. Bring your own easels and supplies. All proceeds benefit our nonprofit urban agriculture programs.

November 30, 2016

6:30 pm

271 Main Street

$10 at the door

Reserve your spot here!

Composer Robert Bradshaw presents Aesop’s Fables

November 18, 2016 ~ Cape Ann Museum ~

Saturday, December 3

1:00 p.m. — 2:00 p.m.

At the Cape Ann Museum, composer and musician Robert Bradshaw will conduct a string trio in a series of compositions inspired by Aesop’s Fables.

Visit CAM’s Facebook page to enter a raffle of animal-themed children’s goodies in celebration of this event!

Free and open to the public. This program is made possible by the Goldhirsh Foundation.


This program is accessible.

Dead Coyote On Atlantic Road 3:55AM

What I don’t understand is why it’s laying dead with its head facing inland but on the ocean side of the road.  I’d think if it got hit by a car sprinting toward the water it would be facing the water.  If couldn’t have got hit where it was unless a vehicle went up on the sidewalk. Unless someone/thing moved it out of the middle of the road, but then again, who is gonna pick up a dead coyote?

Maybe it got hit and had just enough energy to limp off to the side of the road but then it would have to turn itself around to face back toward land.  I don’t see any natural predators that would be on Bass Rocks that could kill it and then it limp up off of the rocks and then just make it to the sidewalk where it keeled over and died.  Strange mystery there.